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Approachability Community Comes Alive!

Dave Miner
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
I'm happy to announce that the new Approachability community is now live on OpenSolaris.

The initial content there is some basic background on improving the Solaris networking experience, a program we've been referring to internally as "Network Automagic". As most Solaris users will attest, networking configuration on Solaris is much too difficult. The primary reason is that many of the basic assumptions go back 15 or more years, and we haven't updated the core architecture to account for the changes that dynamic addresses, mobility, and wireless networks have brought about. My group is all about fixing that, and here's where you can start getting involved. So take a look, post your stories and suggestions, and be prepared for a lot more to come!

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  • Claire Giordano Sunday, October 9, 2005
    Great news! Welcome... Community members have been asking for a place to share their thoughts on installation, and packaging, and system administration... and now it's here. Thanks for spreading the word. --ClaireG
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