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DTrace Toolkit

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A hidden little gem that comes included with your installation of OpenSolaris is the DTrace Toolkit. You'll find it installed at /opt/DTT.

The DTrace Toolkit is a collection of tools written by volunteers of the DTrace community, led by Brendan Gregg. What I find most impressive is how well it has been put together. There are 230 executable DTrace scripts, each with their own man page. The scripts are organized by type (CPU analysis, I/O analysis, etc.) so they are easy to study, but they've all been symlinked into a Bin directory, so they are easy to put on your path. I've added the following to my ~/.bashrc file:

# DTrace Toolkit

In addition to their man pages, all of the scrips have a -h help option, for example:

bleonard@os200906:~$ execsnoop -h
USAGE: execsnoop [-a|-A|-ehjsvZ] [-c command]
execsnoop # default output
-a # print all data
-A # dump all data, space delimited
-e # safe output, parseable
-j # print project ID
-s # print start time, us
-v # print start time, string
-Z # print zonename
-c command # command name to snoop
execsnoop -v # human readable timestamps
execsnoop -Z

# print zonename
execsnoop -c ls # snoop ls commands only

Note, if you want to run the DTrace scripts from your user account,
run the following command to add the needed privileges, substituting in
your user name:

pfexec usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,dtrace_user,dtrace_proc,dtrace_kernel <user>

To get started learning all that's available, I recommend reading the DTrace Tookkit page. Also, Stefan Parvu has an excellent presentation on DTrace and the toolkit that's worth a look.

With this toolkit there's probably little need to write a DTrace script from scratch - it's literally a treasure chest of material that I've only begun to explore.

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  • shmerl Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Thanks. I found execsnoop some time ago. It's really useful for exploring the system and different components testing.

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