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DTrace and Functional Lanauges

Darren Moffat
Senior Software Architect

There have been quite a few DTrace providers written since its release on the world, I know of at least Java, Perl, PHP & Ruby. I haven't yet heard of anyone implementing a DTrace provider for a pure functional language like Haskell or even an impure one like LISP.

It has been quite some time since I hacked on any Haskell code, or any other pure functionaly language, and only slightly longer since I last hacked on any of the internals or standard libraries of GHC: Glasgow Haskell Compiler. But I have this really strange urge at the moment to write a DTrace provider for Haskell. At the moment I'm not even sure what a DTrace provider for GHC would allow me to do - partly because it will take a little while to kick my brain back into thinking about coding in a pure functionaly language again.

So don't expect to

dtrace -n 'ghc::: { ... }'
any time soon, but I am thinking about it. First step is to download the GHC source and refamiliarise myself with it - actually given how long it has been since I looked at the source it is probably more like start from scratch again; I wonder if any of my old code is in there (or if I can even remember what code I did write for it!).

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