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3 Must-Haves for a Successful Digital Transformation

Whitney Durmick
Senior Product Manager

Last week, I flew to Chicago for CMS Wire's DX Summit, but my digital experience immersion training began before the event even kicked off. 

As I checked my luggage in the airport terminal, I realized the TSA pre-check logo was missing from my boarding pass. No biggie, I figured. I always get to the airport early anyway, so I approached the desk and hoisted my suitcase onto the scale to complete the bag check process. Noticing then that there was no line behind me —Veteran’s Day must have calmed the usual travel rush— I tentatively asked the agent if there was a reason I hadn’t gotten pre-check. I expected the agent to brush me off or point me to a customer service phone number, so I was delighted when she plucked the boarding pass and ID out of my hand and started typing. 

Within a few moments, she had patiently resolved the issue and sent me on my way with a new boarding pass and a smile. I breezed through security and even had time to grab breakfast before boarding.

In the spirit of giving thanks, I tweeted a message to the airline to let them know their ticket agents were #crushingit. A few minutes later, I was contentedly sipping my coffee when my phone buzzed. The airline had responded to my tweet! I felt almost star-struck. Their response conveyed both appreciation and playfulness, consistent with the experience I’d had in person moments before. After we exchanged a few more messages, I had finished my breakfast, and they'd sent me a movie voucher. As I took my seat on the plane I noticed I hadn’t stopped smiling since the terminal. 

I can't think of a better series of interactions to foreshadow the DX Summit, where digital leaders converge to discuss best practices for delivering exceptional customer interactions in a modern digital landscape. An insane amount of insight was shared over the course of the Summit, so I've condensed what I learned into three primary features of great DX.


Brands can take my airline exchange as an example of how to interact with customers both online and in-person. Each interaction conveyed the same tone, and made me feel valuable and heard as a customer. Consistency in customer experience relies on orchestration of customer data and meaningful content across web, social, and other digital touchpoints. 



One of the biggest problems facing digital transformation advocates is how to deploy across their organization and get buy-in from those responsible for customer interactions on pre-sales, post-sales and beyond. The successful undertaking of digital transformation needs to be org-chart agnostic, and embraced as a priority across the business. One speaker likened the execution to that of an orchestra. 



In his keynote, author Gerry McGovern invited the standing-room only crowd to stand and repeat his mantra: we are not the center of the universe. Too often, he thinks, brands design products and experiences that suit their wants, without regard for what a customer might be looking for. Citing companies like Slack, which puts developers on the hook for customer service a few hours a week, he emphasized the importance of designing with the end user in mind. 



Guiding your business toward delivering solid online experiences can be daunting. One way to start is to adopt the principle of Social Touches Everything to drive consistent customer engagements across social touchpoints including content marketing and customer service. An enterprise social platform like Oracle Social Cloud empowers brands to do just that. 


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