Celebrating Oracle Volunteering impact - FY23

August 10, 2023 | 3 minute read
Kate Koenig
Sr. Specialist, Oracle Social Impact Communications
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infographic of key Oracle Volunteering metrics

Thanks to the dedication and generosity of Oracle Volunteers, FY2023 was an outstanding year of making a difference around the world. The final tallies are impressive: 22,966 Oracle Volunteers donated 101,006 hours across 48 countries around the world. Through 1,603 projects, they supported 813 nonprofits and NGOs.

Whether taking action to advance education, protect the environment, or strengthen communities, Oracle Volunteers strive to make the world a better place. Here are a few examples of volunteers in action:

Group of Oracle Volunteers with hands raised in celebration

Mentoring girls with Technovation

Since 2015, Oracle Volunteers have contributed more than 10,000 hours mentoring students with Technovation, the world’s largest tech entrepreneurship competition for girls. The mentors guide girls in identifying a problem, using technology to build a solution, and pitching the idea to a team of experts. This year, in addition to supporting Technovation in Brazil, Chile, Mexico and the United States, Oracle Volunteers mentored 15 teams of girls in India. Together, they created a breast cancer awareness app with React Native, as well as an app to help people who are visually impaired identify Indian currency. Along the way, the girls built their technical, critical thinking, and entrepreneurial skills.


Group of employees in Oracle Volunteering t-shirts

Tackling pollution and providing safe water with Save Aravali Trust

In and around Delhi, Oracle Volunteers are working with Save Aravali Trust to build a water treatment unit. Diksha Bhatti shared more about the rewards of volunteering with the organization, “Save Aravali acts like a beacon of hope. They are a volunteer-driven organization working to address the root causes of pollution such as deforestation, unauthorized construction, mining, and urbanization.”

Diksha adds, “As an active Oracle Volunteer and a dedicated member of the local community, I was looking for an opportunity to help address the growing concern around pollution. By combining Save Aravali's expertise with the dedication and hard work of Oracle Volunteers, we were able to set up a Sewage Water Treatment Plant using 100% natural treatment methods.” 

Oracle employees wear Oracle Volunteering t-shirts while holding dolls they made

Spreading cheer among children in need with BRED Foundation

Oracle Volunteers in Mexico City and Guadalajara, Mexico lent their creative skills to make dolls from recycled materials in partnership with BRED Foundation’s Dolls with a Cause program. Each earth-friendly creation was designed to bring a smile to a child in need. In all, the group made 227 dolls which were donated to El Avion de Los Sueños a nonprofit benefiting pediatric cancer patients.

Beyond helping children, employee Levi Rodriguez noted other Oracle Volunteering benefits, “You can develop a lot of useful skills through volunteering—by helping others, you build your own character, patience, kindness, and resilience. Not only will you improve your communication skills by working with a diverse group of people, but you’ll also gain priceless experiences along the way.”

Another Oracle Volunteer, Sarahi Partida, shares, “Volunteering builds solidarity and fellowship among Oracle employees and enables them to network with colleagues from different organizations within the company—helping us grow both professionally and personally.”

To learn more about the difference Oracle Volunteers are making around the world, visit the Oracle Social Impact Report

Kate Koenig

Sr. Specialist, Oracle Social Impact Communications

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