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Changing the greeting in the new dtlogin screen

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

I mentioned a while ago about the new look of the Solaris 10 login screen (which was updated again after that original post to match the new Solaris logo and branding themes). A question that I've been asked a couple of times since then is how the new look, with the greeting in a smaller text box centered on the right side, affects people who replace the "Welcome to hostname" with another message, like the "Anyone who uses this computer without permission will suffer unspeakably horrible consequences" messages that some places like to have. (See the section Changing the Login Screen Appearance in the CDE Advanced User's guide on docs.sun.com to learn how to do this.) So I figured I'd share the answer here to save having to have more people ask about it. Note that parts of this are not strictly fully supported - since Sun reserves the right to change the look-and-feel of the login screen again in the future, and that's implemented in the styleModern file mentioned here, customizing it may leave you with a very strange looking screen when you upgrade to a release with a different screen layout.

The size of the welcome banner is configured in the X resources file, so it can be changed if necessary - or as noted before, the old look and feel can be easily restored for those sites who have customized it for whatever reason. In fact, if you've already customized it by creating /etc/dt/config/C/Xresources, it should simply preserve the old look and feel and your customizations. (The new look and feel is activated by the "#include <styleModern>" line added to the /usr/dt/config/Xresources file.)

To restore the old look and feel:

     mkdir -p /etc/dt/config/C
     touch /etc/dt/config/C/styleModern
     mkdir -p /etc/dt/config/C
     cp /usr/dt/config/C/Xresources /etc/dt/config/C/Xresources
     vi /etc/dt/config/C/Xresources
     [ remove the #include <styleModern>line ]


To make the welcome banner the full screen width:

     mkdir -p /etc/dt/config/C
     cp /usr/dt/config/C/styleModern /etc/dt/config/C/styleModern
     vi /etc/dt/config/C/styleModern
Change the Dtlogin*greeting.leftOffset value for your screen size to a small number - for instance, for 1280x1024 or larger screens, change the 726 to 98 and it should be centered and covering most of the width of the backdrop.

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  • Alan Coopersmith Friday, January 7, 2005
    There's a single large pixmap for the entire backdrop - grey bar, S curves, logo and all, so you'ld have to edit the styleModern.backdrop.\* files in /usr/dt/config/images to do that. If you gunzip them, rename from .pm to .xpm, you should be able to use the GIMP included with Solaris 10/JDS to do that - that's how I did the necessary edits when I got them from our graphic designers. Then you can save your own copies to /etc/dt/config/images and change the paths in /etc/dt/config/C/styleModern to use them instead. (They must be in XPM format, but named with a .pm extension - it's up to you whether or not to gzip them.)
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