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Scandal? CMO/CIO Relationship Revealed

January 29, 2013 By: Amy Sorrells

Ever get caught with someone you’re not supposed to be with? Of course not, we didn’t think so. But increasingly, enterprise CMOs and CIOs are spotted together far more often than they used to be. And we should be happy for them, because they potentially have a beautiful future together.

Reggie Bradford, SVP Product Development for Oracle Cloud-Social is spilling the details today at the Evanta Southern California Mid-Market CIO Executive Summit in Los Angeles.

Bradford says technologies like social, mobile and cloud are upending business and organizational models, like it or not. The consumer is changing into an informed, connected, empowered driver of that change, and they’re using social to do it. They’re in charge, and now it’s the job of the enterprise to figure out how to best adapt.

The customer can interact across many touch points, globally and in real-time. And they love being able to do that, so expect it to grow, especially with mobile continuing to boom. By 2014, eMarketer estimates nearly half the total US mobile population will be mobile social networkers, and comScore indicates 24% of eCommerce will be transacted via mobile by 2017.

Customer expectations of you are higher. They know you’ve got immense amounts of data on them, and they seem to be fine with that as long as you’re using that data to give them a desirable customer experience. But while Fortune 100 companies are mentioned 10,400,123 times per month on social, 70% of marketers still have little understanding of the social conversations going on about their brand.

How do we get that understanding and use it to our and our customers’ advantage? We cheer on that budding CMO/CIO relationship.

Just as social plays a vital role in consumer’s everyday lives, so it should across the enterprise. It should be holistically integrated so insights, actions and interactions can be shared and acted upon across departments such as marketing, service, sales, and commerce.

That, of course, required unprecedented collaboration of people, processes and technology. The CMO needs the CIO more than ever to understand the science behind the art. The CIO needs the CMO more than ever to execute customer-focused tech. Relationship-wise, sparks are flying.

Oracle not only understands the changes enterprise organizations are facing, they’re uniquely positioned with the scalable technology tools that work in concert to field the cloud-based socially enabled enterprise. Social marketing, social selling, social commerce, social service, social HR, social recruiting, and social collaboration fully realized with Oracle’s global enterprise applications.

If that makes us CMO and CIO matchmakers, we’re okay with that.

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