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  • March 25, 2015

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – March 2015

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

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clip_image001SOA Community @soacommunity

Updated #soaCommunity training & event calendar https://beehiveonline.oracle.com/teamcollab/wiki/SOA_Community_Workspace:SOA+%26+BPM+Partner+Trainings … … (membership required http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa ) @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image002Bruno Borges @brunoborges

Call for Papers for LA OTN Tour 2015 is open! http://www.laouc.net/eventos.html via @rene_ace // let's push more Java and Middleware content!! :-)

clip_image003OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat

#Microservices and #SOA: Insight from @ewolff @lonnekedikmans @sbernhardt @t_winterberg @oraclemagazine http://ora.cl/1XC

clip_image004Waslley Souza @Waslley_Souza

Managing Idempotence in SOA Suite - http://go.shr.lc/1N5WV7l @soacommunity

clip_image005esentri @esentri

Debugging a Mediator #Java callout by @MarkusLohn http://ow.ly/KtQql #soacommunity

clip_image006Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad

Remember to go to #ougn15 next year - see what you missed here: http://bit.ly/1Hl741s MW, Java, Apps and Strategy-tracks @soacommunity

clip_image007Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19

But books!! 50% off https://www.packtpub.com/packt/offers/bigweekender?utm_source=Sentori&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Big+Weekender+-+20%2F03%2F2015 … @soacommunity

clip_image008Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 19

My blog post about the SOA 12c upgrade process & next week's @ukoug @fmwSIG http://www.veriton.co.uk/roller/fmw/entry/upgrading_to_soa_12c_ukoug …


clip_image011Red Mavericks @RedMavericks ·  Mar 19

Learn about setup #BPM Process Data in our new article http://goo.gl/O9P35R.@soacommunity … @JoseRodBPM #baot #BPM12c


clip_image014orclateamsoa @orclateamsoa ·  Mar 20

#orclateamsoa Blog: Fusion HCM Cloud Bulk Integration Automation http://ow.ly/2WcDcz

clip_image015Markus Lohn @MarkusLohn ·  Mar 17

New #esentri blog by Barbara Przeklasa: Kostenloses Whitepaper: Internet of Things http://ift.tt/19vTCdb #soacommunity

clip_image016luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 18

MAF Blog Part One about Live Mobile & Mobile Backend Demo at the #ofmforum in Budapest with @lucasjellema and @lucb_ http://lucbors.blogspot.nl/2015/03/maf-21-mobile-front-end-for-live-mobile.html …

clip_image017Siva @svgonugu ·  Mar 18

#soa12c SSL in Service bus: 1-way http://wp.me/pEWnt-zG 2-way http://wp.me/pEWnt-zZ and outbound http://wp.me/pEWnt-Al @soacommunity

clip_image018oraclemidsize @oraclemidsize ·  Mar 17

Interested in #Raspi #IoT #Wearables on #Java? #OTNVTS on demand available here: http://ora.cl/n0p

clip_image019jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 16

An #ACM technical review by @Jphjulstad and me http://www.slideshare.net/jonpetterhjulstad/ougn15-acm … #ougn15 @soacommunity

clip_image020Maarten Smeets @MaartenSmeetsNL ·  Mar 16

New blog post: Deploying SOA Suite 12c artifacts from Nexus http://bit.ly/1Ejcsfg @soacommunity @AMISnl @sonatype


clip_image023gschmutz @gschmutz ·  Mar 14

Just finished my lecture at Hochschule Luzern on Stream & Event Processing and Visualization. Demo'ed Oracle #StreamExplorer of course!

clip_image024Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 15

#IoT #BigData #fastdata for the masses Oracle #StreamExplorer http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/complex-event-processing/overview/index.html …

clip_image024[1]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 15

@lucasjellema awesome demo followed by cool blog posting on #IoT #fastdata #StreamExplorer #SXSW https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/13/quick-introduction-to-oracle-stream-explorer-business-user-friendly-processing-of-real-time-events/ …

clip_image025Oracle.IMC @OracleIMC ·  Mar 16

Partner Webcast – Oracle Business Process Management 12c : The Game Changer for your Business: http://youtu.be/GoYCOz9r-Zw?a via @YouTube

clip_image026Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 13

Oracle Stream Explorer has released! #soa12c #oracle #soacommunity http://ora.cl/7qy


clip_image024[2]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 15

@gugalnikov @soacommunity @OTNArchBeat @oracleace Nice #IoT #fastdata #BigData #StreamExplorer : #event processing for the masses! #Oracle

clip_image001[1]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 15

Sensor Networks with Java (Part I) by Enzo http://wp.me/p10C8u-3PM

clip_image006[1]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 3

Love #ofmForum!


clip_image031Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 14

Want to get started with Oracle Stream Explorer?, check out the SX Community at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/complex-event-processing/community/index.html … #StreamExplorer @soacommunity

clip_image001[2]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 14

Weekend time to install Stream Explorer 12.1.3 and write a blog post #StreamExplorer #soaCommunity https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/stream-explorer-12-1-3-is-available-for-download/ … @OracleSOA

clip_image032Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 14

My second article on the new Oracle Stream Explorer - https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/14/quick-introduction-to-oracle-stream-explorer-part-two-business-user-friendly-processing-of-real-time-events-enrichment-calculation/ … how to enrich explorations from reference (tables) #realtime

clip_image033Rolando Carrasco @borland_c ·  Mar 14

How to install the brand new Oracle Stream Explorer 12c http://oracleradio.blogspot.mx/2015/03/instalacion-de-oracle-stream-explorer.html … @soacommunity @OracleSOA @oracleace

clip_image034Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 11

Blog: Updating composite properties on runtime (and being misled by the mbean browser) https://myfmw.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/updating-composite-properties-on-runtime-and-being-misled-by-the-mbean-browser/ … #soacommunity

clip_image035Simone Geib @SOASimone ·  Mar 13

Learn more about Oracle Stream Explorer from YouTube channel http://ow.ly/Kijuq #SOA12c #oracle #soacommunity

clip_image035[1]Simone Geib @SOASimone ·  Mar 13

Oracle Stream Explorer is now available for download! http://bit.ly/SXDownload #SOA12c #oracle #soacommunity

clip_image036OPITZ CONSULTING @OC_WIRE ·  Mar 13

Wir sind mächtig stolz: @dschmied erhält Award für Outstanding #BPM / #ACM Contribution: http://ow.ly/KeROe #TheCattleCrew #ofmForum

clip_image003[1]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 12

Great recap of #OFMForum by #oracleace @jvzoggel http://ora.cl/hy0

clip_image003[2]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 12

Part 2: Step-by-step through the #mobile backend created by @lucasjellema at #OFMForum . #REST #JSON http://ora.cl/ep0

clip_image037Rene Antunez @rene_ace ·  Mar 13

Budapest Tales - Recapping an Unforgettable Fortnight at #ofmForum http://bit.ly/1EHhNlI

clip_image031[1]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 13

My new blog post about brand new Oracle SX!! http://oracletechnocore.blogspot.com/2015/03/a-first-glance-at-oracle-stream.html … @soacommunity #StreamExplorer @OTNArchBeat @oracleace

clip_image026[1]Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 13

Using the Event Delivery Network in Oracle Stream Explorer: Released On: 13-Mar-15 Using the Event Delivery Network http://bit.ly/1DfHysS

clip_image026[2]Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 13

Integrating Simulated Data as an Input Stream in Oracle Stream Explorer: Released On: 13-Mar-15 Input Stream... http://bit.ly/1DfHzNJ

clip_image026[3]Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 13

A Tour of Oracle Stream Explorer: Released On: 13-Mar-15 Basic concepts http://bit.ly/1DfHzNB

clip_image026[4]Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 13

Customizing Explorations using Oracle Stream Explorer and the Oracle JDeveloper Java Development Environment: ... http://bit.ly/18iAUEN

clip_image026[5]Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 13

Using Exploration Chaining in Oracle Stream Explorer: Released On: 13-Mar-15 Using Exploration Chaining http://bit.ly/1DfHyJq

clip_image038Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 13

Very good #SOA transformation presentation at #OUGN15 by @Luisw19 "transformed" into #StreamExplorer in the end


clip_image041Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 13

Whiteblog: Setting up Oracle Stream Explorer 12.1.3 http://blog.whitehorses.nl/2015/03/13/setting-up-oracle-stream-explorer-12-1-3/ … #SOA #OFM @soacommunity #OEP #oracle

clip_image003[3]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 13

White Paper: Intro to Oracle Stream Explorer, by @jricardoferreir #CEP http://ora.cl/fZS

clip_image042Frank Munz @frankmunz ·  Mar 13

"Try to stay out of it. Concentrate on results." @Luisw19 about how to do deal with SOA "politics".


clip_image019[1]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 13

First Oracle Stream Explorer at #ougn15 by @Luisw19 @soacommunity

clip_image042[1]Frank Munz @frankmunz ·  Mar 13

Now that we are connected to the world again. @Luisw19 talking about SOA governance and API catalogue.


clip_image019[2]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 13

@Luisw19 you rock yesterday with the #API Mgmnt presentation! Looking forward to the next one! #ougn15 @soacommunity

clip_image036[1]OPITZ CONSULTING @OC_WIRE ·  Mar 13

Für alle, die ihre Geschäftsmodelle durch #IoT verbessern möchten: Innovationsworkshop "Internet der Dinge" - http://ow.ly/KhlAe #IoT

clip_image032[1]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 13

My first blog article on Stream Explorer is live at https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/13/quick-introduction-to-oracle-stream-explorer-business-user-friendly-processing-of-real-time-events/ … with simple first steps with OSX @soacommunity

clip_image001[3]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 13

Stream Explorer 12.1.3 ready for download - partner kit available including ppt & training material https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/stream-explorer-12-1-3-is-available-for-download/ … #StreamExplorer

clip_image001[4]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 13

Oracle Streams Explorer fist impression by @MagicChatzi http://achatzia.blogspot.com/2015/03/oracle-streams-explorer.html … #StreamExplorer #soaCommunity

clip_image047Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 13

First impressions of #StreamExplorer. No need for JDeveloper buiding OEP applications. @soacommunity @OracleSOA





clip_image001[5]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 13

Send us a screenshot from your #StreamExplorer installation @soacommunity #soaCommunity Who is the first?

