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Global Transaction Banking 10 Times Faster On Oracle SPARC T7

Parnian Taidi
Product Marketing Manager

Recently Intellect Design Arena Ltd and Oracle Systems ISV engineering jointly executed performance testing of Intellect Liquidity and achieved record breaking results. Intellect, the organization behind the world’s first comprehensive Global Transaction Banking (iGTB) product and Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), achieved 10 times faster benchmarks on Liquidity Platform running on SPARC T7 servers for processing transactions covering the key functions of corporate Algorithmic Liquidity Management (ALM). The iGTB solution can process over one million complex sweep structures at 7,516 instructions per second. It is also capable of processing over 200,000 transactions with up-to-three-months back dated sweeps in a little over three minutes; and over a million with full intercompany loan processing in nine minutes (1,692 per second). 

Liquidity processing is automatically moving money held by usually the larger corporations and banks around the world across accounts, banks, currencies, countries and owners – and into investments to maximize its value, avoid overdrafts and minimize risk of losing money. This huge daily activity is even more vital in a world of negative interest rates and real time payments and iGTB processes liquidity for a huge number of corporations in the world through their banks using iGTB software. 

It is a highly complex, rule-driven, automated process that has to cater for regulatory restrictions in any of over 160 countries, that demands tax calculations (including reworking earlier calculations where back-dated payments are involved), automatic set up, fair interest deduction, repayment and audit of intercompany loans and even more complex interest or margin allocation across ‘notional pools’, which treat multiple accounts as a single holding for interest purposes.

The tests saw the iGTB solution processing one million transactions covering these key areas, managing a workload comprising of many multiple batches running simultaneously on the solution. This represents unprecedented volumes, higher than the current requirements of iGTB’s largest customers (who include banks in the global top-ten list), leaving huge headroom for growth. The results highlight the solution's capabilities to help banks manage extremely large transaction volumes and cater to a dynamically growing and demanding customer base at lower costs.

Performance With Extremely High volumes

These results are
more than ten times
better than the last benchmark on a competitive hardware
platform with propriety processors.

How the Results Were

benchmarking was conducted and reviewed jointly by iGTB and Oracle Systems
engineering teams. The tests were conducted across a mix
of 11 business-critical batch processes. The solution was tested on Oracle SPARC
T7 servers with Oracle Database 12c and Oracle Solaris 11 to determine their
performance and scalability parameters.


* The primary
domain was configured on both the T7s with 16 cores. Only 50% of the cores on
each system was used: 16 cores out of the 32 cores available on each T7-1

Storage Configuration


  • Oracle Solaris 11.3  
  • Oracle Database 12c ( 
  • Oracle Weblogic 12c ( 12.2.1 ) 
  • JDK 8 ( u92 ) 
  • iGTB Liquidity 16.1

Deployment Topology

More About Intellect

Intellect Design Arena Ltd, a specialist
in applying true Digital Technologies, is the world’s first full spectrum
Banking and Insurance technology products company, across global consumer
banking (iGCB), Central Banking, Global
Transaction Banking (iGTB)
, Risk, Treasury and Markets (iRTM), and Insurance
(Intellect SEEC). With over 25 years of deep domain expertise, Intellect is the
brand progressive financial institutions rely on for digital transformation initiatives.

Intellect pioneered
Design Thinking for cutting edge products & solutions for Banking and
Insurance, with design being the company’s key differentiator in enabling
digital transformation. FT8012, the world’s first design centre for Financial
Technology, reflects Intellect’s commitment to continuous and impactful
innovation addressing the growing need for digital transformation. Intellect
generates annual revenues of more than USD 124 million, serving more than 200
customers through offices in 40+ countries and a diverse workforce of more than
4,000 solution architects, domain and technology experts, in major global
financial hubs around the world.

more information about these results, see the press release. You can also contact us at

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