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  • November 22, 2017

A Technology Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is often a reflective time of year. Many take vacations, visit family and friends, stuff their faces silly with food... and hopefully take a moment to give thanks to the positive aspects of life. As I was sitting down to write this blog, I thought about how much technology can influence our experiences every day. I also realized that this changes so very rapidly from year to year.

I thought that this holiday, it would be fascinating to take a look back at an old blog from 2014 A Thanksgiving to our Technologies, and see what technology the team was thankful for then, and compare it to what we are thankful for today. For example, I was most thankful for pregnancy apps back in 2014. This year the Amazon Echo has my heart. I love that I can play any type of music easily without hooking my phone up to my computer or speaker, signing in some app and playing a playlist. The Echo makes it so effortless.

Now let's take a look back and see what else was on our minds a few years ago. In 2014, overall, the technology we were most thankful for was more general in nature, with the iPhone being the most popular choice:

  • Electric Car – “My electric car because it is saving me money and is good for the environment.” – Lisa Black
  • iPad – “My iPad for keeping my two boys entertained on the long drive to my in-laws for Thanksgiving.” – Angela Wells
  • iPhone – “I'm thankful for the iPhone. I can carry one device for phone, calendar, music, run tracker, access to Google to answer questions and maps when I get lost. I forgot my iPhone at home and could NOT function." – Sandy Yu
  • Internet – “I'm thankful for the Internet because it's a platform that allows us, and our customers, to innovate, stay connected, and get more done.” – Kevin Middleton

In 2017, the theme was personalization. Most people now are thankful for devices or apps that help solve a specific problem or simply make life easier and more enjoyable:

  • "Zwift - I can ride my bike indoors, go for virtual rides with friends, and monitor my progress and fitness. It makes winter indoor riding fun and motivating!" - Olaf Kowalik
  • "Amazon Echo - “Alexa what’s the weather in Thailand?”, Apple Watch - Beats riffing around in my pocket every time I get a text or email, Apple wireless earbuds - Wires are the worst, TV Apps - Netflix, Amazon, etc. Life on demand." - Wes Barnes
  • "UberEats - I can order from restaurants I actually love without being judged for wearing yoga pants, when I’m not actually doing yoga. I’m not stuck with boring options like pizza or Chinese because they are the only places that deliver. And if I’m starving I can stalk my food from order to delivery!" - Ashley Johnson
  • "I’m grateful for technology savvy news and media. NYTimes in particular has embraced a remarkable adaptation of old-meets-new media with their stellar (and award-winning) visual journalism. The Pulitzer prize winning photo essay by Daniel Berehulak deftly combines internet media and eye-popping editorial layout for a knock-down essay on the chaos of Philippines’ stealth justice. This new visual medium speaks a thousand words and more. I’m thankful every day for the risk that today’s journalists take to bring light to the dark corners of our globally connected world. Thank you @nytimes!" - Paul Lawbaugh
  • "Instagram - I love having a curated feed that delivers daily inspiration, affirmation and travel ideas!" - Whitney Durmick
  • "My fav tech is airbnb. I love it because it allows me into the homes of locals of the places that i'm traveling to." - Sandy Yu

I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving holiday. And thank YOU ALL for reading this blog and being a part of the Oracle Social Cloud tribe!

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