clip_image056Olivier RENAUD @orenaud ·  Mar 11

Easyteam triplement récompensé en une semaine #tropheescluboracle #soacommunity #3suisses #poclain http://fb.me/7bibzkgB5

clip_image057Robert Wunderlich @WunderlichRd ·  Mar 12

Check out how easy REST-Enabling SOA is with Oracle SOA Suite! #soa12c #soacommunity https://apexapps.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:24:0::::P24_CONTENT_ID,P24_PREV_PAGE:11037,1 …

clip_image026[6]Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 12

See how to REST-enable SOA! #soa12c #oracle #soacommunity http://ora.cl/2KY


clip_image001[6]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 13

Who presents #StreamExplorer first at #ougn15? @frankmunz in the WLS session or @Luisw19 in the SOA session? https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/stream-explorer-12-1-3-is-available-for-download/ …

clip_image060Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 13

Looking for business insights as they happen? Meet the Oracle #StreamExplorer ! http://bit.ly/ostex @soacommunity


clip_image001[7]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 13

#StreamExplorer is available for download - Please send us your feedback via twitter #StreamExplorer https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/stream-explorer-12-1-3-is-available-for-download/ … #soaCommunity

clip_image063A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 13

Posted a short blog on the GA of #oracle #streams #explorer here: http://achatzia.blogspot.com/2015/03/oracle-streams-explorer.html …

clip_image001[8]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 13

#StreamExplorer released just in time for #ougn @Jphjulstad @rluttikhuizen download while you are in Kiel https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/stream-explorer-12-1-3-is-available-for-download …

clip_image047[1]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 13

@OracleSOA just released #StreamExplorer. Accelerate the adoption of Event Processing to the “Masses”. OTN Download - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/complex-event-processing/downloads/downloads-086608.html …

clip_image001[9]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 13

Stream Explorer 12.1.3 is available for download http://wp.me/p10C8u-3RG

clip_image047[2]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 13

Want to learn more #StreamExplorer which just went GA? Watch all the movies on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKCk3OyNwIzvLbX2OzpBJd3slB7fFqDrk … @soacommunity

clip_image064Bernardo Cabacos @BCabacos ·  Mar 12

New post on Oracle B2B Document Editor - Defining a custom message (Part 2/3)! http://goo.gl/48tu6v @soacommunity @Oracle_B2B @eProseed

clip_image065Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 12

Fusion Middleware Community Awards recap from @soacommunity https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/fusion-middleware-partner-community-awards-2015/ … cc @CertusCloud

clip_image032[2]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 12

Blog Part two on how @lucb_ and @lucasjellema did a Live Mobile & Mobile Backend Demo at the #ofmforum in Budapest https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/11/mobile-backend-with-rest-services-and-json-payload-based-on-soa-suite-12c-for-live-mobile-hacking-with-an-ofm-12c-red-stack/ …

clip_image066Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 11

Last week at #ofmForum I presented Oracle Alta UI - this week @chriscmuir posts a Q&A with one of the Alta leads. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/where-browsers-mobile-collide-oracles-unified-alta-ui-chris-muir …

clip_image003[4]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 11

Step-by-step through the #mobile backend created by @lucasjellema at #OFMForum. #REST #JSON #SOASuite12c http://ora.cl/bdF

clip_image007[1]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 12

At Oslo ready to do my presentation on Next Gen #SOAGovernance for #API and #Cloud at the #ougn15 @soacommunity @oracleace

clip_image067Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 12

2 Minute TechTip on Error Handling and Recovery in Oracle BPM 12c https://youtu.be/rMknz3-hmjk @soacommunity @OracleBPM Thanks @OTNArchBeat

clip_image001[10]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 11

Wow... what a #ofmForum 2015 thanks to the community. Rest of the months I enjoy my holiday - what's next ? #jkwc


clip_image003[5]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 10

Podcast: API Management Roundtable w/ @Luisw19 @anevensen @Yogesh_Sontakke @OracleSOA #SOA #governance http://ora.cl/y6T

clip_image003[6]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 10

Top 10 Tweets - March 3-9 #APIMgmt #BPM #Cloud #Hyperion #Microservices #ODI #OEMM, and more. http://ora.cl/hzW

clip_image060[1]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 10

#API Management? Hear what we think @Luisw19 @anevensen Mark & me wth @brhubart http://ora.cl/y6T @soacommunity


clip_image072Mala Ramakrishnan @malatech ·  Mar 10

Sneak Preview of Oracle Process Cloud Service https://blogs.oracle.com/bpm/entry/sneak_preview_of_oracle_process …

clip_image073Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 10

Back to work with ADF after great week in #ofmForum

clip_image004[1]Waslley Souza @Waslley_Souza ·  Mar 10

Deploying ADF application in Oracle Cloud - http://go.shr.lc/198Jtmt @soacommunity

clip_image047[3]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 10

Missed the #ofmForum this year. Read my recap of the conference - http://bit.ly/ofmForumXXrecap - I will remember it for a long time! @soacommunity

clip_image026[7]Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Mar 9

REST-Enabling SOA with Oracle Service Bus: Released On: 09-Mar-15 REST-Enabling SOA http://bit.ly/1HpxNHn

clip_image001[11]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 10

RightNow Cloud Adapter (12.1.3) Released http://wp.me/p10C8u-3Ow

clip_image036[2]OPITZ CONSULTING @OC_WIRE ·  Mar 9

Oracle ACM Implementation Best Practices - #ofmForum Slides by @dschmied & @andrejusb: http://ow.ly/K5oZ7

clip_image014[1]orclateamsoa @orclateamsoa ·  Mar 9

#orclateamsoa Blog: Purging and partitioned schemas - SOA Suite 11g and 12c both require regular database maintena... http://ow.ly/2VIvin

clip_image001[12]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 9

Middleware Partner Community Awards congratulations to winners @OC_WIRE @EasyBlogs @eProseed http://tinyurl.com/ofmAward


clip_image001[13]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 9

Thanks for an excellent #ofmForum 2015 Thanks to all partners investing a week to continue to grow our joint business


clip_image065[1]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 9

RT @VLADBABU: @Budapest for #ofmForum.Interesting and innovative discussions on UX for Cloud Apps at demo station!


clip_image007[2]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 8

Amazing article by @gugalnikov "From top of my mind: 1st recap of a fantastic week at #ofmForum Budapest http://oracletechnocore.blogspot.com/2015/03/budapest-tales-recapping-unforgettable.html …

clip_image080Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 8

#ofmForum 2015 in Budapest has rocked! http://ift.tt/1EGNMks

clip_image038[1]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 8

OEP Stream Explorer hands-on #ofmForum showed a great tool to quickly develop advanced #bigdata #fastdata solutions


clip_image038[2]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 8

Tested coming Oracle Integration Cloud Service at #ofmForum - really cool and efficient tool! #cloud #oracle #SOA


clip_image001[14]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 9

Governance made easy – Oracle API Catalog 12c by André Evensen http://wp.me/p10C8u-3Os

clip_image038[3]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 8

@Luisw19 @debralilley @soacommunity Thanks for great days in Budapest, see you Thursday #OUGN15

clip_image047[4]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 8

After a week #ofmForum at last at home on the couch with my dog. Thanks to all my friends at @soacommunity.



clip_image089Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 8

@robertvanmolken @soacommunity Hope to meet you all again soon!

clip_image073[1]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 8

Leaving Budapest - last visit of chain bridge. Thanks to @soacommunity for amazing and very successful #ofmForum


clip_image092Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 8

Now on the airport with @robertvanmolken leaving Budapest Had a great conference #ofmForum and enjoyed the city sightseeing.#soaCommunity

clip_image031[2]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 8

Before leaving Budapest: thermal baths, then hot dinner with goulash soup and mulled wine!! #ofmForum @soacommunity



clip_image031[3]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 8

From the top of my mind: a first recap of a fantastic week at #ofmForum Budapest #ofmForum @soacommunity @Luisw19 http://oracletechnocore.blogspot.com/2015/03/budapest-tales-recapping-unforgettable.html …

clip_image024[3]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 8

Thank you #soaCommunity for the amazing #ofmForum !


clip_image047[5]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 8

Last morning after #ofmForum in Budapest at #houseofterror and #herossquare. Waiting for taxi. It's a shame to leave.

clip_image047[6]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 8

Goodbye @Boscolohotels Budapest with had a blast this past week. #ofmForum @soacommunity


clip_image073[2]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 7

Enjoying sightseeing day in Budapest after #ofmForum. Heading home tomorrow evening !

clip_image101leonsmiers @leonsmiers ·  Mar 8

By the one and only SOA governance expert> “@soacommunity: API Catalog 12c Full Overview by Luis Weir http://wp.me/p10C8u-3Op

clip_image031[4]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 8

Just landed in Mexico City after a very long journey from Budapest, totally worth it, had a great week at #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image102Cato Aune @catoaune ·  Mar 7

Home again after a great #ofmForum. Met old and new friends, lots of usefull info from speakers and PMs. Thanks to @soacommunity

clip_image001[15]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 7

Join us on the journey to the "Cloud Platform for Digital Business" amazing new service opportunities for partner #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image047[7]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 7

Still in Budapest after #ofmForum together with @JCijsouw. Did at lot of sightseeing. Tonight a night Tour with the bus.

clip_image006[2]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 7

The Sysco team learnt a lot at #ofmForum - so many good discussions- Thanks to all!

clip_image041[1]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 7

Whiteblog: enabling hardware acceleration for Android SDK emulator on Linux (http://goo.gl/U0GBOr ) #ofmforum #soacommunity @soacommunity

clip_image006[3]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 7

Back in Oslo after a tremendous #ofmForum - @soacommunity is the best community!

clip_image032[3]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 7

AMIS participating in complex bid for dynamic case management system. The in depth conversations at #ofmForum with @ralf_mueller help a lot.

clip_image033[1]Rolando Carrasco @borland_c ·  Mar 7

Writing chapter 10 of #SOA and #API Governance #12c @gugalnikov & @Luisw19. We're sure that our readers will enjoy it @soacommunity

clip_image032[4]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 7

@raggadaz @soacommunity @rudolphag Safe trips everybody. It was very good meeting you all.

clip_image103AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 7

@soacommunity Thank you for the week with lots of education everlasting memories and new connections

clip_image019[3]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 7

Going back to Oslo after a really great #ofmForum I really enjoy Budapest! Next week #OUGN @soacommunity


clip_image106Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 7

@simon_haslam: Thanks to @soacommunity for another top notch week of learning & networking at a very nice venue! #ofnForum" +1

clip_image067[1]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 7

Heading home after an excellent week at #ofmForum full of valuable information and great networking! Thanks @soacommunity

clip_image107raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 7

Finished last breakfast at Bosolo hotel in Budapest - great week of #ofmForum ends now @rudolphag is flying back home to switzerland

clip_image080[1]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 7

@robertvanmolken @JCijsouw @Melvinvdk great to catch up with you! Enjoy Budapest! An a-class conference comes to the end. #ofmForum

clip_image047[8]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 7

Ending the night with @JCijsouw @Melvinvdk @andreaskoop in my room at #ofmForum. Last party of the week in room 505. It will end soon :(

clip_image065[2]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 7

Last breakfast in hotel so amazing http://ow.ly/i/8UZ7J New York cafe Budapest #ofmforum

clip_image008[1]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 7

Digital disruption happening at airport. A bit 1.0 but trend is clear; dynamic, demand-based pricing next. #ofmForum


clip_image008[2]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 6

Thanks to @soacommunity for another top notch week of learning & networking at a very nice venue! #ofnForum

clip_image110Øyvind Isene @OyvindIsene ·  Mar 6

@Jphjulstad: Love #ofmForum! http://bit.ly/1EmRuRz @debralilley is obviously very welcome to #ougn15 :-)

clip_image024[4]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 6

Golden Gate Bridge: bright sunny day #ofmforum #soacommunity #lufthansa #380 https://instagram.com/p/z5ktQORFGS/

clip_image111Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 6

Finally arrived at FRA and Waiting for ICE. Thanks to @soacommunity for a wonderful #ofmForum

clip_image065[3]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 6

@olveslind @soacommunity haha I'm off to Oslo straight after getting home from #ofmForum - just in time for #OUGN

clip_image038[4]Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 6

On my way to back to Oslo via Brussels after 4 great #ofmForum conference days.Thanks to Jürgen,PMs,ACEs and @soacommunity!

clip_image019[4]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 6

Thanks to @ralf_mueller and @dschmied for a great #pcs and #acm workshop! And @soacommunity for such a great event!! #ofmForum

clip_image112Sebastian Steiner @sebisteiner ·  Mar 6

Final passenger on it’s way to the airplane… Is this how you do it @soacommunity ;-) Thanks for a great #ofmForum

clip_image113Ronald Rood @Ik_zelf ·  Mar 6

@soacommunity sorry, I can’t make it. Cheers!

clip_image114Ralf Mueller @ralf_mueller ·  Mar 6

Thanks @dschmied for delivering the ACM workshop at #ofmForum, really enjoyed the day with good discussions anda smooth workshop experience.

