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Mack Trucks: Driving Success on Social

Maggie Huston
Senior Content Manager
In 2013, Mack Trucks had 6,000 fans on Facebook. As of January 19, 2016, they have 125,229 fans. This tremendous growth was achieved organically. As Neil Tolbert, Director of Marketing Communications, says, “we don’t want to buy fans. We want you to follow us because you want to follow us.” Their Instagram account, started a year ago, has over 6,000 followers.

What makes Mack Trucks so special?

Turning A Customer Into An Advocate

To answer this question, we spoke with Jamie Hagen, an independent owner/operator of a Mack Truck. Jamie first appeared on Mack’s radar during a truck show. He was in the market for a new truck, so he test-drove a Mack. His contact information was entered into Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Eloqua system, which allowed Neil to reach out to him personally and build a rapport.

This relationship developed into a genuine friendship. As Jamie described it, “it’s not that their social media made me want to buy a truck. A truck is a big purchase, and needs to be based on more than a feeling. But their Twitter and Facebook definitely made me see that Mack Trucks was a different kind of company. They’re very accessible to their customers.”

After working with a dealer, Jamie bought a tricked out truck that gets nearly 10 miles per gallon. Compared to other big rigs, which usually get 6 miles per gallon, this is an incredible feat of engineering - and inspiring others to take a closer look at Mack. Jamie frequently posts from his truck, highlighting the cool things that are going on.

As Neil says, “It’s getting out there at the driver level, in the weeds and trenches, and spawn[ing] those relationships with those guys… We try to demonstrate that Mack is here - always has been, and always will be. We’ll be a consultant to help you drive your business.”

Twitter Is The New CB

The trucking industry is a small, tight knit community. Before cell phones and satellite radio, truckers spent hours in solitude, driving through the desolate parts of the countryside. CB radio was their only method of communication. Truckers are a friendly bunch, and now, social media (and especially Twitter) has made long distance friendships possible. Jamie has, “hundreds of truck drivers I talk with around the world - in the UK, Australia… Now I’ve known these people for 5 years. It makes the trucking experience a little less lonely.”

Mack is an integral part of this digital conversation. By using the Oracle Social Cloud Social Relationship Management (SRM) tool, they are able to keep track of what people are saying not only about their brand, but about the industry as well. They tapped into the heart of this community with their “The Horn” video, which highlights the history of Mack Trucks. People are encouraged to go to their Tumblr page and contribute their memories of Mack Trucks. With nearly 50 submissions, it’s a testament to the legacy of the Mack Trucks brand. Their Facebook page has hundreds of anecdotes about Mack families. Neil adds, “the purpose of the campaign was to connect with people inside and outside of the industry. The industry is small, so we wanted to reach out to the moms, the women, the people who aren’t necessarily in the industry, so we tied the horn into that.”

Creating a Community

From a numbers perspective, Mack Trucks is killing it. Their Big M social campaign had a 35.7% conversion rate, which was higher than their email conversion rate. Their organic growth is outstanding. They even have sales that they can directly tie back to social campaigns.

From a community perspective, (arguably the more important perspective) they’re setting the standard for all social media campaigns. Neil gets it. “You can’t remove the human element.”

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  • Ben Kolp Wednesday, October 5, 2016
    Mack Trucks is really an interesting one as it shows how a B2B brand can leverage social as an indirect sales channel. Orca Social recently interviewed Macks' director of marketing Neil Tolbert in an Orca Social Chat availabl at bit.ly/OrcaMack.
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