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  • November 25, 2013

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – November 2013

Jürgen Kress
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clip_image001SOA CommunityMissed the OFM Summer Camps III? Access b2b & adapters & SOA Governance training material https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/11/04/did-you-miss-the-ofm-summer-camps-iii-get-access-to-the-b2b-adapters-and-soa-governance-training-material/ … @OracleSOA #soacommunityclip_image002OTNArchBeatRoll Out a Complete Fusion Middleware Environment in Under 10 Mins | @biemond >> OTN Dev Day online Nov 5 http://pub.vitrue.com/9PAu

clip_image001[1]SOA Community Did you miss the OFM Summer Camps III? Get access to the b2b & adapters and SOA Governance training material http://wp.me/p10C8u-1l8

clip_image003KesteChalk Talk with John: How Does SOA Add Value to Your Enterprise? (Oracle Fusion Middleware) http://fb.me/NZMukn7R

clip_image004Oracle SOA Oracle SOA Suite for Healthcare Integration #soa #healthcare http://pub.vitrue.com/u20R

clip_image001[2]SOA Community Want to speak about SOA & BPM at conferences? Updated the call for papers wiki https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/call-for-papers/ … #soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image001[3]SOA CommunityPartnering with your Applications – The Oracle #AppAdvantage Story https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/31/partnering-with-your-applications-the-oracle-appadvantage-story/ … @OracleSOA #soacommunity @OracleAppsFR

clip_image005Dain HansenCloud Access with Oracle API Gateway #soa http://pub.vitrue.com/0a39

clip_image006arjankramerCase Management a great new feature of the #Oracle #BPM platform as well as BPM accelerators at #oow13db by @leonsmiers

clip_image007OracleBlogsAttachments in Oracle BPM 11g Create a BPM Process Instance by passing an Attachment http://ow.ly/2BcZBW

clip_image009Oracle BPM BPM Reduces Cost and Complexity for the Government. Check out how: #BPM #PublicSector http://pub.vitrue.com/SaLs

clip_image004[1]Oracle SOAFast Data with Oracle Event Processing #soa #oow13 http://pub.vitrue.com/sVfW

clip_image001[4]SOA Community Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community OSB & governance & cloud integration #IndustrialSOA https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/30/additional-new-content-soa-bpm-partner-community-7/ … @OracleSOA

clip_image011Oracle Middleware What does SOA mean to you ma? Would this help? http://pub.vitrue.com/la97

clip_image012Luis Augusto WeirIt's a fact! Will be presenting at the SOA Symposium 2013 @soacommunity http://www.servicetechsymposium.com/speakers/luis_weir …

clip_image014ServiceTechSymposiumThe last call for #techsymp Call for Presentations is Thurs Oct 31st: http://www.servicetechsymposium.com/call - submit applications to: call@techsymp.com

clip_image015Fusion ApplicationsMind Shift Necessary When Adopting Oracle Fusion Middleware || http://ig.obsglobal.com/2013/09/mind-shift-necessary-when-adopting-oracle-fusion-middleware-part-1/ …

clip_image016esentri@esentri Heute im Blog! #OracleSOA Suite 11g: Consuming web service which enforce security policies on their #WSDL files http://bit.ly/Hugg70

clip_image001[5]SOA Community Additional new content SOA & BPM Partner Community http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dR

clip_image002[1]OTNArchBeatThe ACE Director Thing: @frankmunz #oracleace http://pub.vitrue.com/1Nzs

clip_image005[1]Dain HansenAccelerate SOA to Achieve Peak Performance #soa #oow13 http://pub.vitrue.com/CO76

clip_image001[6]SOA Community BPM Parallel Multi Instance sub processes by Niall Commiskey http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dG

clip_image017Ajay Khanna#BPM + #CX RT @Loyalty360: More than Half of U.S. Consumer Switched Company Loyalties Due to Poor Customer Service - http://bit.ly/Hhn2O2

clip_image005[2]Dain HansenDeep Dive into Oracle SOA Suite 11g #soa http://pub.vitrue.com/leiZ

clip_image018Lucas Jellema Started a new live blog article: book review of Oracle SOA Governance 11g Implementation by @Luisw19 and Andrew Bell http://technology.amis.nl/2013/10/27/live-blog-book-review-of-oracle-soa-governance-11g-implementation/ …

clip_image002[2]OTNArchBeat SOA in Real Life: Mobile Solutions by @soacommunity @HajoNormann @gschmutz @t_winterberg et al #industrialsoa http://pub.vitrue.com/Ut3d

