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A belated introduction

Alan Coopersmith
Senior Principal Software Engineer

I suppose I should finally get around to explaining who I am for those who don't already know me.

Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm a man of wealth and taste... wait, scratch that. I've got neither of those. Let me try again.

Born on a mountaintop in, erm, well, Nevada. (Not literally on a mountaintop - in a nice little hospital in a valley between two mountain ranges about 6500 feet above sea level.) I grew up in various places in Nevada, Utah, and California, ranging from a small company mining town of about 1200 people to cities like Reno & Sacramento with hundreds of thousands of people.

I went to college at U.C. Berkeley where I studied Computer Science, learned to eat Chinese food, got hooked on Unix, and met the woman I'm now lucky to call my wife.

I worked at Sun as a contractor doing front-line tech support in SunService in 1995 for several months, then went back to school to finish my degree, before coming back to Sun full time in 1999. I started out as a tools developer in the Desktop Release Engineering group, working on various projects to improve the way we built products like X and CDE. After about a year I moved into the X Engineering group, where I've been ever since.

I work on a wide variety of things in X for Solaris - I've done a lot of work on Xinerama, the keyboard and mouse input modules, merging fixes between our trees and the open source releases, importing open source projects like XRender & fontconfig, performance tuning, and much more. Probably the most visible projects I've done are the IPv6 support (which was donated to X11R6.7 and XFree86 4.4) and the X server side of the wheel mouse support you can now find in Solaris Express and soon in Solaris 9 patches.

I also participate in many (probably too many) mailing lists, both inside and outside of Sun, answering many questions on some, asking the hard questions people don't want to answer on others (or telling them what I think the answers should be when I disagree).

At home I keep entertained with two TiVos (I can't imagine watching TV without them any more - there's rarely anything on I want to watch when I have time for TV, and rarely is anything I want to watch on at the time I can watch) and just about every game console since the N64 (except the Xbox). We also have far too many computers for two people (though the Mac IIsi, RS/6000 and Apollo DN3000 are away in the storage closet at least, so our computer room doesn't completely overflow) - but the ones that are plugged in all get used regularly, so I guess we're stuck with them. Of course, my wife will tell you I spend too much time at home in front of the Solaris machines with VPN running so I can work from home.

So in a nutshell, that's who I am (and yes, I guess that makes me a nut). Now I just have to wonder who all of you are who come here to read this boring page...all three of you.

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