clip_image066[1]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 6

On the back of great #ofmForum and @OracleMobile training, if you want to know MAF, get it all for free here http://bit.ly/oramobilesub

clip_image092[1]Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 4

Currently running the API catalog demo by @Yogesh_Sontakke and @robertvanmolken at Budapest #ofmForum #soaCommunity


clip_image001[16]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

#ofmForum pictures are available at our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/soacommunity - please share your pictures! #soacommunity

clip_image060[2]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 6

A t-shirt you'd see only at the #ofmForum. Geek @simon_haslam @soacommunity


clip_image060[3]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 6

Thank you @soacommunity & Budapest for an enjoyable and productive #ofmForum . The best partner community by far!

clip_image089[1]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 6

Had a lot of fun while giving the #acm training today at #ofmForum together with @ralf_mueller. Thanks to all the attendees! @soacommunity

clip_image119André Evensen @anevensen ·  Mar 6

Thanks for a great #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image008[3]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 6

Guilty as charged! RT: @Yogesh_Sontakke: A t-shirt you'd see only at the #ofmForum. Geek @soacommunity

clip_image001[17]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

Special thanks to #ACEd team for presenting & workshops at #ofmForum @dschmied @andrejusb @robertvanmolken @lucasjellema @lucb_ @mark_gw

clip_image007[3]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 6

Best #ofmForum ever. Awesome week thanks @soacommunity and all OFM PMs and all @oracleace that presented for such a good work!! Now to rest

clip_image120Steven Davelaar @stevendavelaar ·  Mar 6

Thanks, enjoy! RT @andreaskoop: Doing also some AMPA stuff Works like charm at #ofmForum . kudos to @stevendavelaar


clip_image041[2]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 6

Room with a view. Budapest. #ofmForum @ Boscolo Budapest, Autograph Collection https://instagram.com/p/z5HX10QJ1R/

clip_image107[1]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 6

Finished multichannel workshop - finally it worked and was a great experience #ofmForum

clip_image047[9]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 6

Had a blast the last few days at #ofmForum. Thanks at lot @soacommunity for the awesome conference and for letting me present #APIManagement

clip_image103[1]AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 6

@soacommunity thank you for fantastic event. It was an excellent learning experience combined with privileged access to products & strategy

clip_image001[18]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

Thanks for attending the #ofmForum 2015 - Please send us your feedback @soacommunity ! Good trip home :-) Jürgen Kress

clip_image063[1]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 6

Preparing to leave #ofmForum - great content, great people, great business opportunities! Thanks PM team and BIG KUDOS for Jürgen Kress

clip_image080[2]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

Doing also some AMPA stuff and looking into its sources. Works like charm at #ofmForum . kudos to @stevendavelaar

clip_image123Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 6

After checking Stream Explorer @ #ofmForum I checked Twitter's stream offerings. One is called "FIREHOSE". Take note Oracle marketing team.

clip_image124Dirk Janssen @janssendj ·  Mar 6

Had a great #oracleMAF workshop at the #ofmForum, learned a lot!

clip_image125Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 6

finished the ACM lab @ #ofmForum. Big thanx to Jürgen Kress for organizing such a great event. c u all @ the summercamp

clip_image126Andrew Coyle @arcivate ·  Mar 6

@arcivate are looking forward to the release of @oracle Integration Cloud Service. Impressive demonstration at #ofmForum

clip_image080[3]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

Create a mobile frontend to your RESTified Backend in minutes with #OracleMAF at #ofmForum workshop by @jernejkase


clip_image080[4]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

#OracleMAF takes care of encryption for you. Detailed explanation by @fnimphiu at #ofmForum


clip_image073[3]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 6

Invoking REST Service from Oracle ACM Java Activity http://fb.me/4TglE2tDh

clip_image034[1]Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 6

ACM track started. We are very lucky to have three very good trainers.@dschmied @ralf_mueller @HajoNormann #ofmForum


clip_image007[4]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 6

Final day of #ofmForum and 2nd day of bootcamp!! a bit tired but it has been amazing!!

clip_image107[2]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 6

Now on the run with multichannel enablement #ofmForum @rudolphag


clip_image080[5]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

Deep servicebus 12c dive at #ofmForum


clip_image065[4]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 6

Day is getting better, private class in PCS & BPM4JCS - lots of questions answered, and new ones raised, thank you #ofmForum

clip_image080[6]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 6

@debralilley a lot of new *CS acronyms to learn: #JCS, #PCS , #ICS , #MCS , #DCS - who knows more? #ofmForum

clip_image001[19]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

Excellent Digital transformation project using by HCL - thanks for all the great business and partnership @Luisw19 please submit OOW paper!

clip_image007[5]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 6

If you have OER license, API Catalog license is included!! #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image107[3]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 6

Nice dinner and great conversation #ofmForum

clip_image024[5]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 6

Good bye Budapest: amazing #ofmForum ! #soaCommunity : you are the best!

clip_image089[2]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 6

You @soacommunity and @VikasAatOracle should get an award for outstanding community support! Thanks! #ofmForum

clip_image089[3]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 6

Enjoyed dinner tonight with @ralf_mueller (Architect BPM Suite) and @HajoNormann. Great to see that the product is in good hands! #ofmForum

clip_image001[20]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 6

He rocks - tanks for an über SOA team great presentations great spirit all the time smiling #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle

clip_image111[1]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 5

Once again - Ruin Bar. Budapest is a great location for #ofmForum

clip_image103[2]AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 5

@soacommunity last night at #ofmForum thank you


clip_image041[3]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 5

#ofmForum. Dinner with @simon_haslam and others with no twitter account :-)


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clip_image141Morten Hoffmann @xxhoffmann ·  Mar 5

IBM delegation enjoying last night out #ofmForum

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clip_image008[4]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 5

Uh oh - out for dinner with the Dutchies... #ofmForum

clip_image142✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 5

#ofmForum Congrats to @eProseed and @CertusCloud on #PaaS4SaaS Why wait until next year for YOUR award? https://blogs.oracle.com/usableapps/entry/oracle_paas_bring_more_than …

clip_image107[4]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 5

got the first sample app running with MAF on android emulator - proud of that - thanx to great workshop @ #ofmForum

clip_image007[6]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 5

#ICS bootcamp at #ofmForum


clip_image034[2]Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 5

Really having a great time playing around with the proces cloud. #ofmForum


clip_image031[5]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 5

Oracle ICS preview session, hands-on training & feedback #ofmForum #iPaaS @soacommunity



clip_image111[2]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 5

First great practical experience with Oracle Integration Cloud Service (#ICS) at #ofmForum


clip_image047[10]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 5

Had a great morning at #ofmForum #IPAAS #ICS bootcamp. In only a few moments you can build (advance) p2p integrations





clip_image119[1]André Evensen @anevensen ·  Mar 5

Finally hands-on with ICS! #ofmForum


clip_image031[6]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 5

Oracle Stream Explorer, hands on!!! #ofmForum @soacommunity


clip_image047[11]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 5

This afternoon it was time to play with #StreamExplorer #BigData at #ofmForum. No more programming in JDeveloper!





clip_image123[1]Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 5

We've delved into OEP stream explorer! Took <5 minutes to get insight on a stream of data. FAST #ofmForum

clip_image008[5]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 5

Useful day with Ivan building integrations on #ics #paasforsaas. The future is rapidly approaching! #ofmForum


clip_image001[21]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

The Cloud Platform for Digital Business – presentation available at Community Workspace https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/03/05/the-cloud-platform-for-digital-business-presentation-available-at-community-workspace/ … #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image080[7]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 5

The SOAP Part is running - very verbose protocol - next step: RESTifying ;) #ofmForum


clip_image001[22]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

The Cloud Platform for Digital Business – presentation available at Community Workspace http://wp.me/p10C8u-3Oz

clip_image177Oracle Service Cloud @OracleServCloud ·  Mar 5

RT @andreaskoop: Oracle mobile cloud service in action at #ofmForum by @gwronald


clip_image180Red Expert Alliance @rexpertalliance ·  Mar 5

Meeting last night with the partners in the Red Expert Alliance at #ofmForum - @AMISnl @OC_WIRE @LinkConsulting

clip_image003[7]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·  Mar 5

Podcast: API Management Roundtable w/ @Luisw19 @anevensen @Yogesh_Sontakke @OracleSOA #SOA #governance http://ora.cl/NOs

clip_image024[6]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 5

Getting into #FastData #bigdata #streams #SOA12c StreamExplorer! Packed room! #ofmForum #soaCommunity


clip_image183Florin Marcus @FlorinMarcus ·  Mar 5

High profile #oraclemobile training by @fnimphiu , @gwronald and Mireille Duroussaud, at #ofmForum

clip_image080[8]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 5

"Embrace the digital enterprise or you are out of picture" @jernejkase at #ofmForum workshops


clip_image001[23]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

Posted the conference pictures at https://www.facebook.com/soacommunity send us your pictures from Budapest! #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image126[1]Andrew Coyle @arcivate ·  Mar 5

Great event with @soacommunity in #budapest. Really excited about @oracle Process Cloud Service. Looking forward to taking this to market

clip_image007[7]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 5

Podcast: API Management Roundtable w/ @Luisw19 @anevensen @Yogesh_Sontakke @OracleSOA #SOA #governance http://ora.cl/NOs #ofmForum

clip_image007[8]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 5

The ICS #iPaaS training was awesome. The tool is looking very good! can't wait for it to come out #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image024[7]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 5

Full house for Oracle #iPaaS workshop at #ofmForum : Integration Cloud Service!


clip_image001[24]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 5

No seat left at mobile bootcamp at #ofmForum - thanks to the trainer team @fnimphiu ;-)


clip_image063[2]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 5

Sessions, @oracleace dinner and talking to @VikasAatOracle were a wakeup call. Reinventing myself with cloud at #ofmForum

clip_image190Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 5

At avg profit of 0.1$/download, you only need about half a million downloads to pay for an Oracle MAF license #MAF #ofmForum

clip_image107[5]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 5

and i am also there :-) RT @andreaskoop The multichannel mobile workshop has started with @jernejkase #ofmForum

clip_image191Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 5

Back home from #ofmForum I still some clouds in the blue sky.

clip_image192Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 5

On my way back to @AMISnl in The Netherlands. Thnx #ofmforum & Jurgen Kress for the organization! Hope to see you all soon!

clip_image089[4]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 5

Starting with my first process in Oracle Process Cloud Service - exciting days #ofmForum @soacommunity


clip_image066[2]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 5

#ofmForum @OracleMobile MAF training underway. We have 25 partners and a full room


clip_image080[9]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 5

Try changing the Path to the JDev 1.8 compact profile for MAF Development here: see image #ofmForum


clip_image199olivier tordo @oliviertordo ·  Mar 5

2 intense and inspiring days at #ofmForum . Long life to this great community!

clip_image107[6]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 5

Best of #ofmForum so far: networking, new facts on OFM, demo of @lucasjellema and Social Event on tuesday - keep it growing :-)

clip_image032[5]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 5

Very good meeting last night with the REAL partners in the Red Expert Alliance at #ofmForum - together we had a valuable candid discussion.

clip_image111[3]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 5

Good Morning #ofmForum, @ec4u_news, #Budapest. Two great days, time for sport and looking forward to the hands on

clip_image008[6]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 5

RT @JavaFXpert: Happy Birthday @lonnekedikmans #ofmForum


clip_image192[1]Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 5

I experienced #ofmForum as an excellent event to get updated with Oracles FMW plans and ofcourse great to meet a lot of new people!

