Sunday Mar 10, 2013

SXSW Sunday – What Oracle Heard, Saw and Did

Day 3 of South by Southwest in Austin, and Oracle is still at it, racing around, squeezing into crowded sessions and foregoing finding the best barbecue so we can present the best takeaways and you can learn from afar.

From “Data, Storytelling and Breaking Through the Noise”

-You need to take risks with social. Sometimes you should ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

-The ability to take risk is a competitive advantage.

-Creative humans still required: "You're never going to get an algorithm to create a great story."

-Engagement with content is a chance to get consumer data to inform future content, so pay attention.

-Many brands miss the opportunity to use content to help drive search.

-Great content requires great talents. Tweaking an algorithm isn't enough.

-Brands aren't getting it. People are hungry as ever for great content. They're not hungry for ads.

-Do you even have a story? Success in social is telling your story, not selling your stuff.

From “Social Circles vs. Social Media”

-Everyone talks about privacy. But transparency about how data is used will win you more trust.

-Watch what people are doing, then figure out how you can help them do it better.

-What's better, shallow relationships with the masses or deep relationships with a loyal, sincere following?

-Apps are either to hold your attention or to make your life easier with a utility.

-The challenge is to fuse online activities with offline to enhance virtual social groupings with *gasp* real-world elements.

Photos: Rich Schwerin


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