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What’s New for Oracle Process Cloud Service 17.3.3

Juergen Kress
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Integration Cloud Service

REST is now supported for Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) integrations.

See Creating Integration Cloud Service Integrations in Using Oracle Process Cloud Service.

CORS support

Oracle Process Cloud Service’s REST APIs and embeddable process UI components support cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).

Web forms

In addition to significant performance improvements, the forms editor includes these enhancements:

· You can now allow users to select multiple rows of a table or repeatable section using the Multiple Selection check box. When this option is enabled to define dynamic behaviors or computed values, additional options are available in a Which? field to specify which values are retrieved. See Configuring Repeatable Sections and Configuring Tables in Using Oracle Process Cloud Service.

· Use new Split and Join text functions to either split a string into an array or join an array into a string. For example, split a series of numbers in a text field into a checklist, or fetch values of all rows within a table column and create a series. See Specifying Functions in Using Oracle Process Cloud Service.

· Payloads now sync. If multiple controls within a form are bound by the same data attribute, either directly or indirectly (through computed values or events), any change to the data attribute is immediately reflected in all associated controls. Repeatable sections or tables bound by the same data attribute are also in sync, where addition or deletion of rows in one control is automatically reflected in the other control.

· You can now set data values from events. When specifying actions for a presentation, use the new Set Data action to set the value of a particular data attribute used in the form. The value is added to the payload. When the event executes, all controls using this data attribute, either directly or indirectly, are updated with this value. See Working with Presentations in Using Oracle Process Cloud Service.

· When defining dynamic behaviors using the Select control, you can fetch the selected option name using the new Selected Label option under the Property field in the Event window. See Configuring Drop-down Select Fields in Using Oracle Process Cloud Service.

· When populating a form, if a field within a section or tab contains invalid data, a validation error is displayed for the field and the entire section or tab is marked invalid.

You can now determine when connector data loads into a control using the new Skip Upon Load option. For example, select this option to prevent connector data being populated into a control when the form loads. See Populating Controls Using REST Calls and Working with Presentations in Using Oracle Process Cloud Service.

Documents and Conversations

Oracle Documents Cloud Service’s name has changed. It’s now known as Oracle Content and Experience Cloud.

Learn More: Learn more about Oracle Process Cloud Service at https://cloud.oracle.com/process

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