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Announcing Oracle Developer Studio 12.5!

Ikroop Dhillon
Principal Product Manager

We are excited to release Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 with new breakthroughs in developer efficiency!

Optimized to complement Oracle’s complete
hardware and software stack, Oracle Developer Studio (formerly Oracle Solaris Studio) helps 
companies build
higher quality code, in less time.

Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 delivers optimized compilers, advanced
analysis tools and a multi-language aware IDE for easy development of fast,
reliable and highly secure applications for Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and RedHat 
Enterprise Linux operating

3 reasons you should try it out?

Secure Software - Made Simple: Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 is integrated with SPARC M7 Silicon Secured
Memory, allowing developers to find and fix common security attack vectors, such
as buffer overflows and data corruption bugs in real-time. In addition, secure coding features
throughout the tools enable application development teams to edit, compile and
run more secure code.

"In our tests processing log files for
each AAA server, Oracle's SPARC M7 systems with Silicon Secured Memory and
Oracle Developer Studio development tools proved to be the only effective
method of protection against dangerous programming vulnerabilities. It
enabled Capitek AAA to be more secure and highly available with very little
impact on overall system performance. Other software based memory checking
tools proved to be unusable due to their large overhead,” said Jerry Chen, Senior Manager of Telecom Software
Product Department.

Productivity Benefits for Enterprise Apps: Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 delivers expanded GNU
support and binary compatibility, and includes full support for C++ 2011, and
popular features of the C++ 2014 language standard. The Oracle Developer Studio IDE is optimized for enterprise
applications with fast parse times when handling large source code bases,
plug-ins to the Oracle Developer Cloud Service, and a remote interface that
allows developers to code from the convenience of most laptop / desktop
environments and remotely connect to applications on premise or in cloud-based
IT environments. And the Oracle
Developer Studio Performance Analyzer now includes support for Java and Scala
applications, in addition to C, C++ and Fortran, providing deep and accurate
performance insights that can be visualized through multiple data views.

 “We have been using Oracle Developer Studio
tools for many years to optimize our MX.3 trading, risk and back office
solutions. The Code Analyzer and Performance Analyzer tools are intuitive, easy
to use and provide powerful insights that help improve code quality while also reducing
time to market”, said Jerome Matot, Head of Core Technologies at Murex.

Designed for Performance: Oracle Developer Studio’s highly optimized compilers support code
generation for the latest Oracle SPARC M7, T7 and S7 systems, Oracle x86
systems, and Fujitsu M10 systems, and deliver up to 4.5x faster performance compared
to open source alternatives.

"As the leading provider of telecom network
and software solutions in China, it important for us to deliver the best
solutions to our customers.  The Oracle Developer Studio analysis
tools give us the exact functionality we need to create very fast C/C++ applications.  We
extensively use the Thread Analyzer to view the running state of threads and
pinpoint where threads are blocked.  The Performance Analyzer
accurately displays the execution time for each function and allows us to visualize
performance data, significantly reducing the time it takes our developers to
identify performance bottlenecks.  The Oracle Developer Studio analysis
tools are a must-have for our highly multi-threaded and time constraint AIISMG
and DNS solutions,” said Mr. Fu Tingsheng, Director of Engineering, China
Mobile Customer Data Business Division of AsiaInfo.

“Fujitsu has a long history of working closely with the Oracle Developer Studio team to optimize the developer tools for our SPARC-based platforms.  Oracle Developer Studio helps us write better code, in less time.  The advanced analysis tools increase the quality and security of our applications, while the optimizing compilers deliver the best application performance for Fujitsu M10 servers,” said Takato Noda, Corporate Executive Officer, Fujitsu Limited.

Now, for Free:
Download Oracle Developer Studio 12.5 today!

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