Tuesday Jul 15, 2014

Oracle Social SRM Surfaces the Top Terms Around #WorldCup

So, how did you like that World Cup final? If activity on social is any indication, you were all about it. Facebook reported that 88 million people had over 280 million social interactions around the 1-0 victory of Germany over Argentina. 10.5 million of those people were in the US, 10 million in Brazil, over 7 million in Argentina, and 5 million in Germany.

That breaks the Facebook record for highest level of conversation about a single sporting event, beating out 2013’s Super Bowl, complete with blackout. On Twitter, pretty much the same thing was happening. 32.1 million tweets flew during the match. #WorldCupFinal was used over a million times in 24 hours. And a Twitter record was broken as well, with a peak of 618,725 tweets per minute after the match.

Interesting facts indeed, and a wakeup call for anyone who still might think social is not where the public goes en masse in order to connect, comment and share their emotions around big events, and on a global scale.

Beyond these overall social statistics around the final World Cup match, we wanted to tap into the power of the Oracle SRM platform’s Social Engagement & Monitoring tools to see which terms were surfacing within posts containing #WorldCup. At the first level were terms we would all expect to see…worldcup, win, final, and support.

But after the obvious comes the interesting. When listening in English during the run of the entire World Cup. The top terms of interest were:

  • #joinin (FIFA’s official campaign)
  • Fractured (as in Neymar’s back fracture)
  • Neymar (as in the guy who’s back got fractured)
  • Goalkeeper (Tim Howard’s 16 saves vs. Belgium)
  • Adidas (as related to Lionel Messi getting the Adidas Golden Ball)
  • Messi

Who doesn’t love a good adjective? These were the top descriptors used in #WorldCup conversations:

  • Epic
  • Incredible
  • Proud
  • Great
  • Crazy

We’re sure Brazilians had descriptors of their own which thankfully did not make the top 5.

We then turned our social listening to what Spanish and German speaking users were saying in their tweets hashtagged #WorldCup during the final 2 matches. In Spanish it was:

  • #allin (Adidas’ campaign hashtag)
  • @listerineglobal (the result of a dominating Listerine tie-in campaign)
  • Messi

In German, we heard:

  • Stern (rapid sellout of the winning German shirt with 4 stars)
  • Stolz (German for “proud”)
  • Schweinsteiger (Germany’s Bastian Schwinsteiger)

Sure, we looked up these statistics just for fun. Kinda makes you want to party with us, right? But having just been reminded once again of the power of social and the sheer volume of the conversations happening on it at any one time, we’re also reminded that brand marketers are served very well when they can go deeper than surface-level term analysis, learning what specifics their audience cares most about. Learn that, and you have the ability to craft content and campaigns primed and ready for open ears.

@mikestiles @oraclesocial
Photo: freeimages.com


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