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11 Questions We'll be Answering at the Oracle Solaris 11 Launch

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Some things you'll learn if you join us in person at Gotham Hall in New York City, or on the web.
  1. Why do we say Oracle Solaris 11 is "built for clouds"?
  2. Where and why are businesses already using Oracle Solaris 11 in production?
  3. Why should you move to Oracle Solaris 11 from other UNIX releases?
  4. Why should you move your existing Oracle Solaris environments to Oracle Solaris 11?
  5. What do we mean by "zero overhead virtualization"?
  6. What are the top new features in Oracle Solaris 11?
  7. What are your peers saying, thinking and doing about Oracle
    Solaris 11?
  8. How does Oracle Solaris 11 get the most out of SPARC and x86
  9. Will we continue to be the industry's only OS to guarantee both application binary and inter-platform source code compatibility?
  10. Why is running Oracle Solaris 11 an advantage for your business?
  11. Why is Oracle Solaris 11 the #1 enterprise OS?
To get the answers, don't forget to register for this Wednesday's launch event!

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