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Automating Oracle RAC installations on Solaris Cluster with the N1-SPS Oracle 10g R2 & 11g R1 RAC plug-in

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Installing software is tedious, really tedious. It is not something you would want to spend your whole day doing if you could avoid it. The more complex the software installation the more likely that you might make a mistake that results in the software being incorrectly installed. Consequently any group or organisation that takes testing seriously, the Sun Cluster QA team for example, is going to end up installing, re-installing and flexing their software installations on a regular basis. If this labour intensive job is automated, staff can concentrate on the more valuable work of actually testing.

Cue the N1-SPS Oracle 10g R2 & 11g R1 RAC plug-in. This addition to Sun's N1 Service Provisioning System automates each of the steps needed to turn a freshly installed Solaris Cluster into one running the Oracle 10g or 11g RAC software stack. The software has been designed to both install, flex and de-install all the major software components and even coping with changes not made using the plug-in by the system administrators or database administrators.

Features of the plug-in include:

  • Installation of Sun Cluster RAC agent, Oracle UDLM and shared QFS packages.
  • Creation, expansion/contraction and removal of:
    • The RAC framework resource group and resources
    • Shared QFS file systems and associated Sun Cluster resource groups and resources
    • Solaris Cluster 3.2 RAC manageability resource groups and resources
    • Oracle CRS framework
    • Oracle RAC software
    • An Oracle ASM database
    • Multiple Oracle databases on QFS or ASM
  • Creation and removal of multiple Oracle databases on raw disk

The plug-in requires an N1-SPS 5.2, or above, master server and can deploy to the following target configurations:

  • Solaris 9 or Solaris 10
  • SPARC or x64
  • Sun Cluster 3.1 or Solaris Cluster 3.2
  • Oracle 10g R2 version & 11gR1

Having moved onto a project integrating Oracle Data Guard with Sun Cluster Geographic Edition I certainly find the plug-in extremely useful as I build and rebuild my clusters, quickly and repeatably.

The software is being made available as a free, unsupported download here. Documentation for the software can be found here.

Please note the documentation was written before the addition of support for 11gR1, so there are minor discrepancies in the component parameters.

I hope you find the software useful. I certainly did. I used it to help build our Oracle Open World Data Guard demonstration.

Tim Read

Solaris Cluster Engineering

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