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Is Social Customer Service Worth the Investment?

5 Social Customer Service Issues (and How to Solve Them!)​

Your phone is ringing.  It's a number you don't recognize, so you let it roll to voicemail. A minute later your phone pings you with the voicemail alert. The mystery caller was your electric company. The long voicemail explains that there is an outage in your area. "Fantastic," you think. "A text message could've told me this in ten seconds. Thanks for taking up my time electric company."

Sound familiar? Most people these days have no desire to pick up the phone and “be bothered.” It’s hard enough to actually call and connect with friends and family. Talking to companies on the phone is much less desired. 

Why are consumer attitudes and behaviors shifting? Technological advancements are allowing them to engage with companies when, where, and on whatever device they want. And as we all have heard and know from other expert opinions... #SocialTouchesEverything. If your brand is not providing social service, is it worth the risk of losing that market share?

This five-part blog post series will explore some of the issues companies commonly face when trying to wrap their arms around social service, and offer solutions to help get over those hurdles.

Issue 1:  How can we show the business value of social service to convince executive teams that it is worth the investment

  • Caution executives that the company is being talked about on social whether they like it or not.

​​Do not wait to explore and implement social service capabilities. As Julio Silva, Brand Manager of Social Media Analytics for Deloitte warns, “You cannot risk your reputation and wait for a crisis to occur.”

  • Explain to stakeholders that waiting on the sidelines is dangerous.

    As David Mingle, Executive Director of General Motors states, “Social media is still a bit of the Wild West, but everyone knows they’ve got to do it. The COI–cost of ignoring–is too high.”
  • Back up your claims about social service with research, statistics, and successful case studies.

We suggest the following key stats from reputable research firms: 

Stay tuned for the next post in this series which will discuss how to implement social service structurally and culturally throughout your organization.


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