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6 Simple Benefits of Enterprise Social Media

Whitney Durmick
Senior Product Manager

Key Questions to Ask a Social Vendor is a series written by Social Cloud Product Marketing Manager Whitney Durmick. Whitney has empowered hundreds of SRM customers to use social media effectively to drive tangible business results.


Social Touches Everything.

Today's hyper-connected consumers expect to have an online dialogue with brands; they want content that is personalized but not creepy, they'll use social channels to resolve service issues, and they turn to online communities to inform purchasing decisions. More than anything, modern consumers want to be informed and understood. 

That's why, for the past 6 weeks, we have explored the benefits of a social media management solution designed to accommodate enterprise needs. To meet the expectations of the empowered consumers, businesses need to be prepared to integrate social functions across multiple touchpoints and to embrace their social potential beyond the marketing department.

Their social media strategy must operate with the understanding that social is not just one thing that a marketer does; social is a way of working.

In today’s series wrap-up, we’ll revisit the key questions to ask a social vendor to find a social management solution that meets your unique business goals. 

Find a Solution that Grows with You.

If all goes well, your social efforts will grow to incorporate more robust campaigns, a bigger team, and implications across your business. Avoid getting stuck with an overly specific or inflexible point solution.

  • How will this solution scale as my team and needs grow? 
  • Is the tool simple enough for a novice? Sophisticated enough for an expert?
  • What features does this solution have that I can grow into? (How will this solution make my social strategy more robust?)

Listen & Learn.

Social channels are a robust source of insightful conversation, a treasure trove of insights about your brand and the people that love (or hate) it; that is, if you can actually use them. Choose social listening with a proven track record of distilling actionable insights from the notoriously noisy social landscape. 

  • Do I need to be an expert in Boolean logic to use your listening tool? 
  • Will I need to devote a dedicated resource to hand-cleaning social data?
  • Which data points, analytics reports and dashboards are included in my subscription?      

Crush Your Campaigns.

Social media campaign execution often operates on a loop: listen, create, publish, measure, engage. The right social solution will offer seamless campaign tracking tools so your efforts are continually optimized and never in vain.

  • Can you show me how social media contributes to web traffic?
  • Do you offer dashboards to display campaign-specific posts and analytics in one place?
  • Do you offer complete owned and earned social metrics that can pivot if my needs change? 

Embrace a One-Stop Shop.

A comprehensive solution with robust social functionality delivers more value in the long term. The unified approach of a social ‘suite’  has the potential to simplify implementation and streamline day-to-day collaboration.

  • How many additional tools will I need to ‘complete’ this system?
  • Can I post, engage, listen and measure my social efforts with a single sign-on?
  • How does your platform interact with my existing CRM, DMP and Marketing Automation?

Invest in Stability.

A social management system should ultimately optimize how social media teams work with each other and with the broader company. By providing secure user and channel management and offering an efficient system to deploy and collaborate on social activities, the right platform can assuage your social (media) anxiety

  • How does this solution safeguard my brand’s social presence?
  • How does your system manage platform access for a diverse roster of social users?
  • Do users need to have native admin access to carry out daily tasks like publishing or analysis within the platform? 

Tear Down the Walls.

Thanks to the proliferation of mobile and social media, people are connected like never before.  As modern businesses recognize the need to implement social beyond traditional use cases, they increasingly turn to enterprise solutions to support the transition. A complete, unified social solution empowers the modern business to deliver on the promise of the social customer experience. 

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