clip_image001[7]SOA Community Writing the November edition of the #soacommunity newsletter - contribute Your content @soacommunity - best practice & case studies & news

clip_image001[8]SOA CommunitySOA in Real Life: Mobile Solutions http://servicetechmag.com/I77/1013-4 How is using SOA for mobile integration? #IndustrialSOA #soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image001[9]SOA CommunityCase Management In-Depth: Stakeholders & Permissions by Mark Foster http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dE

clip_image012[1]Luis Augusto Weir Honoured by Lucas reviewing by book. Check his live blog out: http://technology.amis.nl/2013/10/27/live-blog-book-review-of-oracle-soa-governance-11g-implementation/ … @soacommunity

clip_image001[10]SOA CommunityTablet design guide, Endeca patterns now available http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dL

clip_image018[1]Lucas JellemaOracle BPM Suite - Case Management In-Depth: Cases & Case Activities Part 1 by Mark Foster on A-team Chronicles http://www.ateam-oracle.com/case-management-in-depth-cases-case-activities-part-1-acivity-scope/ …

clip_image004[2]Oracle SOAOracle SOA Suite: Compose business services and reduce development time #soa http://pub.vitrue.com/lcRv

clip_image001[11]SOA Community Case Management In-Depth: Cases & Case Activities Part 1 - Activity Scope by Mark Foster http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dC

clip_image004[3]Oracle SOAImproving Agility with Oracle SOA Suite and Event Delivery Network #soa http://pub.vitrue.com/vZmI

clip_image019Vikas Anand #soa #next #generation #exalogic #soacommunity grab it now !! http://www.oracle.com/webapps/dialogue/ns/dlgwelcome.jsp?p_ext=Y&p_dlg_id=14172101&src=7882480&Act=6 …

clip_image001[12]SOA Community Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) by Torsten Winterberg http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dA

clip_image021Oracle ACE Program RT @stenvesterli: BPEL Best Practice by @lonnekedikmans: Don't use generated UIs - requires new BPEL process deploy for any UI change...

clip_image001[13]SOA CommunityTop tweets SOA Partner Community – October 2013 - RT if you are part of it :-) https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/24/top-tweets-soa-partner-community-october-2013/ … #soacommunity

clip_image001[14]SOA Community How to start with Oracle BPM Suite http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dy

clip_image004[4]Oracle SOA Enabling Agile and Intelligent Businesses with SOA #soa http://pub.vitrue.com/V6UO

clip_image004[5]Oracle SOAIntroduction to British Telecom B2B #soa #oow13 http://pub.vitrue.com/dIZx

clip_image022Bruce Tierney App design: Service approach to App Modernization #soa #oraclesoa @SearchSOA http://searchsoa.techtarget.com/tip/App-design-Taking-a-services-approach-to-application-modernization …

clip_image024Sten VesterliBPEL Best Practice by @lonnekedikmans: Don't use generated UIs - requires new BPEL process deploy for any UI change #ACED #NordicTour2013

clip_image001[15]SOA Community ‏Oracle BPM Marketing Update http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dw

clip_image026Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Oracle SOA: Simplifying Cloud, Mobile, & On-premise Integration - 24/10/2013 http://bit.ly/1fTI2sy @oraclepartners

clip_image005[3]Dain HansenDeliver on the promise of SOA with Governance #soa #governance http://pub.vitrue.com/iuvS

clip_image002[3]OTNArchBeat A Roadmap for #SOA Development and Delivery | Mark Nelson >> Do you know the way to S-O-A? http://pub.vitrue.com/FLqg

clip_image004[6]Oracle SOAFind out your company's BPM domain ratings. Get your report today! #BPM http://pub.vitrue.com/BGni

clip_image001[16]SOA Community READ the SOA Community Newsletter https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/22/soa-community-newsletter-october-2013/ … #soacommunity - All about SOA & BPM - will ask you in the next meeting!

