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  • November 26, 2014

A Thanksgiving to Our Technologies

On this Thanksgiving Eve, we thought it only fitting to make today’s Oracle Social Spotlight a holiday themed version. So in the spirit of expressing gratitude, we offer up thanks around some of our most favorite and essential technologies—straight from the Oracle Social Cloud team members.

As you can imagine, our ever-present smartphone got many nods with several team members giving thanks to their iPhones. On the list was everything from electric cars to Instagram to fitness trackers to the Internet in general. Even our own Oracle SRM made the list, thanks to Reggie Bradford.

So below is our thanksgiving to our technologies, in no particular order. Enjoy! And have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

  • iPhone – “It stays glued to me and connects me with everything from work to personal.” - Mike Strutton
  • Lfyt – “Lyft… because everyday I get to meet two new people in my community that I’d otherwise not have ever met.” – Rahim Fazal
  • Facebook – “The one technology that I’m most thankful for is Facebook. The reason why is because it keeps me up to date and in constant contact with many members of my family that live both near and far. :)” - Tonya Wright
  • Mophie - “Mophie case and Mophie charging pack. I cannot live without them if I am going to stay ALWAYS ON!” – Erika Brookes
  • iPhone – “I’d have to go with the iPhone for sure. Outside of the Internet itself, it has been the most transformative technology to really change our lives.” - Brian Culler
  • Electric Car – “My electric car (Nissan Leaf 2003 S, 5 door hatchback) because it is saving me money and is good for the environment. And I like to drive it because of the great features: proximity-based unlocking and locking, backup camera, Bluetooth, steering wheel stereo controls... and I could go on : )” – Lisa Black
  • Fitbit – “The most recent piece of technology that I am very thankful for is my Fitbit… Fitness trackers will track how far you have walked, how many floors of stairs you have climbed, and your hours of sleep… So if you want to lose weight, gain weight, become more healthy/active, or simply want to see how you are living your life... the Fitbit provides the most transparent illustrative feedback that I know of. The power of fitness trackers can revolutionize public health.” - Clark Phillips
  • Tablet Computer – “I’d have to say the tablet computer. It will empower and inspire the generation of people who are children right now, just as the LED and the first generation of console video games and home computers inspired mine.” – John Nolt
  • iPhone – “My iPhone, because without it I would feel disconnected.” - Joshua Davies
  • Instagram – “Hard to choose one, but I’ll go with Instagram. I can simply and effortlessly share with family and friends a task I’d be doing anyway – taking photos. It’s worth a thousand words, right?” – Amy Sorrells
  • TiVo – “TiVo is still my favorite ;-)” – Meg Bear
  • SnapChat – “SnapChat. It helps me share those everyday moments with my girls!” - Sharon Miyakado
  • Internet – “The Internet!” - Vinaya Shrestha
  • iPad – “My iPad for keeping my two boys entertained on the long drive to my in-laws for Thanksgiving.” – Angela Wells
  • Oracle SRM – “I will say the SRM – it keeps on innovating and giving to all.” – Reggie Bradford
  • iPhone – “I'm thankful for the iPhone. I can carry one device for phone, calendar, music, run tracker, access to Google to answer questions and maps when I get lost. I forgot my iPhone at home last Saturday and could NOT function...” – Sandy Yu
  • GPS: “For me it’s GPS-based navigation. I don’t get lost anymore.” - Scotland Stephenson
  • Facetime – “It feels like my family, who is on an another continent, is just one button away. Facetime being free and very easy to use became a preferred communication line between first my parents and then rest of the family who wants to talk to me.” – Sriti Kumar
  • iPad - “I’m thankful for my iPad. It cooks, it cleans, it slices, it dices. I use it for recipes, house projects, reading, and more. It entertains and educates the kids at home and on the road. It’s an alarm, a calorie counter, a financial advisor, and a baseball scorekeeper.” – Jason Reynolds
  • Digital Media Player – “The digital media player; in my case, the Apple TV. It’s allowed me to ‘cut the cord’ with cable. I don’t watch a lot of TV… but when I do, at least I can choose what I want to watch and when. It’s also great because I can stream music through it… or stream video from my phone or computer to my TV. All that for under $100.” - Arturo Rodriguez
  • Travel Apps - “I love travel ecommerce sites/applications like Jetsetter.com and weather apps so I can plan a memorable getaway at a great price:)” – Chaundera Wolfe •
  • Calendar Apps: “Calendars and to-do lists on my phone. Without them, my life would be chaos.” - Salman Ansari
  • Internet – “I'm thankful for the Internet because it's a platform that allows us, and our customers, to innovate, stay connected, and get more done.” – Kevin Middleton
  • iPhone – “I am most thankful for my iPhone. It is my phone/GPS/alarm clock/calendar/notebook/eReader/music/time manager/video camera/WiFi hotspot all in one device.” – Laura Ivey
  • Internet – “I'm thankful for the Internet, since it enables most of the technology we use today.” – Brian Weichel
  • Kindle – “My Kindle! It’s made reading on the go so much easier and more pleasant. :-)” – Lacey Bousquet
  • Internet - “Internet in general - it allows me to work from home!” – David Borchert
  • Kindle - “Kindle!” - Lia Schiza • Goggle Plus - “Google+. It’s still my most used social network. I like that it lets me share specific content with the appropriate circle of friends or family.” – Darren Cato
  • Facebook - “Facebook because it makes it easy to keep up with friends and family that live out of town.” – Cassie Powell •
  • Pregnancy App: “Pregnancy app, I love seeing how big the little one is each day! :)” – Amanda Crocker
  • iPhone – “If I have to pick just one, I will say my iPhone because it keeps me connected to all of my favorite apps and keeps me connected to my friends and family. :)” – Tiffany Thompson
  • Mobile Networks – “I'm thankful for mobile networks that enable us to stay connected to the world at large at any time. They really help us live a more fluid life where work and life don't have to compete with each other for our attention.” - Patricia Pichardo
  • Uber - “Well to be brutally honest for me its Uber...” - Amir Hoagland
  • Kindle – “It’s my Kindle.” - Olaf Kowalik • Heroku – “I am thankful for www.heroku.com. It allows me to launch my little projects to servers in seconds (for free) so that they are accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.” - Patrick Bradley
  • Podcasts - “I am most thankful for Podcasts. Podcasts fulfill the promise that satellite radio was supposed to fulfill - content targeted at an extremely narrow niche. Because podcasts are relatively easy and cheap to produce and distribute, there is a lot of content out there for just about any interest. Podcasts fill my commute with content that is very relevant to me.” - Scott Wright

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