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3 Fresh Uses for Social Data in Customer Service

Welcome back to the final blog series on social service issues!  Of course, if you want to get the most comprehensive and complete view of how to solve social service issues, I encourage you to download the entire white paper 5 Social Customer Service Issues (and How to Solve Them!).

Today I want to talk about the massive explosion of data we have been experiencing for some time now and how brands can use it to benefit social service initiatives.  Whenever I think of “big data”, I always think of chocolate.  I know this will illicit a few “what the…?” from you all out there, but hear me out. 

There is an over abundance of such sweet information out there that is just begging to be consumed.  Like chocolate (for me anyways, pick your vice as you see fit), I want to consume as much as possible, but know that I will get sick and unhealthy if I just grab at every delicious morsel out there.  Same thing applies with the proliferation of data.  It is easy to try and grasp at every bit of material out there, but to really make sense of it, to not get overfed with data that is not necessary; you need focus and a plan.

To make sense of how data can most benefit your social service tactics here are my top three tips:

Partner with a company who has the wingspan to help harness and integrate all of the data out there.

Arming your social service department with useful data will make it even more successful. As Deloitte executive Julio Silva, Brand Manager of Social Media Analytics states, “Find a vendor that can help you connect the unconnected, that has databases that speak to each other and allow the company to visualize the data in a more compelling way.”


Do not pay too much attention to vanity metrics and focus on what can actually help you make a difference in your customer interactions.

“You’ve got to drive actionable insight that aligns to the highest level business objectives or you will end up with C-level executives trying to understand why there’s a 200-person social team. Provide metrics that actually matter and can tie back to retention and acquisition.” – Michael Callahan Director of Customer Experience and Enterprise Analytics, Blueprint Consulting Services

Take note of recurring issues and trends that are seen on social. It could signify that a product/service needs to be modified or enhanced.

Act quickly. Deliver data to other departments so that they can nip problems in the bud or act immediately on feedback. Customers move quickly on social, companies need to follow suit to keep up.

To learn more about how to use social data successfully, and other social service issues and tips, download the white paper below:

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