clip_image089[5]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 5

What a great ACE/Speakers dinner tonight. Thanks @soacommunity for all your effort in making us succesful! #ofmForum


clip_image204Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 4

Another Oracle Menu at #ofmForum like it ;-)


clip_image207Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 4

Closing down #ofmForum for me. With some live tunes Old Mans music pub together with@MarcelvdGlind @EelseP @janssendj

clip_image204[1]Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 4

My #ofmForum finding of the day: Only the best are from Glauchau ;-) @dschmied

clip_image208Δhmed Δboulnaga @Ahmed_Aboulnaga ·  Mar 4

Surprised, but also not. "@Luisw19: Integration is critical for #SaaS adoption. #ofmForum " @VikasAatOracle


clip_image024[8]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

Speakers Dinner! #ofmforum #soacommunity (@ Búsuló Juhász étterem in Budapest, Hungary) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/2r2zvMyziCh

clip_image211Andres Hevia @a_hevia ·  Mar 4

;-) RT #SOAP a contract between two lawyers. #REST a contract between two drunks. Brilliant. @fnimphiu #ofmForum (via @gwronald)

clip_image107[7]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

Lets prepare for another two days of workshops #ofmForum


clip_image190[1]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Awesome SOA/OSB/SOAP/REST/JSON/MAF live demo by @lucasjellema and @lucb_ #buzzwordbingo #ofmForum


clip_image007[9]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

Great MAF+SOA demo by @lucasjellema & @lucb_ at #ofmForum




clip_image065[5]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

congratulations @lucb_ and @lucasjellema for excellent demo - you spelt my name wrong but that just proves it wasn't rehearsed #ofmForum

clip_image222Neselovskyi, Borys @bneselov ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @soacommunity @IngoReisky @MoDJorg thank you for the Great Event!!!


clip_image016[1]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 4

Another great session delivered with @lucasjellema - Spot on time, no demo gremlins, great feedback. Lets do that again sometime #ofmForum

clip_image065[6]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@soacommunity thankyou for a great event looking forward to the bootcamps tomorrow this is the best A&C community #ofmForum

clip_image008[7]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

Cloud services at #ofmForum even extend to the coffee machine


clip_image065[7]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Hey @ukoug we should try this - If you don't fill in feedback form at #ofmForum you get charged a no show fee - 100% return guaranteed

clip_image065[8]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

So much content at #ofmForum relevant to Oracle Cloud Apps - those not here have missed a trick, Integration is key to #SaaS @CertusCloud

clip_image065[9]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

despite not being here @SOASimone is policing the #ofmForum NDAs

clip_image227JavaFXpert @JavaFXpert ·  Mar 4

Happy Birthday 12.2.1 @lonnekedikmans #ofmForum


clip_image229VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum Heading to the airport! Fantastic event! Great to see ex EPC colleagues Monica Bratu & Cosmin Tudor


clip_image190[2]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Great #ofmForum event wrapping up. Nice venue, too. Looking forward to two workshop days


clip_image016[2]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 4

@OTNArchBeat @simon_haslam the idea is for flight attendants to use the app, however if we robotize it #oracleMaf #iot #brainstorm #ofmForum

clip_image001[25]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

thanks for an excellent #ofmForum thanks investing time to become trained in the Cloud Platform for your Digital Business - good trip home!

clip_image234Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 4

Thanks @soacommunity for a great event. Great sessions, great discussions, great venue and most of all, great host. See you next time.

clip_image007[10]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

@lonnekedikmans happy birthday from @soacommunity ! Jurgen tried twice to catch you!! #ofmForum


clip_image227[1]JavaFXpert @JavaFXpert ·  Mar 4

Entertaining live hacking presentation by @lucasjellema and @lucb_ at #ofmForum


clip_image234[1]Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 4

"@debralilley: despite not being here @SOASimone is policing the #ofmForum NDAs" < omnipresent now it's all in the cloud.

clip_image239Marinus Snyman @marinussnyman ·  Mar 4

@soacommunity Did not get a chance to THANK U for a great event in person; in a age of digital disruption Twitter is just as good #ofmforum

clip_image008[8]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

@lucasjellema & @lucb_ kicking of a demo of building a flight attendant mobile app #ofmForum


clip_image065[10]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ and @lucasjellema building me personally an airline complaints mobile app, live, on stage with Oracle MAF at #ofmForum :) :)

clip_image092[2]Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 4

Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema and Luc Bors @lucb_ present live mobile hacking at #ofmForum @amisnl


clip_image063[3]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @lucasjellema borrowed my tagline: i'm the guy in the basement making things work #architectsgobacktobasics

clip_image065[11]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

thank you @VikasAatOracle for a great session even I understood, gives me lots of questions, all leading to a great future #ofmForum

clip_image244José Rodrigues @JoseRodBPM ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ and @lucasjellema going to the clouds. Luc mentioned missing his skirt, whatever that means :) #ofmForum


clip_image065[12]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Depite first impressions :) #ACED @lucasjellema is actually a very funny guy #ofmForum

clip_image123[2]Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 4

So glad @lucasjellema snuck in some pl/SQL in his demo. My first and true love. #ofmForum


clip_image065[13]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ using a private cloud we can all see :) for his great demo with @lucasjellema #ofmForum


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clip_image107[8]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

Backend ready noe lets go to the MAF App #ofmForum amazing :-)


clip_image041[4]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Impressive live hacking demo creating a mobile app with JSON adapters on SOA 12c by Luc Bors, Lucas Jellema #ofmForum


clip_image254Jan van Zoggel @jvzoggel ·  Mar 4

Very valuable technical in-depth discussion with @dschmied, @janssendj & @OrienteIT about Oracle ACM best practices #ofmForum

clip_image024[9]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#SOA12c to #mobile in minutes: @lucasjellema @lucb_ awesome team: live @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image008[9]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

JDev can show APIs from API Catalog - sounds useful. Interesting session with @Yogesh_Sontakke & @robertvanmolken at #ofmForum

clip_image024[10]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

@Yogesh_Sontakke : excellent demo of #oracle #APIManager #ofmForum #soaCommunity !


clip_image080[10]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

ADF Developers Skills need to ewolve to mobile & cloud skills #ofmForum


clip_image192[2]Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 4

Cool demos on API manager and API catalog at #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle @soacommunity @robertvanmolken

clip_image107[9]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum lets look at another awesome demo with @lucasjellema


clip_image080[11]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

ADF Best Practices presented by @andrejusb for ACM Implementation #ofmForum //cc @dschmied


clip_image001[26]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Get the ACM poster from @dschmied at http://www.acmcommunity.com #ofmForum

clip_image007[11]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

2 Integration options on the cloud: SOA Suite Cloud Service (APIM, complex ints) & ICS for "one click" integrations #ofmForum

clip_image032[6]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

Introducing SOA Cloud Service and Integration Cloud Service at #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle


clip_image080[12]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Situation driven work with Oracle ACM perfectly explained by @dschmied #ofmForum

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clip_image065[14]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Great to see a new product demo being shown against competitors offering - best practice #ofmForum

clip_image032[7]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

Absolute last minute preparation for the Red Stack Live Development demo at #ofmForum by @lucb_ and @lucasjellema


clip_image190[3]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

RT @lucasjellema: Last minute preparation for the Red Stack Live Development demo #ofmForum <- looking forward to it

clip_image065[15]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

want it even more NOW RT @debralilley: up next - Oracle Cloud Integration Service - want this and I want it now!! #PaaS4SaaS #ofmForum

clip_image124[1]Dirk Janssen @janssendj ·  Mar 4

cmmn as notation for acm looks promissing http://www.omg.org/spec/CMMN/ #ofmForum

clip_image031[7]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

wow, process mining & adaptive case management, great stuff @dschmied #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image001[27]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

ACM best practice session from @dschmied and @andrejusb at #ofmForum


clip_image190[4]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Save time on your mobile development. Oracle MAF has declarative components like web ADF #ofmForum

clip_image065[16]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

can I blow the straw? RT @a_men_de: Truck demo working now Live! at #ofmForum , Come 2 IoT booth during lunch break


clip_image271scope alliance @scope_alliance ·  Mar 4

Mobile demo is working smoothly! @andrejusb implements live! #ofmForum


clip_image208[1]Δhmed Δboulnaga @Ahmed_Aboulnaga ·  Mar 4

Seeing all these tweets about #ofmForum makes me wish I were there!

clip_image271[1]scope alliance @scope_alliance ·  Mar 4

.@_kolja and @MarkusNeubauer are preparing customer workshop during the break at #ofmForum //cc @silbury_it

clip_image067[2]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 4

Oracle ACM Implementation Best Practices with @dschmied and @andrejusb #ofmForum

clip_image065[17]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

certainly missing lots of great insight RT @Ahmed_Aboulnaga: Seeing all these tweets about #ofmForum makes me wish I were there!

clip_image065[18]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

up next - Oracle Cloud Integration Service - want this and I want it now!! #PaaS4SaaS #ofmForum

clip_image006[4]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 4

Dream team on stage- ACM best practices #ofmForum


clip_image007[12]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

Integration is critical for #SaaS adoption. #ofmForum


clip_image207[1]Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 4

ACM implementation best practices. From @andrejusb @dschmied #ofmForum

clip_image060[4]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 4

"Brittle Integration is one of the biggest risks in the Cloud" @VikasAatOracle #ofmForum


clip_image041[5]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Good explanation on characteristics of unstructured processes in #ACM presentation. #ofmForum

clip_image279Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 4

ACM with @dschmied #ofmforum


clip_image204[2]Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 4

Truck demo working now Live! at #ofmForum , Come 2 IoT booth 2 see during lunch break

clip_image282BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

ritam: RT VikasAatOracle: #IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle StreamExplorer #soaCommunity


clip_image065[19]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

@andrejusb showing how knowing something inside out means you can live demo with confidence and hold audience attention - #ofmForum

clip_image065[20]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

Even at an event ad technical as #ofmForum I am spoilt for choice #want to go to all streams

clip_image183[1]Florin Marcus @FlorinMarcus ·  Mar 4

Live demo on Mobile - OSB integration by @andrejusb at #ofmForum


clip_image287Ingo Reisky @IngoReisky ·  Mar 4

Opitz Consulting Infrastructure Team excited to be at #ofmForum in Budapest, great event! @OC_WIRE @MoDJorg


clip_image001[28]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

wow #SOASuite12c 12.2.1 very cool - partner get exclusive beta update at #ofmForum by @WunderlichRd

clip_image001[29]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

BPM is a great extension for Oracle Applications like Primavera and JDE. Build solutions deliver business value #ofmForum

clip_image282[1]BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

soacommunity: RT EverythingIoT: RT VikasAatOracle: #IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle Strea…

clip_image282[2]BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

soacommunity: RT VikasAatOracle: #IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity

clip_image065[21]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 4

u speak fast RT @lucasjellema: International coffee break at #ofmForum : i spoke with (new) friends from Mexico, Rumania, USA, UK, NL and DE

clip_image041[6]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Marcel Amende demonstrates #bigdata analysis from live iPhone sensor data AND has a truck with sensors and a Raspberry Pi. Cool! #ofmForum

clip_image041[7]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

@krebsle78: The Truck is back @a_men_de #ofmforum


clip_image024[11]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity


clip_image294IoT @EverythingIoT ·  Mar 4

RT @VikasAatOracle: #IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle StreamExplorer #soaCommunity

clip_image295IoT Attack @iotattack ·  Mar 4

#IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity via VikasAatOracle

clip_image222[1]Neselovskyi, Borys @bneselov ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum SOA, BigData


clip_image107[10]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 4

Great demo with OEP and raspberry PI - soooo cooool #ofmForum


clip_image229[1]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

Lovely day 2 in Budapest at #ofmForum. Coming from Cloud Apps really impressed on the things delivered here! Awesome!

