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Hey! It's my elbow!

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

On the heels of my appearance in The Inquirer, I've found myself in another web photo. At least from the other views I've seen of the photo being used on the front page of sun.com right now, I'm pretty sure that's my arm under the word "Safe" in the headline. Not as cool as seeing two of my co-workers, Jay and Jay, on the big cutout 10 they had in front of our campus for a few weeks and on the Solaris 10 media kit boxes (really big image), but still nice. (For those who don't know - the photos of crowds used in the Solaris 10 marketing campaigns and media kits are mostly from a photo shoot they did last fall at Sun's Menlo Park campus with any Sun employee who wanted to show up being included - admins, engineers, marketers, and more.)

sun.com banner for story Safe Simple Upgrades with background photo of Sun employees

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  • Matt Ingenthron Friday, May 6, 2005

    Now that the mystery behind how the photo came to be has been revealed to those of us that work out in the field, can you possibly explain why one woman on the cover is carrying a bow (as in bow and arrow)? On the box cover, it's not immediately apparent what she has with her, and then once you figure it out you can't imagine why....

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