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3 Most Important Takeaways from #OracleCX15

Maggie Huston
Senior Content Manager

We came, we saw, and now we're putting it in action. Here's the scoop:

1. Be Useful

Nobody wants to be un-helpful, right? (We’re not talking about doing the dishes… that’s different.) But as marketers, we need to be USEFUL to our customers. This was the predominant theme throughout the conference. Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s keynote emphasized how businesses need to be “customer-obsessed” and focused on making the lives of customers easier.

Jay Baer echoed this sentiment with his keynote around #Youtility. It’s pretty simple, actually.

Baer says if you build hype, you earn a customer for a day. If you help a customer, they’ll stay with you for life.

Action: For content managers, create and curate content that you think will help your customers perform better. It sounds easy, but it’s surprisingly difficult because you have to understand the “pain points” of your customer before you can help them. So… get to know your customers and what’s making their lives difficult. Create helpful content.

For CMOs, assess and build customer experience into every touch point of your business. Whether it’s creating marketing that helps a customer succeed, building a smooth user experience that makes work easier for customers, or producing social content that educates your customer, you need to ask yourself “Am I helping my customer?” regularly.

2. What “datum” means

What is datum? It’s not a made up word, I promise. It’s the singular form of the word “data.” It also happened to show up in our word cloud when we were looking at themes of the conference. Nestled alongside expected terms like “marketing,” “booth” and “team” was “datum.”

What does that mean? We’re nerds. If it was ever in doubt, it isn’t anymore. Marketers who attended the conference were talking about analytics, b2b campaigns, and digestible data.

Action: Make it a habit to look at your analytics data. Every day, if possible. Get comfortable with your data, and use it to create more informed content.

3. Socks do more than keep your feet warm

Thanks to Oracle Social's VP of Product Management Erika Brookes, we have photographic proof of the intensity with which marketers choose their socks. Boring black dress socks? Nope. Stylish prints and stripes were the rage at #ModernCX15 conferences.

Not only was there a plethora of funky toe snuggies on physical display at the conference, there was also a conversation online about the cool socks. It was documented in our Social Intelligence Center:

What does that mean? Marketers are creative people who pay attention to detail. If you’re going to be communicating with them, you need to speak their language and look the part.

Action: Style matters. Keeping up with the trends shows that you’re engaged in the modern world and able to adapt to fast paced changes. In social media, this is even more important. Creativity in design and expression allows you to stand out amongst the crowd and brand yourself as something different. Just not too different.

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