It’s Personal: Reaching Mobile Via Social

Now that we’re learning the degree to which mobile is taking over the world, we’d better figure out how to best reach those devices, what content to employ, and how to do that without fostering negative vibes toward our brands.

mobile dateFirst, a reminder mobile is indeed taking over the world. Mobile accounts for 13% of global Internet traffic, with over 1.1 billion smartphone subscribers. Comscore says mobile channels now account for 1 out of 3 digital media minutes consumed. The US smartphone market has exceeded 50% market penetration, and the number of smartphone subscribers has gone up 99% from 2 years ago.

Second, a reminder of how strong social is on mobile. The eMarketer webinar “Social Media Marketing on Mobile Devices” showed an increase in users who engage in Facebook exclusively on mobile. In just one quarter, such users jumped from 126 million to 157 million. The time spent on mobile social apps grew 387% during 2012, beating out media/entertainment (+268%) and shopping (+247%) apps.

So it starts getting clear that social, be it a social app or social components threaded through other app experiences, is the key to the kingdom. Why? Because social is familiar and intimately personal.

Why reinvent the wheel? Why put up an interface users have to “learn” when there’s already something they know and love? Weave familiar social actions through everything you do and the wheels are greased for the kind of engagement you want.

A Rhythm NewMedia study shows mobile campaigns that incorporate social calls-to-action are on the rise, and working. 30% of interactive in-stream campaigns included social buttons in the creative, which boosted engagement 36%.

Intimately Personal:
Public as it is, users tend to regard their social space as controlled, highly customized to their specifications, and personal. They use social to share with “friends,” making it an intimate place. Does this shut you out? Quite the contrary, it presents an incredible opportunity.

Digiday asked several experts what mobile’s next big opportunity is for brands. Most answers spoke to knowing the customer so incredibly well that highly customized, personalized experiences can be delivered. Anticipatory content delivery, targeting, personalized product research, and certainly attentive, rapid, personal customer service can get brands in customers’ intimate circle of trust. Execute that on what most users regard as a highly personal item, their device, and you’ve achieved the prime goal of welcomed access to them through that device.

An integrated, holistic, enterprise-wide social management suite is a foundation of that intimate knowledge of the customer. We at Oracle would love to get a snapshot of your mobile world. Take a minute and tell us what you have and what you want in the below survey.



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