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Accelerating In-Memory Computing with ActivePivot on Oracle

Parnian Taidi
Product Marketing Manager

Oracle's Cloud Applications Engineering and the ActivePivot teams have been working closely together to speed up big data analytics. ActivePivot is an in-memory analytics database from ActiveViam (formerly Quartet FS). It aggregates massive amounts of fast moving data from multiple sources, storing it in its in-memory database to enable optimal decisions in a timely fashion. Combining incremental transactional and analytical processing, the ActivePivot computes sophisticated metrics on data that is updated on the fly without the need for any pre-aggregation. It lets you explore metrics across hundreds of dimensions, analyze live data at its most granular level and perform what-if simulations at unparalleled speed.

Oracle's Data Analytics Accelerator (DAX) feature is built directly into SPARC processors to increase data analytics performance, by orders of magnitude, without growing IT infrastructure. DAX can save memory and computing resources, enabling increased business analysis logic processing. At Oracle OpenWorld this year ActiveViam presented their experience and how DAX enhances their company's operational analytics solutions for decision-making over fast-moving data. You can download the presentation here. They also presented their quest for very large heaps (beyond 1 TB) with Java 9 (presentation).

We had a chance to talk to Antoine Chambille, Head of Research and Development at ActiveViam and in this short 3 minute video Antoine discusses how Java 9 and the new SPARC processors with DAX take the ActivePivot In-Memory platform to the next level.

Contact us for more information and to find out how you can access DAX technology via a developer cloud.

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