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  • May 12, 2011

Wrap-up SOA & Cloud Symposium by Thomas Erl 2011 in Brasilia

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

Thanks for a superb SOA & Cloud Symposium 2011 by Thomas Erl in Brasilia, Basil. This first South American edition was worth to travel the long trip from Europe. Very interesting presentations and discussions mixed with the very friendly and open Brazilian attendees and of course the delicious food.

Thomas Erl and Ann Thomas Manes and many additional authors, launched the SOA Governance book, the latest  book in the SOA series. Within the SOA manifesto panel Ann Thomas Manes highlighted the importance of governance for SOA projects. Governance should include a. what is in for myself b. make it easy c. leadership model d. share values. For more information about the SOA Governance book listen to the podcast series:

  • The Importance of Strong Governance for SOA Projects Listen
  • The Launch of “SOA Governance: Governing Shared Services On-Premise and in the Cloud” Listen
  • The Secret to SOA Governance: Getting the Right People to do the Right Things at the Right Time Listen
  • Understanding SOA Governance Listen

Keynotes included:

Thomas Erl: The Cloud is the Service

Anne Thomas Manes: SOA 2011 - SOA is a prerequisite for: cloud, mobile, social and BPM

Simone Brunozzi: The Real Value of Cloud Computing and how cloud computing has a disruptive impact

Dennis Wisnosky: Realizing Efficiency & Interoperability: SOA & Semantic Technology in the Business Mission Area (BMA), U.S. Department of Defense

Manas Deb: SOA and BPM as Business Strategy and the importance of Capability management for SOA projects


Presentations included:

· Clemens Utschig-Utschig, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & CoKG: Enterprise Architecture, Beyond the Specification and Towards Service-Orientation

· Matthias Ziegler & Thomas M. Michelbach Accenure: Is Cloud Computing for You? Assessing the Value of Cloud Computing for your Organization

· Mehran Sarkarati, European Space Agency and Thomas M. Michelbach, Accenture: A Service and Data Model for SOA-based systems - Theory and Practice

· Anne Thomas Manes, Gartner: Service Models: Making Sure Services Deliver Value

· Paulo Mota, Oracle: How BPM can improve SOA benefits

· Jürgen Kress, Oracle: RYLC an SOA Cloud Example and the Role of SOA in Next Generation Clouds Swarm Computing

All presentations will be posted at the SOA & Cloud Symposium website in a few weeks. Additional panel session videos will be available.

During the panel “Measuring the Business Value of Service-Orientation” Paul Brown, Jean-Paul De Baets, Filippos Santas, Jürgen Kress, had a great discussion how SOA architecture impacts business. SOA project have to prove the business value. Business value patterns could be process automation, process visibility and process agility. The Case for Total Architecture presentation from Paul Brown is a great abstract to show the value of architecture.

For details and comments about the SOA & Cloud Symposium check out Twitter #soa2011:

SOA&Cloud Symposium

@soacloud http://www.cloudsymposium.com

The Official Twitter for the 4th International SOA Symposium and the 3rd International Cloud Symposium.


Anne Thomas Manes

@atmanes Rhode Island

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Special Thanks to Ricardo Puttini our local host, his whole team and program committee for the excellent organization and event! We would love to come back!

If you like to attend or to present at the next SOA & Cloud Symposium please see our SOA Call for papers wiki. For details please become a member in the SOA Partner Community for registration please visit  www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa (OPN account required)

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