clip_image301Contribute @ContributeInfo ·  Mar 4

Meeting colleagues and friends is always a pleasure at #ofmForum.



clip_image123[3]Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 4

The social events that happen past the official agenda, THOSE should have a safe harbor statement. #ofmForum


clip_image282[3]BYOD News @byod_news ·  Mar 4

Luisw19: RT iotattack: #IoT #java #OEP #embedded #ofmForum #soaCommunity via VikasAatOracle

clip_image001[62]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 4

SOA 12.2.1 session started at #ofmForum but is all under #NDA #NoPictures, looking forward to this release.

clip_image002[4]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum Trends Driving Digital Disruption:Mobile, Social, BigData & Internet of Things. Cloud-business agility


clip_image005Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

International coffee break at #ofmForum : i spoke with (new) friends from Mexico, Rumania, USA, UK, NL and Germany in 20 minutes

clip_image006Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

SOAP to REST live demo with zero coding but Oracle Service bus 12c by @andrejusb #ofmForum


clip_image009Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

Robert Wunderlich is presenting new SOA Suite features which are all under NDA. Sorry, people :) #ofmForum

clip_image010SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Demo demo demo #SOASuite12c 12.2.1 by @WunderlichRd


clip_image013[4]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 4

Watching the über cool IoT demo with the Oracle truck by @a_men_de #ofmForum


clip_image016[8]ZivvoDoolF @ZivvonD ·  Mar 4

ZivvonD :@Yogesh_Sontakke-Watching the über cool IoT demo with the Oracle truck by @a_men_de #ofmForum


clip_image018[4]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 4

Database service mandatory for Java service. That's what happens when you buy Java cloud from a DB company #ofmForum

clip_image019[12]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 4

Big Data SQL is demoed. Makes Big Data and Fast Data much more convenient #ofmForum

clip_image020[4]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

Marcel Amend showing the new kid on the block #FastData #bigdata #ofmForum #soaCommunity!


clip_image006[1]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Patching java cloud service with a push of a button #ofmForum


clip_image020[5]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#IoT demo at #ofmForum : technology as the enabler Oracle StreamExplorer #soaCommunity

clip_image025Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 4

JCS Product Comparison and use cases at #ofmForum


clip_image002[5]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 4

Internet of Things - enabler for intelligent logistics #ofmForum

clip_image028Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Oracle BAM 12c, geo maps, multi-browser support, mobile enablement & fine grained security, at last!! #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image006[2]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Java cloud service explained! #ofmForum



clip_image010[1]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Huge interest in Java Cloud Service at #ofmForum get details at Cosmin Demo point and free WLS12c books


clip_image035[6]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 4

Day 2 at the #ofmForum -C.Tudor about to start his #Java Cloud Service & Developer Cloud Service talk #soa #soasuite


clip_image020[6]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum #soaCommunity Marcel Amend 3 cool demos on StreamExplorer OEP #FastData #bigdata : Truck in the house!

clip_image001[63]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 4

Had a fun session about #API #Management at #ofmForum with @Yogesh_Sontakke



clip_image042[6]Mohammad Esad-Djou @MoDJorg ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @soacommunity Oracle Toolbox for Data Stream / Big Data: Oracle Event Processing approach. .. very interesting topic clip_image043

clip_image044[4]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

Ok so lets keep it simple: as of today =API Manager: wls domain & osb specific, API catalog=domain agnostic, tech agnostic catalog #ofmForum

clip_image028[1]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

At #ofmForum BAM session, here's a great follow up reading on the subject: https://soamythbusters.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/episode-3-bam-vs-bi-bam-vs-monitoring/ … #soamythbusters @soacommunity @borland_c

clip_image044[5]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

#API management is about managing personas & process / tools to discover, govern, monitor, and support APIs #ofmForum




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clip_image010[2]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Process Cloud Service demo by @ralf_mueller building an executable process in minutes - love it! #ofmForum


clip_image020[7]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

@Yogesh_Sontakke #ofmForum Oracle #API #APIManager strategy presentation! API management simplified!


clip_image009[1]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

@VikasAatOracle: @robertvanmolken presenting Oracle API Catalog #SOA12c #ofmForum #soaCommunity : almost demo time! ”


clip_image057[4]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 4

#SOAP a contract between two lawyers. #REST a contract between two drunks. Brilliant. @fnimphiu #ofmForum

clip_image028[2]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Very cool API Catalog live demo, nice job @robertvanmolken #ofmForum

clip_image058A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @robertvanmolken demos oracle api catalog, now we need to build this by default for every soa project inorder to be useful

clip_image010[3]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

#APIManager12 & #APICatalog12c demo time by @robertvanmolken and @Yogesh_Sontakke at #ofmForum #SOASuite12c

clip_image059✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 4

Inspired by Andrew Sutherland at #ofmForum ? More @OBUG_ORG with Oracle UX VP @jrwashley - Apps Cloud Innovation http://www.oracle.com/webfolder/ux/applications/events/obugExperience-2015.html …

clip_image060[12]Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 4

The Truck is back @a_men_de #ofmforum

clip_image061Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 4

API management at #ofmForum related to SOA governance.


clip_image044[6]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

@Yogesh_Sontakke what about MCS and its catalog? Not in the slide #ofmForum


clip_image010[4]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Mobile track at #ofmForum by @fnimphiu middleware for mobile - in the cloud


clip_image059[1]✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 4

@JoseRodBPM @soacommunity @ralf_mueller @LinkConsulting awesome truck! Does it beep when you do a back up? #seewhatIdidthere

clip_image068Morten Hoffmann @xxhoffmann ·  Mar 4

Good morning Budapest. Looking forward to another great day at #ofmForum @soacommunity @OracleWebLogic

clip_image028[3]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Ready for day 2 at #ofmForum #goodasnew @soacommunity

clip_image060[13]Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 4

@scope_alliance is ready for day two After a Short Night.. #ofmforum

clip_image069[4]Markus Neubauer @MarkusNeubauer ·  Mar 4

Day two of the Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum. #ofmForum


clip_image028[4]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

Let's take a good look at Oracle's API Strategy #ofmForum

clip_image072[4]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

@leonsmiers @andrejusb Thanks Leon. Hopefully next time you can attend again.

clip_image005[1]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

@lucb_ & I are happy: our end2end demo is working, from MAF to REST/json on SB to SOAP on SOA Suite to BPM Suite to task & mail #ofmForum

clip_image061[1]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 4

Sun over Boscolo for day 2 of #ofmforum

clip_image073[10]José Rodrigues @JoseRodBPM ·  Mar 4

SOA Track Truck (IoT)... @ralf_mueller next time, steal the truck for BPM! #ofmForum @soacommunity @LinkConsulting

clip_image005[2]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum @fnimphiu starting his session on Digital Enterprise - mobilizing ADF applications.

clip_image044[7]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 4

#API economy in figures by @Yogesh_Sontakke 90% of Expedia revenue comes from API #ofmForum

clip_image020[8]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum day 2 continues!


clip_image010[5]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

SOA Suite 12c Product Strategy Video http://wp.me/p10C8u-3Od

clip_image010[6]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Good morning Budapest ;-) we continue the #ofmForum at 8.30! Send us a picture from your networking #soaCommunity

clip_image009[2]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 4

That's #ofmforum too! Having fun at the bar!

clip_image001[64]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 4

What a night :S My VMs SOA Server for use in tomorrows #ofmForum session failed. Needed to start with a fresh domain and configured it again

clip_image076Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 4

Netwerken tot diep in de nacht! Over 6 Uur beginnen de sessies weer van #ofmForum

clip_image006[3]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 4

Ooooh what a night. #ofmForum 2015! Thx for networking


clip_image028[5]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 4

#ofmForum networking event & follow up at Szimpla Kert, what a fun night with great colleagues @soacommunity @Luisw19

clip_image010[7]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 4

Enjoy Budapest great city - send us your picture #ofmForum! See you on Wednesday 8.30 for breakout sessions - thanks for coming to Budapest

clip_image079Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 3

Ready to start with the social community event. @jvzoggel @MarcelvdGlind #ofmForum


clip_image082[4]Vikram Setia @vikramsetia ·  Mar 3

@vikramsetia: Jürgen had to stand on the chair. Wonder how many glasses he's had! Great event. #ofmForum


clip_image068[1]Morten Hoffmann @xxhoffmann ·  Mar 3

Socialising and identifying new opportunities... Good stuff. #ofmForum


clip_image087Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 3

Dinner starting. Perfect meal. Perfect organisation. #ofmForum

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clip_image088[4]Tiago Vidigal @TiagoFVD ·  Mar 3

Networking dinner with a great view #ofmForum


clip_image091raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 3

Main dish @ #ofmForum dinner

clip_image092[8]Jan van Zoggel @jvzoggel ·  Mar 3

On our way to Szimpla Kert for 1 last drink. Just as Jurgen ordered us. ;) #ofmForum

clip_image093leonsmiers @leonsmiers ·  Mar 3

Congratz>“@andreaskoop: Well Deserved! @dschmied and @andrejusb awarded for outstanding BPM &ACM 12c impl. #ofmForum


clip_image079[1]Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 3

Team Holland roaming the streets. Final beer at szimpla kert. @janssendj @MarcelvdGlind @jvzoggel #ofmForum

clip_image096[4]Marinus Snyman @marinussnyman ·  Mar 3

Great dinner tonight at #ofmforum

clip_image097Matthias Fuchs @Hias222 ·  Mar 4

End of #ofmForum day one at szimpla Kert - Great!

clip_image098[4]Melvin van der Kuijl @Melvinvdk ·  Mar 4

Special thanks to Jürgen from Budapest! #ofmForum pitstop at #teliertem


clip_image101[4]Maciej Gruszka @MaciejGruszka ·  Mar 4

@simon_haslam @soacommunity Sorry I missed this

clip_image102[4]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 4

Thanks to Oracle & @soacommunity for a very nice dinner. Great talking to some people in person who I only knew from Twitter! #ofmForum

clip_image072[5]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Thanks a lot @soacommunity for an excellent 1st day at the #ofmForum It couldn't be better!

clip_image079[2]Oriente IT @OrienteIT ·  Mar 3

Nice view from our table at the #ofmForum. Thanks @soacommunity for this event.@jvzoggel @MarcelvdGlind @janssendj

clip_image044[8]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Thanks @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image103Torsten Winterberg @t_winterberg ·  Mar 3

Congrats to @dschmied for winning the ACM&BPM award at #ofmForum 2015 in Budapest !! Thx to @soacommunity !!

clip_image104Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 3

@gugalnikov @dschmied @soacommunity thanks !

clip_image035[7]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

Congrats to this year's Partner Community Awards winners &thanks @soacommunity for amazing partner support #ofmForum

clip_image072[6]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

@gugalnikov @andrejusb @soacommunity Thank you!

clip_image028[6]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Congratulations @dschmied & @andrejusb #ofmForum community awards @soacommunity

clip_image028[7]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Oracle Alta, guidelines for creating better UIs, responsive and modern apps!! #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image105Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

We all love Juergen for his transparent processes :) @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image106Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

Congrats @lonnekedikmans and @debralilley for #ofmForum Cloud Award!

clip_image028[8]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Congrats @AMIS_Services @lucasjellema ,great work & fantastic contributions to the community #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image107luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Well Deserved ! "@robertvanmolken: @Amisnl just won the community award for ADF. #ofmForum "


clip_image006[4]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

And the ADF award goes to @AMIS_Services //cc @lucasjellema ! #ofmForum


clip_image107[1]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Well deserved : "@AntoniouAntonis: Congrats @lonnekedikmans and @debralilley for #ofmForum Cloud Award! "

clip_image072[7]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Congratulations @debralilley and @lonnekedikmans on your award #ofmForum

clip_image006[5]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

Cloud FMW award to @debralilley & @lonnekedikmans #ofmForum congrats!


