IT Innovation | December 2, 2014

Socializing Customer Feedback

By: Stephanie Spada


I left off last week talking about our approach to
capturing a complete picture of our customers’ experiences and the importance of
communicating customer feedback back to our organizational groups and
employees. By sharing feedback received
from customer surveys, advisory panels, and account strategy review sessions
with employees across the organization, employees are better able to understand
customer issues and concerns, ensuring their commitment to better our
customers’ experiences.

To do this, we use a two-pronged approach when
socializing feedback throughout the company. 

A top-down approach starts with distributing a customer
feedback and response bulletin to the Board of Directors, Executive Committee
and top 300 executives in the company. This includes a breakdown of customer
experience input across geographies, products, services and customer segments
that align with the strategic direction of the company. A series of 100+ integrated readouts then
follow with regional, development and line of business leaders, with role-based
dashboards using Oracle Business Intelligence technology to enable them to
drill into additional detail in their areas. These readouts and dashboards corroborate
input from various touch points to provide a holistic view into the areas most
actionable for them. Based on
stakeholder focus areas, our survey and panel mechanisms are adjusted to ensure
they remain aligned with business priorities.

Additionally, we employ a bottom-up approach, where we
provide front-line account-team members and customer program managers with
immediate access into survey results, issues, escalations and other input
surrounding their customers. This is driven through automated alert mechanisms,
online reports and dashboards, and integrated into CRM and BI systems to
provide role-based views.

An example of how we have worked to put this in place is
through the key accounts program. Account teams and customers work together to capture feedback on
Oracle’s performance through a structured survey sponsored by a customer’s
executive sponsor. That input is shared with both the Oracle account teams and
customer, with results incorporated into 3-year strategic account plans to
ensure alignment between Oracle and customer business objectives. Top
performing teams are recognized internally through the CEO’s Cup awards
program, promoting the dedication of the individuals and account teams who
maintain sustained high customer satisfaction within their accounts. This
year’s awards focused on a particular customer satisfaction-related theme:
excellence in account management, and we examined four key behaviors: collaborative
account planning, an emphasis on measuring and enabling
customer success, a trusted advisor partnership, and account team leadership
and coordination.

Hopefully this has given you an idea of our overall approach to customer-centricity and how we use customer feedback as the backbone of our programs.  A case study into our program and that of many others is available in the Temkin report entitled: Raising Customer Centricity Across the B2B Enterprise.  If you have case studies to share as well, please feel free to comment below.  Happy reading!