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  • December 26, 2017

Continuous Delivery, Really?

Scott Lynn
Director of Product Management GraalVM


You probably haven't noticed, but we've been doing continuous delivery in Oracle Solaris for quite some time now.

Last January, Oracle Solaris moved from a "Big Bang" release model to a continuous delivery model. We also extended our promise of Oracle Solaris active development and innovation through at least 2034. Many of our customers don't seem to believe it because nothing seems to have changed from an update perspective. Well, that's because we already had a built in model for delivering new capabilities and functionality as well as new FOSS and updates to you in our Service Repository Updates (SRU) model.

However, if you go back and look at what we've delivered in those SRUs, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised in the amount of new software we've delivered to you without any hiccups. In fact, we have had some customers complain that we're now delivering too much in the SRUs, and they just want them to contain bug fixes!

We thought it might be helpful to highlight some of the new functionality and FOSS that we've delivered in SRUs so that you can see just how our new continuous delivery model is working.

Below is a list of just some of what's been released/updated:

  • It is now possible to access Oracle Databases from Python using the cx_Oracle python module. This is now included as the package: library/python/cx_oracle . For more information, see cx_Oracle documentation.
  • The Java 8, Java 7, and Java 6 packages have been updated 9 times.
  • Timezone has been updated 7 times.
  • Wireshark has been updated 15 times.
  • Explorer has been updated 4 times.
  • BIND has been updated 7 times.
  • OpenSSL has been updated 9 times.
  • curl has been updated.
  • DHCP has been updated twice.
  • OpenSSH has been updated 5 times.
  • Apache Tomcat has been updated 12 times.
  • NTP has been updated 3 times.
  • Enhancements and fixes to VLAN:
  • Kernel Zones are now VLAN-aware.
    • VLANs now support Dynamic MAC Addresses and VLAN IDs.
    • New VLAN resource type has been added to make anet a trunk port.
    • Added support for MPxIO Enabled to HBA cards being used by the vHBA.
  • MySQL 5.5 has been updated 4 times.
  • MySQL 5.6 has been updated 5 times.
  • MySQL 5.7 was added and updated twice.
  • Oracle VM Server for SPARC has been updated 5 times.
  • Firefox has been updated 9 times.
  • Python bindings for the Oracle Database ( cx_Oracle ) has been updated to 5.2.1.
  • tcsh has been updated.
  • Added support for Large Pages for Kernel Zones.
  • Added support for 32G Emulex FC adapters.
  • ksh93 has been updated to the latest community version
  • ImageMagick has been updated 7 times. (Wow! you've read this far!)
  • The following components of the InfiniBand (IB) OS-bypass framework from the Open:
    • Fabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) have been updated to version 3.18:
    • Library for userspace use of RDMA
    • Userspace driver for Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand HCAs
    • InfiniBand management datagram (MAD) library
    • InfiniBand userspace management datagram (uMAD) library
    • InfiniBand subnet manager libraries
    • InfiniBand diagnostic programs
    • InfiniBand fabric management and diagnostic tool set qperf command
    • General RDMA communication manager
  • Two-Factor Authentication CAC/PIV Smart Card support has been added.
  • Virtual Ethernet datalink (veth) support has been added.
  • ADI support for named pages has been added.
  • PHP has been updated to 5.6.22.
  • Apache Web Server has been updated 5 times.
  • Thunderbird has been updated 6 times.
  • Samba has been updated 5 times.
  • Performance improvements on the x86 platform with a reduction in cross calls while unmapping large contiguous virtual address ranges in the kernel.
  • Exclusive-IP zones under the same Global Zone can now communicate with each other.
  • Performance enhancements in the KOM (Kernel Object Manager) layer of the VM (Virtual Memory) subsystem.
  • The Time Slider can now take ZFS snapshots for all file systems.
  • bash has been updated once.
  • Includes the pflog daemon that allows for the capture and examination of Packet Filter (PF) network packets using wireshark .
  • getent(1M) has been updated to support the databases rpc(4) , shadow(4) , netgroups and initgroups.
  • zsh has been updated once.
  • Pixman has been updated once
  • LDAP support has been added to the Standalone LDAP Daemon, slapd.
  • tcpdump has been updated 4 times. (It just keeps going...)
  • Perl 5.22 has been added. With the addition of Perl 5.22, the following modules are
  • updated:
    • CGI.pm has been updated.
    • DBI has been updated.
    • Net-SSLeay has been updated.
    • xml-parser has been updated.
  • A new command line interface (CLI) to view DAX utilization.
  • Mercurial has been updated.
  • glib has been updated.
  • zlib has been updated.
  • libsndfile has been updated.
  • screen has been updated.
  • libarchive has been updated.
  • HMP has been updated 3 times.
  • Kerberos has been updated.
  • libmicrohttpd has been updated.
  • dnsmasq has been updated to 2.76.
  • S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Tools (smartmontools) support has been added to Oracle Solaris.
  • Improvements to SCSI DTrace script. (... And going...)
  • RabbitMQ has been updated.
  • cryptography has been updated to 1.7.2.
  • vim has been updated.
  • gtar has been updated.
  • NVIDIA driver has been updated 3 times.
  • gcc 5.4.0 has been added.
  • xz has been updated.
  • libpng has been updated.
  • php has been updated.
  • unrar has been updated.
  • pixz has been updated.
  • irssi has been updated.
  • SunVTS 8.2.1 is now available.
  • Puppet has been updated.
  • Facter has been updated.
  • SQLite has been updated.
  • Django has been updated.
  • ruby 2.3 has been added.
  • PHP 7.1 has been added.
  • The Cairo graphics library has been updated.
  • GnuTLS has been updated.
  • Mailman has been updated.
  • postfix has been updated.
  • erlang has been updated.
  • pcre has been updated.
  • nmap has been updated.
  • autoconf has been updated. (OK. I bet you're just skimming.)
  • DAX and VA Masking is now supported on Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones.
  • The eXtended Reliable Connected (XRC) Transport Service is now supported on Oracle Solaris.
  • snort has been updated twice.
  • FreeType has been updated.
  • Expat has been updated.
  • libgcrypt has been updated.
  • libgpg-error has been updated.
  • harfbuzz library is now available.
  • gnupg has been updated.
  • gpgme has been updated.
  • libksba has been updated.
  • libassuan has been updated.
  • Oracle Instant Client 12.2 is now available.
  • ICU has been updated. (Whew! Reached the end!)

That's a massive amount of change over the life of Oracle Solaris 11.3. We're not stopping either. Oracle Solaris 11.3 will have more SRU updates with new software and enhancements, and coming in 2018, we are bringing you Oracle Solaris 11.4! So, keep an eye out, there's more coming your way.


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