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10 Tips To Rock Social Media

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Today's post was written by Meghan Fritz, Communications Manager of Oracle's Worldwide Alliances & Channels.

Whether you’ve been a community manager for years or are creating your first Twitter account, we present you a foolproof list of social media best practices to keep handy.

1. Proofread! Spelling errors are awful. Check your punctuation. There’s no excuse for sloppy writing.

2. Think visually: Got photos, videos, gifs, or infographics? Use them. Visual posts perform better than text-based posts.

3. Check hashtags: Some of them don’t mean what you think they do.

4. Stay on-message: Don’t jump on trending bandwagons just for the sake of it – make sure your social media posts stay true to your brand.

5. When in doubt, don’t post: If there’s ever a question about the appropriateness of a post, don’t do it.

6. Don’t engage in negativity: Haters are going to hate. Let them. Don’t feed the trolls.

7. Respond promptly: If someone has taken the time to reach out to you, respond ASAP. Industry standard response time is less than an hour.

8. Identify yourself: This is as simple as adding, “Opinions are my own” to your profile. This means that your opinions do not represent your company’s opinions and you are not an official spokesperson. Know your company’s social media policy.

9. Update your profile: Profiles are easily neglected. Take the time to update your photo, contact information and interests.

10. Commit to social media education: Social media is constantly evolving. The best way to stay informed is to stay active on social media; you will absorb the latest trends through observation and participation.

Once you’ve gotten these down, take a good look at your social accounts and ditch the dead weight. Why get rid of an account, you ask? Well, because they only thing worse than not having a Twitter or Facebook page is having one you seldom update.

Social media etiquette and best practices are critical workplace skills in the 21st century. An exceptional social media manager observes others, communicates effectively, and tells stories creatively. We hope these tips have helped you!


The Oracle PartnerNetwork Communications team





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