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Configuring a Data Service for Oracle VM Server for SPARC by Using a Graphical Wizard

earlier releases of Oracle Solaris Cluster,  you were able to configure a data service (sometimes also referred to as an agent) for Oracle VM Server for
SPARC only manually using a command line interface. This was tedious,
requiring the administrator to run commands on multiple nodes.

Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 comes a new graphical wizard that
simplifies the configuration considerably. The wizard, using a few
clicks, makes a guest domain, as a black box entity, highly

entry focuses on the configuration of Oracle VM Server for SPARC as a
data service. The link at
Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager: Getting Started provides details around installing the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager
browser interface and getting authenticated.

the wizard

you are authenticated to the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager browser
interface, you can launch the wizard by clicking on the
VM Server for SPARC
button in the Tasks page.

the wizard does in a nutshell

the domain configuration and creating the guest domain on any one of
the cluster nodes is a manual step that you have to complete before
the wizard can be launched.

the guest domain is created, you can select that guest domain using
the wizard and the wizard will:

  • Replicate

    the service configuration from the target node to all other

    potential primary nodes in the cluster

  • Configure

    an HAStoragePlus

    resource to manage all

    devices and file systems being used by the guest domain

  • Register the data

    service for Oracle VM Server for SPARC

  • Place the guest domain

    under the control of Oracle Solaris Cluster

this with just a few clicks.

the wizard does under the covers

  • Discovers

    all existing guest domains on the cluster that are not already being

    managed by any Oracle Solaris Cluster resource.

  • Replicates

    the service configuration from the node where the guest domain has

    been configured to all other potential primary nodes in the cluster.

  • Prompts you for all information necessary to generate a data service

    configuration for a SPARC guest domain in a failover setup.

  • Gives

    you the ability to co-locate the guest domain to be configured for

    HA with an existing guest domain already made HA.

  • Discovers

    configuration properties and validates your selections at each step.

  • Performs

    cluster-wide validation of the environment before proceeding with

    the configuration.

  • Configures

    resources and resource groups for the guest domain with

    an offline-restart dependency on the storage resources managing the

    devices and file systems used by the guest domain.

  • Brings

    the data service online.

  • Does

    a rollback in case the configuration of any resource or resource

    group fails.

Resource group topology view

Resource Group topology view
a tab on the Resource Groups page)
a failover SPARC guest domain that is created by the wizard. This
shows a failover configuration using a single resource group.

arrow depicts an

between the resources.

More information on configuring an Oracle® Solaris Cluster Data Service for Oracle VM Server can be found in the agent guide at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E56676_01/html/E56924/index.html.

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