clip_image044[9]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Congrats @lonnekedikmans, @debralilley, @mark_gw and all the rest :) #ofmForum

clip_image114Oracle ACE Program @oracleace ·  Mar 3

RT @AntoniouAntonis: Congrats @lonnekedikmans and @debralilley for #ofmForum Cloud Award! #ACEDs #FTW!

clip_image115Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

congrats to everyone winning awards at #ofmforum this is a rocking community

clip_image072[8]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Glad to hear that @mark_gw received an award for his outstanding work #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image044[10]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Now the drinks and tour :) #ofmForum

clip_image114[1]Oracle ACE Program @oracleace ·  Mar 3

RT @debralilley: congrats to everyone winning awards at #ofmforum this is a rocking community > +1

clip_image059[2]✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 3

. @debralilley @certuscloud @eproseed Fantastic #ofmforum award! Congrats. Confidence in the Cloud validated! https://blogs.oracle.com/usableapps/entry/oracle_paas_bring_more_than …

clip_image116☁ ultan @ultan ·  Mar 3

#ofmforum awesome award. deserved @debralilley @certuscloud @eproseed #noironingtonight

clip_image018[5]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Grant Ronald presenting Mobile Cloud: The center of the universe for the mobile developer #ofmForum


clip_image119Ralf Mueller @ralf_mueller ·  Mar 3

First session on @OracleBPM finished at #ofmForum. Tomorrow will be in depth demo of Process Cloud Service.

clip_image009[3]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Oracle mobile cloud service demo. #ofmForum #oraclecloud #oraclesoa

clip_image009[4]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Mobile backend is a collection of API's for the purpose of building mobile applications. #ofmForum #oraclecloud

clip_image120André Evensen @anevensen ·  Mar 3

Great demo of exciting product, Stream Explorer, by @lucasjellema #ofmForum #AcandoNorge


clip_image107[2]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Oracle MCS --> Notification support is really a big thing to have in the Cloud. Many challenges if you need to do this without MCS #ofmForum

clip_image044[11]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

MCS can generate RAML (http://raml.org ) #ofmForum

clip_image019[13]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 3

Beeing shown several new cloud gui's today at #ofmForum Thinking there are still work to do unifying the UX experience across the products

clip_image107[3]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Oracle MCS --> API call track and trace gives instant insight in calls and performance #ofmForum

clip_image006[6]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

Oracle mobile cloud service in action at #ofmForum by @gwronald


clip_image107[4]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Next : MAX #ofmForum

clip_image106[1]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

Really cool event reporting features in Mobile Cloud Service #ofmForum

clip_image018[6]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Lot of Oracle Cloud services for the Citizen Developer #ofmForum

clip_image044[12]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Quote by Grant Ronald "Mobile back ends are a collection / container of APIs needed to build specific mobile app" #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image028[9]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Understanding #MCS and #MAF #ofmForum day 1, great stuff!! @soacommunity


clip_image091[1]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 3

Great demo RT @Yogesh_Sontakke: Thanks @lucasjellema ! #ofmForum


clip_image107[5]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

@gwronald talking about next generation application development; The Mobile and Cloud Effect #ofmForum

clip_image006[7]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

The mobile and cloud effect has arrived at #ofmForum by @gwronald

clip_image115[1]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Grant talking about #UX and Oracle’s own development, and thie investment in it #ofmforum @usableapps

clip_image018[7]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Oracle Mobile Application Framework is "write once, run anywhere". Where did I hear that before? #ofmForum

clip_image106[2]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

MAF is Oracle's strategic framework for building native mobile applications @gwronald #ofmForum

clip_image061[2]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 3

mobile app development nightmare at #ofmForum


clip_image072[9]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

"PCS can become a new connection in ICS to kick-off a process" @ralf_mueller #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image013[5]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 3

Possibly one of the best demos of Stream Explorer I have seen so far. Thanks @lucasjellema ! #ofmForum


clip_image005[3]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Half of the room just prior to the start of my demo of StreamExplorer at #ofmForum - it went well I believe.


clip_image104[1]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 3

Great demo from @lucasjellema on Stream Explorer at #ofmForum

clip_image088[5]Tiago Vidigal @TiagoFVD ·  Mar 3

SOA 12c roadmap, towards the cloud, looking good #ofmForum


clip_image104[2]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 3

Attending #ofmForum. Great day with Oracle keynotes focused on Cloud and Mobile.

clip_image087[1]Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 3

BPM 12c and the cloud . Session by Joost Volker and Ralf Muller #ofmForum

clip_image072[10]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

As always a great presentation by @lucasjellema This time it was about Stream Explorer. Thank you! @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image006[8]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

StreamExplorer Demo by @lucasjellema starts in a moment #ofmForum

clip_image136[4]Jacco Cijsouw @JCijsouw ·  Mar 3

Lucas Jellema started his presentation on stream explorer at #ofmForum

clip_image010[8]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

#Streamexplorer12c live demo by @lucasjellema at #ofmForum

clip_image009[5]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Stream Explorer as a sugar coating on #OEP by Lucas Jellema #ofmForum

clip_image005[4]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Blog explaining how to have 2 laptops talk to another for a live demo with mobile, REST and SOA Suite for #ofmForum https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/03/connecting-two-laptops-and-a-virtual-box-vm-for-the-purpose-of-a-live-demo-using-personal-hotspot-on-smart-phone/ …

clip_image057[5]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 3

#ofmForum fingers crossed, I've a bunch of awesome mobile and cloud demos in the next hour...if only the network and demo gremlins behave!

clip_image137Bruno Borges @brunoborges ·  Mar 3

Sneak peek into Oracle Integration Cloud Service #ICS at #ofmForum via @Luisw19



clip_image010[9]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

#APIManager12c demo by @WunderlichRd at #ofmForum cool iPad demo with Alta UI

clip_image142jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 3

Very exciting demo and new features on Oracle #ics! #ofmForum @soacommunity @VikasAatOracle

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clip_image001[65]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Ready for the next #ofmForum session.

clip_image042[7]Mohammad Esad-Djou @MoDJorg ·  Mar 3

Now: Service Integration 12c & Cloud #ofmForum

clip_image115[2]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Look how far we've come - my 42 Real Life Examples of FMW with Apps so out of date http://www.fujitsu.com/downloads/EU/uk/services/application-services/42-fusion-middleware.pdf … today we're bus driven #ofmforum

clip_image035[8]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

SOA Suite 12c & Cloud talk by @VikasAatOracle opening afternoon session at #ofmForum in Budapest #soa #soacommunity

clip_image001[66]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Next up @Yogesh_Sontakke about apps with #MCS at #ofmForum


clip_image019[14]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 3

Oracle is showing some great user interfaces in the mobile-, integration- and process cloud services #ofmForum

clip_image044[13]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

MCS = #MBaaS = Connectors, App Acc, Storage, User Mng, Nots & cloud API Cltg. Great demo @Yogesh_Sontakke #ofmForum


clip_image044[14]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Process Cloud Service has mobile client that works offline. Great feature. Hope we can customise it too. Demo tomorrow #ofmForum

clip_image001[67]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Time for #PCS with Niall at #ofmForum


clip_image018[8]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

@debralilley @lonnekedikmans Since these products are almost magical, they work "out of the lamp" #ofmForum

clip_image102[5]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 3

Turns out that Oracle SOA's jcooper is one of the blokes that pops up in photos on the OTN website #ofmForum #whoknew

clip_image044[15]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Lol JCooper also at #ofmForum thanks to Niall Commiskey

clip_image001[68]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Great demo of #ICS by @VikasAatOracle at #ofmForum




clip_image044[16]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

#ICS mapper looks good. Critical for SaaS integration as mapping is time consuming and can be very complex #ofmForum



clip_image105[1]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

I am happy with the UI for the integration cloud service. Finally us poor techies get something nice to look at and click on :D #ofmForum

clip_image115[3]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

loving #ofmForum but if we don't start lunch soon, we will not be able to hear speakers over tummy rumbles :(

clip_image106[3]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 3

@VikasAatOracle demoing ICS and Oracle Recommendation Service, looks great! #ofmForum

clip_image157Amit Zavery @azavery ·  Mar 3

At the #ofmforum with 150+ partners discussing #cloud #mobile #digital business implementations using @OracleMiddle



clip_image018[9]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Enterprises on average deploying 23 different SaaS solutions. Integration opportunity. #ofmForum

clip_image162Bruno Neves Alves @b_alves ·  Mar 3

@VikasAatOracle demoing the ICS at #ofmForum - good to see thing working. Looking forward for the hands on.

clip_image115[4]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Being teased at #ofmForum by being shown what I want........ just I want it today #PaaS4SaaS

clip_image163Alecia Ridout @alecia_ridout ·  Mar 3

Building a digital platform is key to enabling a digital business. Great keynote Andrew Sutherland. #ofmForum #digitaldisruption

clip_image044[17]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Drag and drop connectors in #ics . Looking very good. Great demo by @VikasAatOracle #ofmForum

clip_image028[10]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Vikas doing the ICS Demo at #ofmForum , looks great!! #soaCommunity


clip_image166AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 3

@soacommunity Integration cloud service seems very cool and easy and use with security and infrastructure. Soln. for rapid implementation

clip_image105[2]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

@Luisw19 @soacommunity me too :D

clip_image044[18]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

@lonnekedikmans @soacommunity and forget about batch !!! I just love the phrase!!

clip_image105[3]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

modern business is all about real time responses #nomorebatches #ofmForum

clip_image102[6]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 3

"Application infrastructure & middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of digital business" #ofmForum

clip_image082[5]Vikram Setia @vikramsetia ·  Mar 3

Board rooms are scared of Digital Disruption. I say disrupt yourselves before anyone does. #ofmForum


clip_image009[6]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

@simon_haslam: "Application infrastructure & middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of digital business" #ofmForum

clip_image072[11]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Very inspiring keynote by Dr. Andrew Sutherland at #ofmForum.


clip_image171infoMENTUM @infomentum ·  Mar 3

“Digital business: challenging old business models”. Very engaging presentation from Andrew Sutherland at #ofmForum #digitaldisruption

clip_image060[14]Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 3

ics Demo use case #ofmforum

clip_image001[69]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 3

Demo time with @VikasAatOracle about the Oracle Integration Cloud. #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image091[2]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 3

demotime at #ofmForum


clip_image035[9]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

'Application infrastructure & middleware projects are becoming the cornerstone of the digital business' F.Biscotti, Gartner #ofmForum #SOA

clip_image072[12]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Seeing @VikasAatOracle as demo dude - just great! But hey, that's my job as stated by Juergen in the introduction :) @soacommunity #ofmForum

clip_image010[10]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Live demo time at #ofmForum @VikasAatOracle presenting Integration Cloud Service

clip_image006[9]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 3

Speed to build, speed to deploy, speed to respond to marketchanges! With #oraclecloud #ofmForum

clip_image018[10]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

Digital Business needs both speed and agility. So far, cloud has been fast and on-premise has been flexible #ofmForum

clip_image082[6]Vikram Setia @vikramsetia ·  Mar 3

Digital experience goes deep into integration as well; not just at interface level. Well said Andrew Sutherland! #ofmForum @infomentum

clip_image174[4]Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 3

I remember the first bpel pizza delivery analogy, now edible sensor IoT pizza use case from Dr. Sutherland ! #ofmForum #oraclesoa

clip_image009[7]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

IT will be everywhere. #Gartner #ofmForum


clip_image058[1]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

#ofmForum "forget batch in a digital world" - wake-up call for a lot of companies

clip_image044[19]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Quote of the day at #ofmForum "Forget Batch in the Digital Business!!!"by Andrew Sutherland @soacommunity


clip_image018[11]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 3

When are you a digital business? One criteria: You're not running batch jobs #ofmForum

clip_image013[6]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 3

Inspiring as always, Andrew Sutherland - "Digital Disruption key topic in every boardroom, rightly so!" #ofmForum


clip_image035[10]C2B2 Consulting @c2b2consulting ·  Mar 3

Dr.Andrew Sutherland talking about Oracle Fusion Middleware at the #ofmForum @soacommunity #soa #soasuite #javaEE

