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Choosing a Social Customer Service Platform

Thank you for returning to this blog series on social service issues!  To start off, I think it is best to note right from the start that I am an Oracle employee (#obvious), and believe that our product has what it takes to support brands on their journey to implementing social service capabilities.  While I am an enthusiastic cheerleader for our product, companies should consider the following points no matter which vendor they choose.

It is a daunting task to weed out and then choose the best social management platform for your business.  I have picked out a few common issues that some of you will find relatable.  If you haven’t encountered them, take note! They will most likely pop up at some point in your brand’s journey to providing successful social customer service. 

ISSUE - A team member goes to respond to a customer and finds that once they have submitted their message, another person has already contacted the individual.  Unfortunately, when this happens, the answers sometimes differ which makes our department look unorganized.  What should we do? 

  • Make sure your platform has comprehensive workflow and automation capabilities that enable managers to assign posts, which avoids confusion and the doubling of work efforts.
  • Refer to “How Do You Implement Social Service Structurally and Culturally?" to ensure that your brand strategy for social service tone and response is consistent.​

ISSUE - We have over 1,000 mentions that come through each day to our Twitter handle.  We want to answer or acknowledge each interaction, but with such a small department, it would be impossible.  To top it off, many of the interactions are spam or bots that require no response, but are still taxing as we have to wade through them.  What should we do? 

  • Check that the platform has powerful filtering capabilities that pinpoint what they need to respond to through all the noise.
  • Determine if your team will be focusing on just your own social properties (Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc), or if proactive social listening will also be implemented to find customers outside of owned channels. 

ISSUE - A customer has contacted us in regards to a problem they encountered with our product.  This is the second time he has contacted us but we did not know that when the conversation was initiated.  In fact, we had to ask him to give us his name, address, and order number.  It was apparent that this was annoying to him (and to us as well).  What should we do? 

  • Take the time to find a platform that has the ability to access previous conversations with customers. (Consider data integration tools, which help your brand provide a seamless, easy experience for customers.)

Remember these essential capabilities when choosing a platform vendor that will support your social service initiatives:

To learn more about how to choose a social vendor, and other social service issues and tips, download the white paper below:

Stay tuned for the next post in this series, which will discuss the benefits of using social service data. 

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