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Busy week

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

Seems like I've been going non-stop all week - I just realized the entire weekend had disappeared as well. It didn't help I started it sick, since my cousin brought his cold to Thanksgiving dinner, and I seem to have taken some of his leftover germs home with me.

From there I had to prepare special builds of the Solaris Xorg server for our Sun Desktop Summit performance testing we'll be doing this next week - I started with the Xorg tree used for Solaris Nevada build 29 (including Xorg 6.9 RC2), used the new Sun Studio 11 compilers, included the Xserver DTrace provider, and built an additional 64-bit version for AMD64 machines.

The summit started Wednesday and has been great. Last week was the Usability portion, and next week covers Performance. It's been wonderful meeting all the people we've been working with for years from the JDS team, as well as new people from the User Experience Design ("xDesign"), "Keep It Simple Solaris" (KISS), Java, and other teams working on the Solaris desktop experience.

But Friday I was also supposed to be helping with the release of the third release candidates of Xorg 6.9 & 7.0 - though between the summit and previously scheduled plans with my wife and some friends I didn't get to much until late in the evening, but kem and ajax had been hard at work already getting it ready. We slipped a little later than we originally planned, but did get RC3 out over the weekend.

Now for a week of trying to find out where we can squeeze more performance out of our desktop - whether it be in X or GNOME or Mozilla/Firefox. Hopefully I'll finish my slides before my presentation slot scheduled for Wednesday morning.

[Update: *sigh* apparently I was so busy, I even forgot to hit post on this last night. Oh well...]

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