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  • August 15, 2017

Automate your world with Puppet

Glynn Foster
Product Manager

The fact that Puppet has been bundled with Oracle Solaris since Oracle Solaris 11.2 should delight both System Administrators and Developers who now have a tool to automate system configuration tasks and deploy applications faster in the DevOps framework.

Make sure to check out a new crisp training module on Puppet and its capabilities, Automating Oracle Solaris System Administration Tasks Using Puppet, to help you get up to speed on the technology quickly.

What is Puppet?

Puppet is an open-source, cross-platform software that provides configuration management and deployment capabilities.

How does it help?

Imagine the complexities of managing your infrastructure and applications 24/7, at the same time being robust, relevant, and compliant. Using scripts to automate and manage your infrastructure and applications is only helpful to an extent. Puppet on the other hand, enforces the exact state of infrastructure and applications you desire.

Say for instance, an Oracle Solaris System Administrator requires snapshots using Boot Environments (BEs) of all the servers and nodes in the infrastructure on a weekly basis, and at the same time clear all previous snapshots taken before the current week. For this activity to be orchestrated at the end of every week, the Administrator needs to define this state in a centralized configuration file (manifest) that resides on the master node. Once defined, the act plays out routinely, reliably, and securely leaving the system administrator to attend to other tasks at hand.

Puppet is also a very capable tool within the DevOps framework for faster application deployments. The whole idea of being agile while automating the entire software delivery cycle is a very real scenario with Puppet. The merits of which translate into consistency, increased reliability, and decreased cycle times.

About the Learning Module

The Automating Oracle Solaris System Administration Tasks Using Puppet module hosted on Oracle University Learning Streams (OULS) explains the core concepts of Puppet, role of Puppet in the DevOps framework, and the initial setup on Oracle Solaris 11 systems. The module also contains demonstrations that illustrate Puppet configurations involving file systems, user accounts, packages, services, and virtualization features.

For more learning modules on Oracle Solaris and Oracle Solaris Cluster, you can subscribe to Oracle Systems Learning Streams (OSLS) and begin your learning journey!

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  • Darwin Thursday, August 31, 2017
    Nice to see the automation is getting far better with puppet.
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