Thursday Nov 06, 2008

A little more about SocialSite milestone 2

Here are some more details about SocailSite milestone 2 (M2). The major new features that we've been working for M2 are Flexible Relationship, support for Gadget Themes and Gadget White-Listing. We've also been continuing to perfect our REST, RPC and JavaScript APIs.

Another thing you'll find in the M2 build is the first-cut of our new Dashboard Gadget, which is the place where a SocialSite user can respond to friend and group membership requests, search the social graph and more. As I mentioned yesterday, it's written using JavaScript, Open Social Templates and YUI components. Here are some screen-shots. The first shot shows the Activities tab, which can display your activities, your fiends activities and those of your groups.

The second shot shows the people tab, which can display/search all people in the network, filter by your friends, filter by your groups and enables you to request relationships, send messages and invite people to join your groups.

With M2, SocialSite is basically feature complete, but we've still got a lot of work to do to perfect our Widgets and Web Services. Some of the Gadget UIs and the Admin Console look pretty rough from a UI perspective. We'll be working on improving those, adding a nice Gadget Directory and improving Widget theming for our next milestone, which is scheduled for early December.

You can download the M2 build from our Downloads Page.

Thursday Oct 09, 2008

Developing Project SocialSite - a quick tutorial

Bobby Bissett

Want to build Project SocialSite from scratch? Then read this blog by project member Bobby Bissett.

In his blog, Bobby discusses setup information and has a quick screencast showing the steps he follows when developing Project SocialSite. He also discusses some FireFox extensions which are pretty helpful if you want to do development work.

Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

OpenSocial 0.9 Input

Picture of a Microphone

Do you have input to improve OpenSocial? If so, you're in luck. Dan Peterson sent out a call to start the ball rolling on the OpenSocial v0.9 Specification. For newbies he discusses the specification process. He also gives a recap of likely changes in v0.9.

He's looking to gather all ideas by this Friday (October 10th). So if you've been itching for a feature, now is the time to send your ideas in!

Thursday Oct 02, 2008

Dave Johnson on LiveMink

Simon Phipps, SunMink

SocialSite's own Dave Johnson was interviewed this week for the LiveMink podcast by Simon Phipps. Tune in for information on Project SocialSite, social networking, and some of our future plans.

Wednesday Oct 01, 2008

How to socially enable your web site using SocialSite - a follow up

It's good to see so much interest in using SocialSite -- with the all the changes going on in the implementation it's tough to keep the documentation current. In a previous entry, we had a short screen cast telling you what your site needed to do to host SocialSite gadgets. It was really more of an overview, so I've written up some more information to fill out the rest of the story.

This shouldn't be taken as a substitute for official documentation. But the benefit of a blog is that I can describe how things are working today -- if it changes tomorrow, tomorrow gets another blog!

Wednesday Sep 03, 2008

Exploring Project SocialSite's REST API

Duke the explorer

Project SocialSite is still young, and we're working on more documentation as well as our implementation. In the meantime, you might feel like doing a little exploration yourself. In his blog "exploring a web 2.0 app" Henry Story shares his methods and findings. While this approach can be very helpful in understanding how SocialSite works, the interfaces you discover this way should be considered in flux until the official documentation is ready.

Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

Migrating OpenSocial Gadgets: An Example

Ana Lindstrom-Tamer

Last month (is it September already?), Ana described some of the steps that were involved in migrating OpenSocial gadgets from version 0.7 to 0.8. This time, she dives deeper and walks through all the changes needed to migrate the SocialSite activities gadget.

Wednesday Aug 13, 2008

Migrating OpenSocial v0.7 gadgets to v0.8

Ana Lindstrom-Tamer developed many of the OpenSocial Gadgets that we include in Project SocialSite so she knows a thing or two about OpenSocial. Yesterday she started writing about her experiences migrating gadgets from OpenSocial v0.7 to OpenSocial v0.8 and some of the gotchas she encountered.


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