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Looking for a Social Platform that Scales? Start with the Right Questions.

Whitney Durmick
Senior Product Manager

Key Questions to Ask a Social Vendor is a series written by Whitney Durmick. Whitney has empowered hundreds of SRM customers to drive tangible business results with creative social media strategies.

If your brand is in the market for a social media management solution, congratulations! You’re taking a major step toward deploying a robust social strategy for the entire business.

You’ve probably already noticed the abundance of social tools out there. From long-established companies to fresh startups, the space is saturated with solutions for just about everything.

Tools exist for curating content, for managing paid media, monitoring conversations, workflow tools, alert systems, engagement consoles, etc. etc. etc. It’s enough to make your head spin. 

So as you embark on this journey to find that perfect solution for your needs, make sure you’re asking the right questions to find a platform that will deliver the exceptional social business results you need.

The first question you ask should gauge a platform's ability to grow with you. 

Will this platform scale to meet my changing business needs?

If all goes well, your social efforts will grow to incorporate more robust campaigns, a bigger team, and implications across your business.

Investing in a point solution that only solves one or two of your current needs puts you at risk 
of extra cost and productivity loss when you quickly need to upgrade to a more powerful, comprehensive system. Plan ahead for the growth that an effective social platform can facilitate.

Successful companies take advantage of the power of social media across business units, from marketing to customer service, sales and product development.

The right social media platform will grow with you, and accommodate users and use cases across your organization.


  • Does this platform include features I can grow into?
  • Will this platform scale as my team and needs grow?
  • Is this tool simple enough for a novice? Sophisticated enough for an expert?

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