clip_image012[2]Luis Augusto Weir Basics: a 7 year old gem created by visionaries : http://tinyurl.com/SOAPGPart1 http://tinyurl.com/SOAPGPart2 http://tinyurl.com/SOAPGPart3 #soa #soacommunity

clip_image001[17]SOA Community ‏New Self-Studies on Oracle Rules http://wp.me/p10C8u-1du

clip_image027Simone GeibRT @OracleSOA: Cloud and SOA - connecting the dots http://pub.vitrue.com/Zxpa #oraclesoa

clip_image005[4]Dain Hansen ‏SOA Maturity Model #soa #governance http://pub.vitrue.com/x2mS

clip_image028Mark NelsonWriting a Robot Remote Library http://wp.me/pgVeO-Mx

clip_image005[5]Dain HansenSee my latest post on Data Integration 12c: Raising the Big Data Roof at Oracle OpenWorld http://ow.ly/2AV0LZ via @OracleMiddle

clip_image028[1]Mark Nelson ‏A Roadmap for SOA Development and Delivery http://wp.me/pgVeO-Mu

clip_image001[18]SOA Community Oracle OpenWorld 2013: First glimpses of the new SOA Suite 12c by Lucas Jellema http://wp.me/p10C8u-1eB

clip_image006[1]arjankramerACE @leonsmiers on BPM @ Oracle Open World at http://bit.ly/19mhaw1 in a presentation of 11 minutes! #OOW13 @CapgeminiNL

clip_image006[2]arjankramerOracle Cloud? hear the highlights of Oracle Open World at http://bit.ly/19mhaw1 in 11 presentations of 11 minutes! #OOW13 @CapgeminiNL

clip_image012[3]Luis Augusto @soacommunity summary of OOW13. Keynotes, presentations, events and more. http://tinyurl.com/oow13summary

clip_image001[19]SOA Community A Case for Oracle Fusion Middleware by Lucas Jellema http://wp.me/p10C8u-1ds

clip_image029gschmutzPreparing my demo for my talk "Kafka and Storm - event processing in realtime" http://guide.jazoon.com/#/submissions/140 … at Jazoon 13 #jazoon #storm #kafka

clip_image030Jon petter hjulstadNow with BA docs! RT @soacommunity: A Better Way to Plan, Execute and Manage Enterprise Architecture http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dP

clip_image001[20]SOA CommunityA Better Way to Plan, Execute and Manage Enterprise Architecture http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dP

clip_image005[6]Dain HansenUnified and comprehensive cloud & on-premise integration http://pub.vitrue.com/4lPD

clip_image002[4]OTNArchBeatOracle #BPEL, retrieving the validate activity fault message | @EElzinga http://pub.vitrue.com/4tnw

clip_image004[7]Oracle SOAIndustry's most comprehensive API Management http://pub.vitrue.com/Sx70 clip_image032Eric Elzinga blog : Oracle BPEL, retrieving the validate activity fault message, http://goo.gl/7S05ez @soacommunity

clip_image001[21]SOA CommunityOracle OpenWorld 2013 – Wrap up by Sven Bernhardt http://wp.me/p10C8u-1ez

clip_image012[4]Luis Augusto Weir @soacommunity This is a fantastic article, and the solution built around OER is really amazing. Congrats to Link!

clip_image005[7]Dain Hansen Unified and comprehensive cloud & on-premise integration http://pub.vitrue.com/aDeE

clip_image001[22]SOA Community Promoting Organizational Visibility for SOA and SOA Governance Initiatives - Part I by Manuel Rosa and André Sampaio http://wp.me/p10C8u-1do

clip_image033Oracle B2BB2B OpenWorld Session Presentation available for download http://bit.ly/1fjdXlY #SOA #B2B #oow13 See how British Telecom uses Active-Active

clip_image005[8]Dain Hansen SOA Summit: Oracle session replay now available. 3 solutions for cloud/mobile integration #soa #oraclesoa #cloud http://pub.vitrue.com/g9VI

clip_image012[5]Luis Augusto @Luisw19: Analytical Point of View on Technology Trends http://www.soa4u.co.uk/2013/10/analytical-point-of-view-on-technology.html … #soacommunity @OTNArchBeat

clip_image034B2BWorkforce Did you miss Oracle OpenWorld 2013? Then check out @soacommunity summary! http://randstad.us/1973FQX #OOW13

clip_image001[23]SOA CommunityFusion Middleware (FMW) Proactive patches including SOA Suite http://wp.me/p10C8u-1eH

clip_image002[5]OTNArchBeatFree Poster: ACM in Practice >> thanks to @dschmeid @hajonormann @torsten_winterberg @tbmaier @gschmutz et al. http://pub.vitrue.com/JHzJ

clip_image035Marcel Mertin Mobile Projects are interesting and there is so much stuft to play. #Oracle #SOA Suite will use äs integration env pic.twitter.com/tizauMsV7H