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clip_image010[11]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Digital platform presentation is available at the #soaCommunity workspace #ofmForum


clip_image044[20]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Interesting quote #ofmForum

clip_image072[13]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 3

Great examples by Andrew Sutherland how digital business is changing your business extremely #ofmForum

clip_image010[12]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Digital Disruption is a huge opportunity for middleware partners - Andrew Sutherland #ofmForum

clip_image058[2]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

#oraclefmw has come a long way since Andrew Sutherland was told where to put his Enterprise Java Beans #ofmForum

clip_image009[8]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

Inspiring talk on Oracle's Middleware proposition by Andrew Sutherland. Nice. #ofmForum

clip_image058[3]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

#ofmForum the Netherlands has the highest $ amount of oracle fmw per capita in the world due to the partner ecosystem there

clip_image102[7]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·  Mar 3

Andrew Sutherland: "I'm seeing the renaissance of the developer: someone who can add value, build processes, improve business" #ofmForum

clip_image009[9]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

A little proud to hear the Netherlands have the highest use of Oracle Middleware products per head of the population in the world #ofmForum

clip_image166[1]AC @akhil_chandak ·  Mar 3

@soacommunity interesting data points on importance and future of Middleware

clip_image174[5]Mark Simpson @mark_gw ·  Mar 3

It's BYOC bring your own cloud - “@lonnekedikmans: @soacommunity but it is a *cloud* service. Did you put it in your suitecase?!? #ofmForum

clip_image105[4]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

@soacommunity but it is a *cloud* service. Did you put it in your suitecase?!? #confused #ofmForum

clip_image010[13]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Thanks to our partners we sell the most middleware per inhabit in the Netherlands - Andrew Sutherland #ofmForum

clip_image183[6]IoT Attack @iotattack ·  Mar 3

#OFM key investment themes; mobile, cloud, #IoT, big&fast data, engineered systems, digital business. #ofmForum #li

clip_image028[11]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

#spsolutions logo comes up at #ofmForum keynote!!, of course we were at ICS Beta program, @borland_c #soamythbusters

clip_image115[5]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

that is the intent - great progress to date @CertusCloud RT @soacommunity: Partners use Java Cloud Service to extend SaaS #ofmForum @azavery

clip_image105[5]Lonneke Dikmans @lonnekedikmans ·  Mar 3

not sure I understand why a beta on a cloud service has a designated location (HQ) #ofmForum

clip_image058[4]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

One hour into #ofmForum and it becomes clear what we will do the next years. Partners really need to be here or are out of business soon!

clip_image115[6]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

@ACED line up at #ofmForum is fantastic, although only two ladies me and @lonnekedikmans - but it doesn't stand in our way

clip_image107[6]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

Jurgen Kress says #ofmForum is the First international European #ACED Conference


clip_image044[21]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Am the "#API" guy!! #ofmForum and much better looking in that pic than in person lol


clip_image115[7]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

@CertusCloud have actually tried #PaaS4SaaS - going to share that story at #ofmForum - come ask me at UX stand cc @usableapps

clip_image009[10]Patrick Sinke @npu1974 ·  Mar 3

#OFM key investment themes; mobile, cloud, #IoT, big&fast data, engineered systems, digital business. #ofmForum #li


clip_image028[12]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Great to be at #ofmForum !!, i come from Mexico!, #soaCommunity #oracleace #spsolutions #budapest


clip_image058[5]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Mar 3

Amit Zavery shows a slide at #ofmForum with continued investments in on-premises offerings - I need an extra week each week to learn it all

clip_image010[14]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 3

Java Cloud Service in all data centers - huge demand - big service opportunity for partner e.g test and development systems @azavery

clip_image192[8]Stephan Vos @stephanrvos ·  Mar 3

My phone is buzzing like crazy here in NL because of all the #ofmForum tweets. Have fun you all! @soacommunity

clip_image005[5]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

ICS & PCS are pretty close (Spring timeframe). SOA Cloud Service will follow not long afterwards as will MCS. #ofmForum #atlast

clip_image005[6]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Amit Zavery starts the keynote at #ofmForum - news on Oracle Fusion Middleware. Some cloud, then some more cloud.


clip_image115[8]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

FMW portfolio growing all the time, and taking that to the cloud makes it flexible and attractive to an even wider audience #ofmForum

clip_image195Olve Slind @olveslind ·  Mar 3

The XX #ofmForum just started. Looking forward to the next four days! #budapest #oracle #fusion #middleware #sysco

clip_image020[9]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 3

@azavery #ofmForum discussing Oracle Middleware and Cloud strategy with #soaCommunity


clip_image044[22]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

#OFM = #cloud or #hybrid platform for #digital business. #ofmForum @soacommunity

Amit Zavery


clip_image115[9]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Amit Zavery giving keynote at #ofmForum - great him giving the credit for this event to @soacommunity

clip_image044[23]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

The @soacommunity is rocking!! And #SOACommunity is the largest #ofmForum


clip_image115[10]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 3

Quote from @soacommunity "we love Bob" - cc @OTNArchBeat

clip_image044[24]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Mar 3

Bob we all love you!! @OTNArchBeat #ofmForum @soacommunity



clip_image005[7]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

And now for the welcome event at #ofmForum - Jurgen Kress on stage @soacommunity

clip_image013[7]Yogesh Sontakke @Yogesh_Sontakke ·  Mar 3

Juergen Kress kicking off the #ofmForum 2015 in Budapest - exciting week ahead!

clip_image107[7]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 3

@lucasjellema describing how we work together on the MAF & SOA Suite live hacking demo for #ofmforum in Budapest: https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/03/preparation-for-live-mobile-hacking-with-an-ofm-12c-red-stack-budapest-2015/ …

clip_image025[1]Marcel Mertin @m_mertin ·  Mar 3

@ec4u_news @soacommunity @mschneew on our way from #FRA to #BUD. See you at #ofmForum

clip_image005[8]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

I'm prepared for my StreamExplorer demonstration as guest appearance in @VikasAatOracle 's session this afternoon at #ofmForum incl EDN link

clip_image005[9]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 3

Part One of a series on the MAF & SOA Suite live hacking demo with @lucb_ for #ofmforum in Budapest: https://technology.amis.nl/2015/03/03/preparation-for-live-mobile-hacking-with-an-ofm-12c-red-stack-budapest-2015/ … on AMIS Blog

clip_image092[9]Jan van Zoggel @jvzoggel ·  Mar 3

Part of 'Team Holland' toasting the start of #ofmForum 2015 in Budapest. Excited about tomorrows kickoff


clip_image028[13]Arturo Viveros @gugalnikov ·  Mar 3

Arriving in Budapest!!, ready for #ofmForum, 17 hour trip from Mexico City #soaCommunity

clip_image010[15]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

#ofmForum registration starts at 10.00 see you all for a great conference! Thanks for coming to Budapest ;-)


clip_image061[3]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 2

Great venue for #ofmforum

clip_image010[16]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Great start of the #ofmForum see you all tomorrow morning! Thanks for coming to Budapest ;-) tip 2 Digital Platform


clip_image209Marcel Amende @a_men_de ·  Mar 2

Just prepared the StreamExplorer demo for wed. #ofmForum , SX is RTM, by the way...


clip_image005[10]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Down there the #ofmForum welcome reception is kicking off. Time to have some fun with friends


clip_image005[11]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Juergen kicking off #ofmForum in Budapest with many friends


clip_image005[12]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Juergen doing the welcoming speech at #ofmForum in magical setting


clip_image061[4]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 2

Informal start of #ofmForum


clip_image019[15]Magnus Kihlbaum @MagnusKihlbaum ·  Mar 2

Starting up the #ofmForum with a drink and networking


clip_image091[3]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 2

Welcomedrink @ #ofmForum


clip_image069[5]Markus Neubauer @MarkusNeubauer ·  Mar 2

Arrived at the conference hotel for the @Oracle #ofmForum


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clip_image226[4]Ingo Reisky @IngoReisky ·  Mar 2

With @MoDJorg at the reception for #ofmForum in Budapest, great location!


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clip_image060[15]Michael Krebs @krebsle78 ·  Mar 2

Junior Suite AT Bosch Hotel is not that Bad.. #ofmforum

clip_image115[11]Debra Lilley @debralilley ·  Mar 2

http://ow.ly/i/8QBmk #ofmforum and a few people I recognise #fb #pretendingimtechnical

clip_image229[6]Simone Geib @SOASimone ·  Mar 2

Hve fun everybody RT @soacommunity: What will be the focus of the #ofmForum 2015? Sneak preview part 1 #soaCommunity


clip_image232Jan Van Hoef @janvanhoef ·  Mar 2

Help! @soacommunity is trying to get me drunk at #ofmForum and he just emptied a bottle of white wine in my glass. Plz send help!

clip_image010[17]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Join us for a #ofmForum welcome drink now at the Boscolo hotel lobby. Thanks for coming to Budapest ;-)

clip_image010[18]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

What will be the focus of the #ofmForum 2015? Sneak preview part 1 #soaCommunity

clip_image091[4]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Mar 2

Nice place to stay here in Budapest at #ofmForum

clip_image020[10]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 1

Budapest! #soacommunity (@ New York Café in Budapest) https://www.swarmapp.com/c/aDbag2bqs7N

clip_image020[11]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 2

#soacommunity : OFMW Forum Budapest!


clip_image076[1]Peter van der Meer @petervdmeer ·  Mar 2

Arrived this morning in Budapest and now waiting for a welcome drink as start of the #ofmforum,ready to meet our Oracle friends and partners

clip_image001[70]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Mar 2

Really like the view from my room at #ofmForum. Even my room is scary huge!


clip_image010[19]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Join us for a #ofmForum welcome drink tonight 7.00pm at the Boscolo hotel #soaCommunity

clip_image119[1]Ralf Mueller @ralf_mueller ·  Mar 2

Looking forward to meeting many friends and partners at #ofmForum in the next four days, thanks @soacommunity for organizing.

clip_image005[13]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Budapest seems ready for #ofmForum - Goulash was nice, weather is a little under the weather and hotel is very nice venue.Last preparations

clip_image072[14]Danilo Schmiedel @dschmied ·  Mar 2

Just downloaded the #ofmForum mobile app to be prepared for tomorrow :) Looking forward to meet a lot of friends in Budapest @soacommunity

clip_image010[20]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Welcome to the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum XX http://wp.me/p10C8u-3NS

clip_image006[10]Andreas Koop @andreaskoop ·  Mar 2

Arrived at Budapest for #ofmForum . Looking forward to a great conference!

clip_image059[3]✈ Usable Apps @usableapps ·  Mar 2

. Go @vladbabu at #ofmForum Make that Oracle Applications Cloud UX soar even higher! A must visit. More: http://oracle.com/usableapps .

clip_image107[8]luc bors @lucb_ ·  Mar 2

At Schiphol with @lonnekedikmans on our way to #ofmForum Looking forward to my #OracleMAF presentation with @lucasjellema on Wednesday.

