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Wait, What? Social Customer Service Has to Work?

June 24, 2014 By: Amy Sorrells

There goes Oracle again, trying to make life easier for brands that are trying to make customers’ lives easier. This time it’s about customer service, and from everything we’ve learned about social customer service, it’s one of the prime reasons people connect to brands on social at all.

Oracle has an agreement to acquire LiveLOOK. Already an integrated part of the Oracle Service Cloud, over 100 Oracle customers are using it for real-time visual collaboration, co-browsing, and screen sharing. You can see how that plays into customer service.

Let’s say I’ve got a problem. (Don’t get smart with me, this is just an example). I can try to describe what I’m experiencing to a customer service agent who may or may not get what I’m saying, then try to figure out what they’re telling me despite what I see on my screen. OR…we can connect and show each other on-screen what we’re talking about. Easier. Faster. More efficient. Less frustrating. More productive.

Because the Oracle Service Cloud is part of the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, which includes Commerce, Sales, Service, Social and Marketing clouds, we’re talking about an opportunity for competitor-crushing customer experiences from the first to the last touch-point. Of course, brands have to seize that opportunity, especially in social customer service.

And so far…eh.

Interest in social selling is high. Interest in social serving, not so much, although it’s better than it was. Brands have learned they must be where customers are, and customers are on social. They know a non-form letter response is expected, and sooner than what’s considered “normal” in corporate-land.

But look, if customer service is tough to do really well with call centers, responding on social to customers’ needs en masse, but personally, and in as close to real-time as possible, is a tall order. Some argue brands shouldn’t even try it, that people on social with problems should get routed elsewhere. And a NICE Systems study found phone is preferred for customer service by 88%, with Millennials the least interested in using social for it.

Hm. Is that because that’s how people want to get customer service, or because their experiences with social customer service to date have been so poor it’s regarded as an undesirable channel for it?

However, you won’t want to be too quick to forfeit the positives of social customer service. A BI Intelligence report says social customer management doubles the percentage of sales leads that result in actual sales, relative to traditional CRM approaches. McKinsey says 71% of consumers who got good social service are likely to recommend the brand to others. In other words, do it right, and there are payoffs.

Doing it right means:

  • Satisfying the customer’s hunger for a true advocate inside the brand.
  • Having expertise from all lines of business represented on the social care team.
  • Customer-centricity or bust. How would you handle the interaction if it were your mother?
  • Using the right tools. Without a hot social management and listening platform, you don’t have a chance.
  • Customers being able to count on you for an eventual answer. People have HUGE abandonment issues.
  • Being clear (and public) about what you did for them.
  • Making it happen on mobile as cleanly as on laptop or desktop.

We look forward to our expanded integration of LiveLOOK’s technology and know that it will lead to even more winning customer service experiences for Oracle customers.

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