clip_image001[24]SOA Community ‏Oracle OpenWorld 2013 Summary http://wp.me/p10C8u-1ex

clip_image001[25]SOA CommunitySupporting multiple ebMS service versions in Oracle B2B by Ronald van Luttikhuizen http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dm

clip_image039orclateamsoa#orclateamsoa Blog: Manual Recovery Mechanisms in SOA Suite and AIA http://ow.ly/2AKLBn

clip_image040Danilo Schmiedel RT @orclateamsoa Blog: Manual Recovery Mechanisms in SOA Suite and AIA http://ow.ly/2AKLBn

clip_image001[26]SOA CommunityGetting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration: A Hands-On Tutorial http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dk

clip_image009[1]Oracle BPMVideo: Oracle BPM Delivers Value for Higher Education #BPM http://pub.vitrue.com/0xKr

clip_image002[6]OTNArchBeat Integrating a Custom #BPM Worklist into #WebCenter Portal | @AndrejusB http://pub.vitrue.com/cUf3

clip_image005[9]Dain HansenWinners for 2013 Oracle Excellence Awards for Fusion Middleware Innovation http://pub.vitrue.com/fNVh

clip_image001[27]SOA CommunityCloud Integration & SOA Governance & Fast Data & API Management Resource kits available http://wp.me/p10C8u-1di

clip_image041Debra LilleyRecommended RT @soacommunity: Meet the Oracle Apps UX team at #ukoug_apps13 https://blogs.oracle.com/VOX/entry/meet_the_apps_ux_team … More: http://www.apps13.ukoug.org/

clip_image001[28]SOA Community Advanced Oracle BPM in 21 Days book by EAIESB http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dI

clip_image002[7]OTNArchBeat@OTNArchBeat 12 Oct

The OTNArchBeat Daily is out! http://paper.li/OTNArchBeat/1329828521 … ▸ Top stories today via @netbeans @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image043Andrejus Baranovskis Integrating Custom BPM Worklist into WebCenter Portal (Same Domain for BPM and WebCenter) http://fb.me/2quufGrno

clip_image019[1]Vikas AnandSummary of #cloud #bof #oow13 #soa #session - must read !! #soacommunity https://blogs.oracle.com/SOA/entry/oracle_openworld_2013_real_world …

clip_image018[2]Lucas Jellema Yearly AMIS Review from Oracle OpenWorld Part 2 - Platform Middleware by @AMIS_Services #admin #idm http://www.slideshare.net/AMIS_Services/amis-oow13-reviewpart2platformmiddlewarepublication … #oow

clip_image018[3]Lucas JellemaHighlights and News from Oracle OpenWorld 2013 in the yearly AMIS Review Part 1- Major themes,hardware & database http://www.slideshare.net/AMIS_Services/amis-oow13-reviewpart1introoverviewinnovationhardwareosvmiaasdatabase …

clip_image018[4]Lucas JellemaYearly AMIS Review from Oracle OpenWorld: 181 slides on Fusion Middleware & Java development - http://www.slideshare.net/AMIS_Services/amis-oow13-review-part-3-fusion-middleware … #oow13 #javaone

clip_image011[1]Oracle Middleware SOA team's @RahejaRajesh weighs in on what works for #cloud integration in the real world. Highlights from #OOW13. http://pub.vitrue.com/BRu5

clip_image001[29]SOA CommunityOracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Cookbook http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dg

clip_image045OPN Business Center SOA & Cloud Integration Marketing Kit available #Oracle #Cloud # SOA http://pub.vitrue.com/vl6f

clip_image005[10]Dain Hansen@OTNArchBeat: What are these people staring at? Why, it's an ACM poster! #soa #oracleace http://pub.vitrue.com/tyGk

clip_image005[11]Dain HansenA stunning 64% of business managers are unable to integrate #cloud apps w/ other enterprise apps http://onforb.es/13vc26p @Forbes #OracleVoice

clip_image046C2B2 Consulting 'Oracle SOA Suite Performance Tuning' presentation by @mbrasier at @UKOUG Middleware SIG Meeting http://bit.ly/1ed5CNw #SOA #OracleSOA

clip_image001[30]SOA Community@soacommunity 11 Oct

SOA & Cloud Integration Marketing Kit available http://wp.me/p10C8u-1de

clip_image001[31]SOA Community @OTNArchBeat find out get the #acmposter http://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/poster-adaptive-case-management-acm-in-practice/ … here at #soacommunity #bpmsuite @OracleBPM