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clip_image061[5]Richard Voorintholt @RiVoAtFuselogic ·  Mar 2

Luxurious room in the Boscolo #ofmForum


clip_image104[3]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 2

Arrived to Budapest for #ofmForum. Going to to the airport soon to meet @FlorinMarcus

clip_image239Contribute @ContributeInfo ·  Mar 2

We're going to Oracle's #ofmForum @ Budapest. @PascalVM1977 & @janvanhoef are ready for take-off.

clip_image069[6]Markus Neubauer @MarkusNeubauer ·  Mar 2

On the way to the @Oracle #ofmForum in Budapest.

clip_image010[21]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 2

Join us for a #ofmForum welcome drink tonight 7.00 pm at the Boscolo hotel #soaCommunity


clip_image242Schiphol @Schiphol ·  Mar 2

@MarcelvdGlind Hi Marcel! Have a great trip to Budapest. Any expectations or interests that you are looking for @ #ofmForum? ^RSO

clip_image002[6]VLAD BABU @VLADBABU ·  Mar 2

@Budapest for 2 days at #ofmForum.Interesting and innovative discussions on UX for Cloud Apps at UX demo station!

✈ Usable Apps ☁


clip_image098[5]Melvin van der Kuijl @Melvinvdk ·  Mar 2

In my way to the airport for the #ofmForum Looking forward to it!

clip_image106[4]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 2

Just arrived at Budapest for #ofmForum Morning flights get ready for some rock & roll during descent #windgusts

clip_image245Red Mavericks @RedMavericks ·  Mar 2

On our way to Budapest for the #ofmForum @soacommunity, piggybacked with @LinkConsulting

clip_image057[6]Grant Ronald @gwronald ·  Mar 2

Today heading off to #ofmForum in Budapest to present @OracleMobile and Cloud. Exciting new products to show in my Tuesday keynote!

clip_image142[1]jeqo @jeqo89 ·  Mar 2

Looking forward to my first #ofmForum! On the way to Budapest

clip_image087[2]Marcel van de Glind @MarcelvdGlind ·  Mar 2

Preparing to leave to Schiphol AirPort. Budapest here I come. Up for a great week #ofmForum

clip_image073[11]José Rodrigues @JoseRodBPM ·  Mar 2

On our way to #Oracle #fusion #middleware #soa #bpm #ofmForum #soaCommunity in Budapest. Stop at Munich for breakfast

clip_image093[1]leonsmiers @leonsmiers ·  Mar 2

Nice book! >“@soacommunity: Next Generation SOA: A Concise Introduction to Service Technology & Service-Orientation http://wp.me/p10C8u-3O7

clip_image018[12]Sten Vesterli @stenvesterli ·  Mar 2

My cat wants to join me on the trip to Budapest for #ofmForum


clip_image106[5]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis ·  Mar 2

Just about to board my flight to Budapest for #ofmForum

clip_image104[4]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 2

Red Samurai team is flying to #ofmForum from Lithuania, Romania and UK.

clip_image248[4]Jon petter hjulstad @Jphjulstad ·  Mar 2

On my way to Budapest #ofmForum

clip_image005[14]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Mar 2

Busy weekend with preparations for the #ofmForum in Budapest (I'm presenting on MAF & SOA

clip_image020[12]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Mar 1

Beat this Juergen #soaCommunity


clip_image010[22]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 1

Arrived at the Grand Budapest Hotel looking forward to a great conference #ofmForum send us a picture from your trip!

clip_image104[5]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb ·  Mar 1

Oracle Mobile Suite and Alta UI demo is ready for OFM'15 conference in Budapest. Ready to rock. :)

clip_image010[23]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 1

Thanks for 185+ attendees from Europe & around the world participate in the #ofmForum send us a picture from your trip to Budapest!

clip_image010[24]SOA Community @soacommunity ·  Mar 1

Ready for the #ofmForum 2015 - let us know what you expect & you are most interested? Good trip to Budapest! #soaCommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image116[1]☁ ultan @ultan ·  Mar 1

Awesome @soacommunity @pinterest board: https://www.pinterest.com/source/soacommunity.wordpress.com/ … UX is up there!

clip_image058[6]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Feb 28

On my way to@#ofmForum in Budapest. Looking forward to meet all of the participants and see the city.

clip_image058[7]A. Chatziantoniou @MagicChatzi ·  Feb 28

Almost correct s/Madrid/Budapest

clip_image251Oracle Learning Libr @OracleLL ·  Feb 28

IOT Sensor integration with Raspberry Pi: Released On: 02-Mar-15 IOT Sensor integration with Raspberry Pi http://bit.ly/1C6huQp

clip_image252Markus Lohn @MarkusLohn ·  Feb 27

New #esentri blog by Carsten Wiesbaum: ADF Fitness Center 2015 http://ift.tt/1vG39Ie #soacommunity

clip_image253[4]Frank Nimphius @fnimphiu ·  Feb 27

Looking forward to #ofmForum next week. Eager to present my session about ADF, Cloud and Mobile. Hopefully kicks off some discussions.

clip_image254[4]Florin Marcus @FlorinMarcus ·  Feb 27

@soacommunity @andrejusb #ofmForum A great conference needs a good song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHrLPs3_1Fs …

clip_image044[25]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Feb 27

Finished first chapter of #SOA and #API Governance #12c ! Great project with @borland_c & @gugalnikov see you all in #ofmForum @soacommunity

clip_image020[13]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle ·  Feb 27

Why I'm Excited About Oracle Integration Cloud Service - New Video #iPaaS #oracle #soa12c #cloud #PaaS https://blogs.oracle.com/SOA/entry/why_i_m_excited_about …

clip_image001[71]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Feb 27

Writing a blog about the road to becoming an #OracleACE. SPOILER it isn't easy @soacommunity @oracleace #rightchoices


clip_image001[72]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken ·  Feb 27

Reposted articles to own blog - http://soa-iot-and-beyond.blogspot.com - you can now find my blogs from the past year on it. @soacommunity #oracleace

clip_image257Charly Vogelsinger @ch_vogelsinger ·  Feb 26

Intense discussions on combining #ACM and #BPM - read more: http://bit.ly/1vCQHcd #bpmidays @bpmidays @skemsley


clip_image260[4]Steven Davelaar @stevendavelaar ·  Feb 27

Just published: Performance Study - Rest vs SOAP for Mobile Applications http://www.ateam-oracle.com/performance-study-rest-vs-soap-for-mobile-applications/ …


clip_image263Profit Online @OracleProfit ·  Feb 26

Oracle experts are on the lookout for 2015’s big trends #Cloud #IoT. http://bit.ly/1D5eJtQ


clip_image252[1]Markus Lohn @MarkusLohn ·  Feb 26

New #esentri blog by Markus Lohn: ADF Buch out now! Kostenloses Expertenwissen auf 1.000 Seiten http://ift.tt/1AulisI #soacommunity

clip_image092[10]Jan van Zoggel @jvzoggel ·  Feb 26

How to use the Domain Value Map (DVM) in Oracle Service Bus 12c http://wp.me/p1H430-zX #soacommunity #soasuite12c

clip_image091[5]raggadaz @raggadaz ·  Feb 25

Internet of Things (IoT) 12c Demo update http://wp.me/p10C8u-3K2 via @soacommunity

clip_image044[26]Luis Augusto Weir @Luisw19 ·  Feb 25

Looking forward for #ofmForum and meeting up with other @oracleace !!! Will arrive Monday at 9pm @soacommunity

clip_image005[15]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema ·  Feb 25

My proposal for OTN Virtual Technology Summit in May was accepted: https://community.oracle.com/ideas/3065 Leveraging OEP & SX to Impl Live Businss Monitor

clip_image104[6]Andrejus Baranovskis @andrejusb

Ready for OFM'15 conference in Budapest, next week. Large Red Samurai team crowd is attending !

clip_image115[12]Debra Lilley @debralilley

anyone arriving monday about 2100 for #ofmforum?want to share taxi, travel together?

clip_image171[1]infoMENTUM @infomentum ·

We'll be attending Oracle's #ofmForum in Budapest next week; come and say hello to us if you're there!


RT @robertvanmolken: @soacommunity Created a fresh VM today with API Catalog & Manager, SB, SOA, BPM, MFT & ESS


clip_image269OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat

#OTNVTS Middleware session: Real-World Testing for Scalable Applications. TODAY. 10:30am GMT http://ora.cl/o7D

clip_image270[4]Dain Hansen @dainsworld

Integrate cloud & on-premises applications using Oracle Integration #Cloud Service #OracleCloudDay http://bit.ly/1AdyKje

clip_image020[14]Vikas Anand @VikasAatOracle

Hear Oracle SVP Amit Zavery @Azavery on How to Avoid An Integration Debacle http://ow.ly/2Us5e5 #IPaaS

clip_image271Siva @svgonugu

using maven to deploy SOA and OSB projects http://wp.me/pEWnt-yD http://wp.me/pEWnt-z2 @soacommunity

clip_image115[13]Debra Lilley @debralilley

#ofmForum agenda looks excellent, and looking forward to sharing the @CertusCloud and @eProseed #PaaS4SaaS UX wksp - see you all next week

7 retweets 5 favorites

clip_image010[25]SOA Community @soacommunity

Let us know if you attend the #ofmForum Community Forum 2015 in Budapest want to know who participates https://www.facebook.com/soacommunity/events … #soaCommunity

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clip_image010[26]SOA Community @soacommunity ·

SOA & BPM Community Newsletter February 2015 http://wp.me/p10C8u-3NF

clip_image253[5]Frank Nimphius @fnimphiu ·

I’ve done my Slides for #ofmForum talk: "Going Digitally Native in the Enterprise - Extending Oracle ADF Applications to Mobile and Cloud"

clip_image272Whitehorses @whitehorsesnl ·

Whiteblog: Changes in JDeveloper 12c BPM simulations (http://goo.gl/n0K0yR )

clip_image269[1]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat ·

Oracle #BPM12c Advanced Error Handling and Recovery - Part 1, by @AntoniouAntonis http://ora.cl/3d9

clip_image273[4]Internet of Things @OracleIoT ·

Meet us at the Oracle #IoT Security Seminar, mark your calendars for Mar 19 (Paris) & Mar 26 (Munich) live events, http://www.m2mnow.biz/2015/02/20/29875-oracle-iot-security-seminar …

clip_image106[6]Antonis Antoniou @AntoniouAntonis

RT "Oracle #BPM12c Advanced Error Handling and Recovery - Part 1, by @AntoniouAntonis http://ora.cl/3d9 " | @OracleBPM @soacommunity

clip_image001[73]Robert van Mölken @robertvanmolken

@soacommunity Thanks!


clip_image269[2]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat

Free #OTNVTS Feb 25. Middleware sessions by @markrittman @mrainey @stewartbryson d

clip_image276[4]Gertjan van het Hof @GertjanvhHof

Oracle API Manager available for download. https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/downloads-for-oracle-api-manager-available-for-download/ …

clip_image102[8]Simon Haslam @simon_haslam ·

Also on Google Play :) RT @soacommunity: #ofmForum mobile iOS app with conference program available at Oracle Events 15

clip_image005[16]Lucas Jellema @lucasjellema

On the AMIS Blog: Oracle has introduced the API Manager - by @MaartenSmeetsNL - https://technology.amis.nl/2015/02/23/oracle-introduces-api-manager/ …

clip_image269[3]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat

Oracle SOA/Java/BPM integration specialist @MaartenSmeetsNL shares his perspective on Oracle API Manager. http://ora.cl/tHB

clip_image270[5]Dain Hansen @dainsworld

Oracle and Gartner on Integration challenges on cloud: http://bit.ly/17pV9zZ #Oracle #paas #ipaas

clip_image269[4]OTNArchBeat @OTNArchBeat

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