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Measuring Your Social Campaigns: 3 Keys to Success

Whitney Durmick
Senior Product Manager

Key Questions to Ask a Social Vendor is a series written by Social Cloud Product Marketing Manager Whitney Durmick. Whitney has empowered hundreds of SRM customers to use social media effectively to drive tangible business results.

Last week we talked about how to find a social media platform that delivers actionable listening insights. Today we'll cover what to ask to determine if a solution will help you measure the effectiveness of your social campaigns. 

You’ve built a rockstar social team, defined your voice and you’re ready to harness the power of social networks to launch a campaign. How will you know when your efforts are paying off? As you vet potential solutions, ask these questions to find the right fit. 

Does this platform offer complete (owned & earned) social analytics to conform to my changing needs? 

There are hundreds of ways to slice and dice the numbers to measure success on social channels, so you'll need to establish your key performance indicators before you set a campaign into motion. This will make course correction (and celebration!) simpler as the campaign progresses.

  • Goal: Increase Awareness 
    • Measure: Conversation lift including brand mentions, positive sentiment and purchase language (achieved through social listening).
  • Goal: Sell More Products
    • Measure: Leads generated by social posts. (Think social can't touch email for conversion rates? Here's how Mack Trucks did it.)
  • Goal: Grow Your Audience
    • Measure: Engagement on owned channels including fans/followers, likes, comments, shares, etc.

Can this tool show me how social media contributes to web traffic?

Your preferred platform should be able to track content by campaign and tie your social posts to data like web traffic and landing page conversions.

More importantly, this tool needs to be user-friendly for your content creators. A dynamic link tracking system that automatically adds tracking info makes their lives easier (and minimizes risk of user error) by cutting down time and effort involved in building trackable links.

TL,DR: You need a solution that can “connect the digital dots” and correlate outbound social content with increased web activity.

Does this solution offer dashboards to display campaign-specific posts and analytics in one place? 

With the right social platform, tracking your social efforts becomes effortlessly repeatable. Once you’ve settled on key metrics, use a dashboard that measures and displays all campaign-related content and engagement in one place.

Since knowing is half the battle, you are now free to take the next step in grasping campaign momentum with 1:1 nurturing through social engagement. Lather, rinse, repeat to gently guide your prospects through the funnel.


Often thrown meaninglessly around conference rooms, the phrase “Social ROI” may elicit shudders from modern marketers. To overcome the ROI challenge, first define your goals. Then leverage a social media solution that empowers you to knock them out of the park. 

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