SXSW Friday - What Oracle Heard, Saw and Did

The center of the known interactive universe is in Austin, TX for the annual South by Southwest confab. Oracle is there, soaking in the info and posting/tweeting on our channels so those who couldn’t make it don’t miss out. Feel free to take in these takeaways from Friday along with a couple of pics from the Oracle SXSW Survival Party at Fado.

Grab Bag

-10 Types of People You'll Definitely See at SXSW from Mashable

-Where should attendees eat at SXSW? The Oracle SRM is watching, and here are the results.

-It's in the bag. Here's what attendees are getting when they check in at SXSW.

-The buzz keeps coming around Oracle's newly announced integrated social tools.

-Watch the SXSW live stream and catch some keynotes with your own eyes and ears, brought to you by Oracle.

-3 great social startups integrate, a major step toward Oracle's social-enabled enterprise vision.

From “Is Mobile Really a Branding Vehicle?”

-Consumers don't see marketing "buckets," so don't act that way.

-Get friction out of your process so you can convert. Don't ask for someone’s city when you've already asked for their zip.

-Consumers are ahead of you marketers. They use multiple screens at once. Do your campaigns reflect that?

-Smile! 14% of mobile social networkers upload a photo taken from a mobile device.

-People don't watch the web, they participate in it. Mobile drives and facilitates that.

-Do you look like everybody else? Then you lose! Find your brand's unique personality.

-Consumers are the ones creating amazing things out there on mobile, not brands & agencies.

-When it comes to mobile, "collect all the data you can." (Oracle knows a little something about that).

-Gut Check! Behind on mobile now? You'll be light years behind in 6 months. Tough to catch up to the speed of change.

-Yes! Walgreens says big brands need to be more like SXSW entrepreneurs, constantly innovating.

-Walgreens learned a better CX is the path to increased sales. 40% use their app in the store.

-$ in the bank. Customers with the Walgreens mobile app spend 6x more than those without it.

-Learn what people will pay for. Removing the paid portion of the Oscars Backstage Pass app led to a 1000% increase in downloads the following year.

From “What Marketers Should Ask Themselves About Social”

-No more bullhorn? People don't trust marketing messages anymore. They trust each other.

-REAL advocates are key. Partners, vendors shareholders, customers can all make better marketers than you.

-Jeff Dachis thinks brands will move from ads to engagement at scale this year. Is that what you're seeing?

-Are brands entering "The Relationship Era"? Maybe, but old habits sure do die hard.

-The public will decide what your image is now, based on your actions.

-Listen to customers at every touch point and act on the data. You've got the tools to do that…right?

-You are not "directing at an audience." You're "sharing with a community."

From “Marketing Implications of Facebook’s Graph Search.”

-Not exactly glowing raves for Facebook Graph Search in this panel. The future promise all seems to be in Facebook's colossal data.

-One thing Graph Search has to overcome is the ingrained user search behaviors around Google.

-For Graph Search to reach top potential, users must lower privacy concerns and be forthcoming with their data.

-News Feed is not out of sight, out of mind. Graph Search mines activities you thought were long gone.

-Some ask: is Graph Search valid if data is tainted by misleading profiles?

-Amen. "Lazy marketers don't support a community, they buy likes."

Tomorrow’s Recommended Panel

Don’t miss Frito-Lays’ brand fan panel with @ShivSingh, @KevinJKnight & @ToddWasserman at 11am.


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