Saturday Mar 09, 2013

SXSW Saturday – What Oracle Heard, Saw and Did

Day 2 of South by Southwest in Austin, and Oracle is doing everything it can to be everywhere. Lots of sessions and takeaways today so let’s get to it.

Grab Bag

-Oracle SRM is showcasing listening capabilities at SXSW. Check it out.

From “How Twitter Has Changed How We Watch TV.”

-1 in 3 Twitter users tweet about TV at some point.

-People still like to watch TV "with" people. Of those who tweet about TV, 76% do it while watching TV live.

-The shows that really get Twitter buzzing have elements of real-time unpredictability (sports, reality, awards)

-Think it's catching on? There were 14 million Super Bowl tweets last year. This year it was 24 million.

-The "House of Cards" dilemma: will such all-at-once series releases challenge the TV tweeting experience?

-Tweet or die. If a show is getting no Twitter buzz, it's taken as a sign the show isn't going to work.

-Twitter's the new water cooler. Existing fans are used to recruit new viewers, and it's working.

-Tweeting as characters from the show drives higher interaction. Who's tweeting for YOUR brand?

-Fans like to be tribal. 51% tweet about TV to feel connected to other show fans.

-3 out of 10 people check out a show because they heard about it on Twitter. Think things are any different for your brand?

-It's a data thing. Live shows like American Idol do Twitter polls for real-time feedback that's then incorporated into the show

-Take the incoming with a grain of salt. Twitter TV audiences are younger and generally more negative.

-Conversations around TV are going beyond Twitter and onto other platforms, like Tumblr, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc.

-79% of TV viewers visit Facebook while watching TV. That's no small number.

-When branded content is right for the channel, it will spread. WAY too much of it is not right…and are ads, not content

-Live tweeting encourages live viewing vs. on-demand, and live viewing means they'll see the ads.

-Big question: how much do viewers want to influence TV plots? How much do your fans want to influence your product?

From “Brand Fans, the New Brand Marketers”

-It's about crowdsourcing the voice of your fans and making it your marketing voice.

-We humans are all brands, and we’re all marketers.

-The more “360-degrees” and the more screens your campaign is executed across, the more successful and relevant it will be today.

-The fan is becoming a partner in the marketing process. That’s what’s new.

-Crowdsourcing gives you insights your traditional marketing research can’t provide.

-Don't go into social defensive and nervous. Trust your brand and your fans.

-The strongest agencies are the ones who understand creativity has changed and embrace that change to innovate.

-The agencies that embrace the community side of brands have a better understanding of what creative to deliver.

From “Going Social: You Got the Tux, but Can You Dance?”

-Shame shame, social teams respond to complaints ASAP while too many physical businesses still hide from customers.

-Quick...who at your brand responds to social communications? Do they know where to route problems?

-The Holy Grail is connecting customer ID to social ID. Wow, then keep your eye on Oracle.

From “Less is More: Why 5 Comments Beat 5000 Likes”

-Everybody likes "Likes," but they're deceptive. They take no effort and require no investment.

-Comments take effort, genuine care, and start conversations. Likes don't necessarily convert to money

-Comments increase time spent on a site by 23%. Comments increase the average number of Pages viewed by 13%.

-It's great you're getting comments on your Page but...are you participating and commenting on other Pages?

From “Real Talk: The Social Customer Service Shift”

-Get your wooing skills on. Customers need to be romanced.

-One of our fave themes: social isn't a silo - it extends into customer service and beyond.

-Your regular customer care team should own social customer service & it should be integrated with other departments.

-Ha. Which is worse: your competitors knowing your plan or your employees not knowing your plan?

-CX expectations have changed. You don't have the luxury of putting customers last.

-If you don't trust them, you better train them. Your employees are your social brand ambassadors.

-Smart. Chase pulled product experts from divisions and trained them on brand, social and CX.

-Marketing makes promises to customers that must be upheld by customer service or it's a huge fail.

-It's called mirroring, and it works. Look at what customers write, and respond in the same context.

-Suggested model: all employees get social training and select employees get a certification.

-The benefits of listening: data from social at Chase is being used to inform social marketing strategy

-Super true, and pick the right vendor. Every brand should have an active listening program.

-Want social ROI? How about all the customer data social customer service can provide?

-Predictive analytics will help you know your customer.

-Does the emperor have clothes? Social will quickly expose all your support inefficiencies.


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