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Great News About Extended Support for Oracle Solaris 10 OS

We got you covered on your way to Oracle Solaris 11 OS

The Oracle Solaris 11 Operating System (OS) platform provides major improvements over earlier releases in areas critical to our customers, including gains in security, compliance, performance, virtualization, and observability. There are important business reasons for you to adopt the Oracle Solaris 11 OS release, including that it is much easier to manage and it can help to lower your cost to run and maintain your IT systems. Oracle’s continuous delivery process for the Oracle Solaris 11 OS enables customers to implement new features and improvements with simplicity and consistency. 

We recognize that many of our customers have a deep investment in applications running on Oracle Solaris 10 OS, and realize that you may need more time to move to the Oracle Solaris 11 OS, while maintaining the security of your Oracle Solaris 10 environments as much as possible. To help you transition to the Oracle Solaris 11 OS we are providing:

  • Three additional years of Extended Support for the Oracle Solaris 10 OS at the same rates. The new end date for Extended Support is January 2024.
  • Options for migrating your applications: 
    • The best option is moving your application to the full Oracle Solaris 11 OS stack. This provides you with the most benefits, newest features, and the latest security for systems running Oracle Solaris. You can choose to deploy Oracle Solaris 11.4 in virtualized environments using Oracle Solaris Zones or Kernel Zones, Oracle VM Server for SPARC logical domains, or a combination of them, giving you unmatched flexibility and efficiency. You also have the ability to run natively without virtualization, if required. The Oracle Solaris Binary Application Guarantee provides the confidence that you can move applications simply and consistently to Oracle Solaris 11.4 from previous releases of the Oracle Solaris OS.
    • A good compromise option is moving Oracle Solaris 10 environments into Oracle Solaris 10 Zones running on the Oracle Solaris 11 OS. This provides you with an easier conversion path by maintaining applications, basically unchanged, while benefiting from the functionality and security of the Oracle Solaris 11 kernel. This option allows you more time to move your applications to the Oracle Solaris 11 OS—see the preferred option above. 
    • For Oracle Solaris 10 environments running in SPARC servers, the option that requires the least amount of modifications to applications is to simply move them to guest domains (LDOMs) managed by Oracle VM Server for SPARC. While the guest domains can run the Oracle Solaris 10 OS, they are managed by a control domain running the Oracle Solaris 11 OS. Although this option allows applications to be moved unchanged to Oracle Solaris 10 domains, it leverages only a fraction of the benefits offered by the new features, functionality, and security of the Oracle Solaris 11 OS.

Oracle is committed to our enterprise customers and offers you easy paths to the Oracle Solaris 11 OS for your Oracle Solaris based applications. We continue to provide migration tools that help you make the move and allow you to take advantage of new features, latest security, and easier management that Oracle Solaris 11 OS offers for your systems.

Start your move to the Oracle Solaris 11 platform today! Check these resources:

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