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  • August 14, 2017

Breaking New Ground with Software in Silicon

Glynn Foster
Product Manager

With the release of its 32-core, 256 thread SPARC M7 processor, Oracle illustrated a novel way of co-engineering hardware and software capabilities, in turn allowing applications to run with the highest levels of security, reliability, and speed. This functionality is called Oracle Software in Silicon (SWiS). The SWiS repertoire includes Silicon Secured Memory (SSM), Cryptographic Accelerators, and Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX).

DAX: The Differentiator

DAX is a SWiS feature that is hardwired into Oracle's SPARC M7 and S7 processors. It is designed to radically enhance query performance in Oracle Database 12c and dramatically improve performance of analytics in the field of Big Data analysis and Machine Learning algorithms.

The internal mechanics relies on a design nuance where DAX operates on a dedicated physical unit separate from the standard compute cores. Which means, DAX can run at full capacity in parallel to the core processor that executes other instructions.

Another big differentiator is the on-the-fly decompression with scanning capability combined with in-memory processing. This dramatically reduces the iterative read-write cycles and augments capacity in a big way.

Apart from its in-built capabilities, DAX also exposes the libdax APIs available through Oracle Solaris 11.3 and its SRUs. Developers can extensively draw on these APIs and harness the power of DAX in their custom analytic applications.

About the Learning Module

And as exciting as all this sounds, Oracle University now has a 16-minute, self-paced learning module called Enhancing Analytics Performance Using DAX. For Application Developers, Research Scholars, and System Architects who want to develop analytic applications using languages such as C or Java, the learning module provides an overview of DAX and explains the various APIs that you can use for building DAX-enabled applications. The module also contains demonstrations that illustrate performance gains when using DAX.

For more learning modules on Oracle Solaris and Oracle Solaris Cluster you can subscribe to Oracle Systems Learning Streams (OSLS) and begin your learning journey!

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