clip_image002[8]OTNArchBeatWhat are these people staring at? Why, it's an ACM poster! #soa #oracleace http://pub.vitrue.com/tyGk

clip_image011[2]Oracle Middleware Whether or not you were at #OOW13, be sure you catch up on how @OracleSOA is the foundation for #cloud and #mobile. http://pub.vitrue.com/DIGC

clip_image001[32]SOA CommunityACM poster with #CMMN notation do build case management solutions http://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/poster-adaptive-case-management-acm-in-practice/ … #acmposter @OracleBPM @bpmswatch

clip_image001[33]SOA CommunityFirst snow in Munich - time to leave the office and go home #jwc pic.twitter.com/iJENWEMo7C


clip_image012[6]Luis Augusto WeirWhat's your view? Mobile developers agree: HTML5 and JavaScript apps fall short: http://searchsoa.techtarget.com/feature/Mobile-developers-agree-HTML5-and-JavaScript-apps-fall-short#.UlPvzEiyEzI.twitter … #soa #soacommunity

clip_image012[7]Luis Augusto WeirSOA for the business as enabler for cloud. Interview with SearchSOA #soa #soacommunity #soagovernance #BPM http://itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.com/soa-talk/oracle-open-world-speaker-luis-weir-focuses-on-what-matters-the-customer/ …

clip_image001[34]SOA CommunityInterested in Adaptive Case Management #ACM for unstructured processes? Get the ACM in Practice Poster https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/poster-adaptive-case-management-acm-in-practice/ … #acmposter

clip_image049Torsten Winterberg Adaptive Case Management (ACM): New poster online! http://thecattlecrew.wordpress.com/2013/10/10/adaptive-case-management-poster-available/ …

clip_image050Rajesh RahejaCloud silos - reinventing ERP #Integration problems at #cloud scale https://m.oracle.com/us/corporate/press/1946764 …

clip_image007[1]OracleBlogsSecuring the SOA Landscape part of Industrial SOA series http://ow.ly/2ABhzf

clip_image001[35]SOA Community Poster: Adaptive Case Management (ACM) in Practice http://wp.me/p10C8u-1e9

clip_image051OPITZ CONSULTING Interested in #acm? Download our new #acmposter and send us your feedback: http://inside-bpm-and-soa.blogspot.de/2013/10/poster-adaptive-case-management-acm-in.html … - @dschmied

clip_image001[36]SOA Community Securing the SOA Landscape part of Industrial SOA series http://wp.me/p10C8u-1da

clip_image052Martijn Vlek And now in the SI BPM partner advisory meeting: 80% of the partners coming from Europe! #oow13

clip_image040[1]Danilo SchmiedelInterested in #acm? Download our new #acmposter and send us your feedback http://inside-bpm-and-soa.blogspot.de/2013/10/poster-adaptive-case-management-acm-in.html … @soacommunity @OC_WIRE

clip_image040[2]Danilo Schmiedel Great material: SOA & BPM Sales Kits on https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2013/10/08/sales-kits-for-soa-bpm-oracle-partners-fy14/ …. Thanks a lot!

clip_image017[1]Ajay KhannaSales Kits for SOA & BPM - Oracle Partners FY14 http://lnkd.in/bRnCCZC

clip_image046[1]C2B2 Consulting Read the most common #SOA problems explained http://bit.ly/GMDntV . SOA performance, SOA integration #SOASuite #OracleSOA

clip_image007[2]OracleBlogsGetting Started with Oracle SOA B2B Integration: A hands On Tutorial http://ow.ly/2AyNbj

clip_image001[37]SOA Community SOA, Cloud + Service Technology Symposium call for presentations http://wp.me/p10C8u-1d8

clip_image054demedSummary of SOA activities at Oracle OpenWorld 2013: Cloud & Mobile! https://blogs.oracle.com/SOA/entry/openworld_recap_oracle_soa_suite … #oraclesoa

clip_image055Douwe P. van den BosThe @OTechMag Call for Content next issue (Winter) is open! Looking for interesting Oracle BPM articles. http://lnkd.in/CxVvvr

clip_image001[38]SOA CommunityJAX-WS SOAP over JMS by Edwin Biemond http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dq

clip_image046[2]C2B2 ConsultingOracle SOA Suite 11g Performance Tuning Cookbook http://wp.me/p10C8u-1dg via @soacommunity #SOA #OracleSOA

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