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4 Ways to Use Social Media for Product Launches

Guest Author

Today's blog is written by Krystal Rose Berry, CX Social Solutions Consultant at Oracle.

Savvy marketers know that social for business means more than just publishing content and tracking metrics. Maximizing a brand’s investment in social for business includes using social to support a variety of diverse business operations. Today, I would like to focus on how to use social media for product launches. Here are four tips on how to do so:

Build Anticipation

Social media is not about being a one-sided conversation. Customers don’t want to be sold to. At best they want to be led and even be part of the creation of products and promotion. 

40% of millennials want to participate in co-creation of products and brand (Source: MillennialMarketing) 

Prior to your product launch, use social to not only promote the upcoming arrival of the new product but also to start a conversation between loyal and prospective customers. This means that you will have to post content that encourages your audience to engage. Content that can prompt interaction is posing a question, asking for opinions, posting a unique image, posting a poll, a game, or even having a live streaming channel for a Q&A session with the brand, guest host or industry SMEs. Every effort should be crafted with the goal of building interest and excitement. To help with drawing attention to the new product and differentiate the conversations from other products or competitors, it is a best practice to use a unique and distinct hashtag and encourage your audience to use it.

Listen to Conversations (use a unique hashtag)

Post launch you will want to monitor what conversations are happening around your new product and brand. A good social listening tool will help you to identify conversations around the new product as well as all conversations that include your product’s unique hashtag. You can learn where the conversations are happening (online source), what the tone of the conversations are, who are behind the conversations, who is influencing conversations and what the conversation’s potential impact is over the various online sources. The power of listening expands past simply monitoring conversations to actually having insight into the conversations when you have a good social listening tool.

Engage (with customers who are talking about your product)

Again, social is not a one-sided conversation so when your customers speak up, brands should respond appropriately and in a timely fashion. Social media can be a great customer service tool as well as a community builder. Leveraging a social tool, like Oracle Social Cloud, not only enables marketers to listen to the conversations happening around its brand and products but also allows the brand to chime in and engage as well. A brand responding to questions, comments and shares shows its audience that the brand is listening and taking action to build meaningful relationships with its customers and this is the type of behavior consumers now expect from brands.

Disseminate Insights Internally

Social data that is pulled, tracked and analyzed can produce valuable insights that can extend past the overall sentiment and mentions of a new product. The right social tool can provide social insights that can enhance lead generation, influence future marketing strategy and enrich research and development. Congruently, these insights can also be used to call attention to any potential issues such as misuse of the product, product malfunctions or misrepresentation of the product.

There you have it. Four tips on how to use social for product launches. Remember, social for business extends further than just marketing efforts. Insights from social data can be used in numerous ways to support the various efforts of your brand’s overall business operations. 

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