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Crypto no longer missing from OpenSolaris

Darren Moffat
Senior Software Architect

I wrote on OpenSolaris opening day about much of the crypto code being missing, I'm pleased to say that the the OpenSolaris torrents now have an archive of most[1] of the missing crypto and crypto related source from the ON consolidation of
OpenSolaris that wasn't present on opening day. It includes: IPsec, the
GSS & SASL frameworks and plugins, Kerberos, OpenSSL, OpenSSH,
PKCS#11 and the crypto algorithm implementations for user and kernel.
It also includes some things that were dependent on these and wouldn't otherwise have been able to build, such
as some PAM modules.

Note that while this tar ball logically can be unpacked on top of an
existing opensolaris source it isn't intended to build. Some of the
individual directories will build but they won't automatically build as
part of a full nightly. This is intended to be available in a
future (we hope the next) opensolaris source drop of the ON consolidation.

[1] Why just most ? There is some stuff crypto that is actually
encumbered. For example the libraries we use for IKE belong to a
3rd party and are not open source. The other missing crypto is
the source for the hardware drivers for the SCA-1000 and SCA-4000
cards. I don't believe we can get the source for the SCA-4000
card up but the SCA-1000 card source I'm working on - no promises at this stage it is early days but I'm hoping
Why the SCA-1000, Well that driver can drive some generic Broadcom cards
too: the 5821 chip series.

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