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Announcing Availability of SCX 09/08

Guest Author

We are pleased to announce the availability of the latest Solaris
Cluster Express (SCX)!  You can download the software here.

There are some major milestones reached in this release: It incorporates
the first contribution from a community member!   And coming from a
student, it is doubly delightful!!  It also provides early access to
some of the new and exciting features that are being developed by the team.

What is new?

\* This release is runs on SXCE build 97. The version of Sun Management
Center and other shared components are upgraded to be compatible with
the Solaris Express Community Edition (SXCE) version.

\* The fencing mechanisms have been enhanced with the introduction of optional  fencing.  This provides a mechanism for the administrator
to change the fencing mechanism either at global or at an
individual disk level.

\* This release also has a new feature called zone clusters.  This
feature makes it possible to form a virtual cluster based on the zones
of a cluster.  This is made possible by the introduction of a new brand
of zone called "cluster".  Needless to say, most of the code is
available under a CDDL license like the rest of the software.  This
feature is sure to make you reconsider your views about Open HA Cluster
and Solaris Cluster!  Please refer to the clzonecluster(1CL)  man page
for more details. You can find a cheat sheet for configuring a zone cluster here.

\* Use of Loopback File Driver (lofi) device for global-devices name
space is introduced with this release.  A dedicated partition for the
exclusive use of global-devices name space (i.e /globaldevices) is no
longer the requirement.

\* As usual, there are the mandatory bug fixes and you can find them from the change log.

This release is a major milestone in the Open Source journey. For the
list of all the exciting projects that the community is working on,
please visit Open HA Cluster community.  This release of Solaris Cluster Express (SCX)
will not work on OpenSolaris binary distribution (OpenSolaris 05.08).  For  the planned move to OpenSolaris binary distribution, visit Project Colorado.

Munish Ahuja

Madhan Kumar B

Jonathan Mellors

Venugopal N.S

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Comments ( 4 )
  • sam Saturday, October 4, 2008

    When setting up cluster devices with this version, I get

    cldevice: (C651520) Could not load device type list.

    cldevice: (C702911) Cannot lookup global_fencing.

    This did not happen with the last version, using the exact same setup and hardware.

  • Madhan Kumar Sunday, October 5, 2008


    Can you provide more details? Can you paste the commands that you were trying?

  • john Wednesday, December 17, 2008

    I have got the same problem, i want to configure the quorum device, but when i use scdidadm -L ,it reports following errors:

    bash-3.2# scdidadm -L

    scdidadm: Could not load device type list.

    scdidadm: Cannot lookup global_fencing.

    and I also have some problem in install/configuring sun HA cluster,i really need your help.

    please send me a e-mail at your convenience,thank you very much.

    my email address is john.yu.1982@gmail.com

  • Madhan Kumar Wednesday, December 17, 2008


    Can you provide the following details:

    1.) What is the hardware ?

    2.) What is the version of Nevada?

    3.) What is the output of svcs -x output?

    Also can you subscribe to ha-clusters-discuss@opensolaris.org and send the question to the alias as you are likely to get answers there?


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