Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

7 Stressful Things About Social

stressed womanYes, technology makes our lives easier. But for businesses increasing their involvement in social, there are some downright stressful things being encountered along the way.

1. Too Many Social Networks:
It’s like having to make sure you’re not favoring one of your kids over the other. Tip: It’s okay to pick your horses. Depending on your brand, one network will make more sense than others and be the priority, with others getting the attention they deserve. A comprehensive social relationship management platform goes a long way in making an unmanageable number of social channels quite manageable.

2. I Can’t Think of Anything to Say:
Your bosses want to see a quarterly content calendar with each day filled in, and you’re not even sure what you’re posting today. It’s okay. Social is live and real-time. What you post often depends on what you see. That’s how civilians use social, so it’s okay if you operate, at least partially, live and in real-time as well. Tip: Establish tent poles of original content to appease the spreadsheet-obsessed, but round it out with curation and organic interaction.

3. I’m Not Getting any Engagement:
This is the sum of two other stressors, not knowing what your audience wants, and being afraid to say something wrong. If you’re using social as a loudspeaker, posting what amount to little more than ads, don’t be stunned there aren’t a lot of likes, comments or shares. Tip: People engage when they are moved emotionally. If your posts don’t really interest you, your fans probably aren’t very moved either.

4. Few or No Resources:
Take comfort, you’re not alone. But things are changing. Not only are commitments being made to social in marketing, social is being integrated for multiple functions across the entire enterprise. Tip: Be the leaky faucet in your organization, always dripping the great endeavors that could be executed with proper buy-in, be that production budgets or staffing for proper monitoring, moderation and response.

5. I Don’t Know if This is Doing Any Good:
Occasionally, the panicky thought, “Why am I doing this?” may arise. You’ll also see plenty of articles questioning the true ROI of social. Is it quantifiably moving units? Tip: Social is, at its core, a modern means of communication. Success or failure on it depends on how it’s used. Could you really dispense with one of the key ways the public communicates and gets information? There is value in relationship building via super-serving your customers and in brand affinity (ask Apple). Also, determine which of the numerous metrics available on social address your specific goals.

6. People Can Rake Us Over the Coals:
It’s part of the deal. You get to say whatever you want to about your goods and services, but so do your customers. No longer are buyers trapped in the echo chamber of customer service voicemail trees. They can publically hold you accountable. Tip: Like yanking out a polyp, getting slammed on social is ultimately for your own good. It will make you a better brand and a better company if you listen to what your customers tell you. They aren’t the enemy.

7. I Can’t Unplug:
Many users are virtually addicted to social. They don’t want to miss anything and feel tangibly cut off if they aren’t online. But on the brand social manager side, the “always on” nature of social can get overwhelming. Tip: See above on getting properly resourced. Short of that, a qualified social relationship manager will have flagging and notification functions that should allow you to go to lunch or see that movie worry-free.

Here’s hoping this knocks the stomach acid-level down a couple of notches so you can enjoy a less-stressed new year in social. Let us know what else about social is stressing you out.

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