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  • July 28, 2014

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – July 2014

Juergen Kress
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clip_image001Jon petter hjulstad Best improvements in SOA 12c is BAM- improvements in so many ways!

clip_image002Whitehorses Whiteblog: Create a 12c development server from the SOA 12c Quickstart (http://goo.gl/cSSlVH )

clip_image003Sofbang LLC Scaling or Expanding @OracleMiddle #SOASuite12c? Check out part 1 of a 3 series blog: http://bit.ly/1okM0Ng @soacommunity

clip_image001[1]Jon petter hjulstad What's new in Oracle Event Processing 12c? - http://sysco.no/blogg/whats-new-in-oracle-event-processing-12c/ …

clip_image004Robert van Mölken Next #12c Blog by Tim Askamp "#SOASuite12c: Getting started in 30 minutes" http://ift.tt/1qdElSd @soacommunity

clip_image005Edwin Biemond Also Vagrant Virtualbox with #weblogic 12.1.3 OSB & SOA with BPM, BAM, ESS & B2B is ready, https://github.com/biemond/biemond-orawls-vagrant-12.1.3-infra-soa … pic.twitter.com/jOcUwSyolU

clip_image004[1]Robert van Mölken Just published #SOASuite12c: Weekend Roundup http://technology.amis.nl/2014/06/30/soa-suite-12c-weekend-roundup/ … - our recap of the last few days @soacommunity @AMIS_Services @OracleSOA

clip_image004[2]Robert van Mölken Some AIA features are now in SOA Core. Like Code Compliance Checker in JDev. Click a project and then on the shield.. pic.twitter.com/3RLnZ4vW3L


clip_image008Dain Hansen Oracle Embraces JSON and #RESTful #APIs http://api.pw/1nSiyuO pic.twitter.com/G4TyMIoV9l via @programmableweb #enterprisemobility


clip_image011Luis Augusto Weir New in #SOASuite12c and also 12c #AIA and #OER backward compatibility table in http://www.soa4u.co.uk/2014/06/new-in-soa-suite-12c-and-aiafpoer.html … @soacommunity @OTNArchBeat @manelrosa


clip_image014prasanthjames Riding the #12c wave. Finally made up time to get my hands on the SOA suite installer @soacommunity. One installer does it all? Super good.

@soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image015Ronald Rood At last my tl cools a bit down after the @soacommunity blogathon. An amazing nr of blogs published in 50 hrs. Nice job @AMIS_Services !

clip_image016AMIS, Oracle & Java Last blog post of today: #SOASuite12c: Neat feature in SB Pipelines: Disable/Enable Activity to ease development http://technology.amis.nl/2014/06/27/soa-suite-12c-neat-little-feature-in-service-bus-pipelines-disableenable-activity-to-ease-development …

clip_image016[1]AMIS, Oracle & Java 50+ hour #SOASuite12c #BPMSuite12c blog-a-thon has ended. @AMIS_Services published a total of 25 blogs. Tomorrow recap and write fresh blogs

clip_image017Simone Geib Must read! RT @robertvanmolken: 50+ hour #SOASuite12c #BPMSuite12c blog-a-thon has ended. @AMIS_Services published a total of 25 blogs....

clip_image018gschmutz @gschmutz Today is the day we have waited for :-) Oracle just released Oracle SOA Suite 12c! Congrats!

clip_image020clip_image021Markus Lohn Oracle SOA Suite 12c: Mehr Schwung mit neuem Feature-Set http://ift.tt/1jRiABY

clip_image001[14]Torsten Winterberg Upgrade of #acm project from Oracle BPM Suite 11g to 12c was smooth! Only one hour including installation of bpm 12c! @soacommunity

clip_image002[4]C2B2 Consulting BPM Suite 12c is available for download http://hub.am/1nZaARP @soacommunity #JavaEE #Oracle #SOASuite

clip_image003[4]Lucas Jellema Great introduction to verbal business rules and business phrases in BPM Suite 12c by @MarcelvdGlind : http://technology.amis.nl/2014/06/27/soabpm-suite-12c-oracle-business-rules-verbal-rules/ …

clip_image004[18]Jang-Vijay Singh @soacommunity @OracleBPM I know the blogathon ended bt here I am http://weblog.singhpora.com/2014/06/first-take-on-soabpm-suite-12c.html … Some observations on #BPMSuite11g nothing profound

clip_image007[6]Danilo Schmiedel @soacommunity See my screencast "Oracle BPM 12c - Quick Start Installation" http://youtu.be/JoPOSAt2VGo clip_image009[4]YouTube

clip_image010[6]Jon petter hjulstad Groovy scripting support in BPM 12c- I like that!

clip_image008[1]Dain Hansen 12c Partner Resource Kits #SOASuite12c http://tinyurl.com/soa12ckit #BPMSuite12c http://tinyurl.com/bpm12ckit #WebLogic http://tinyurl.com/wls12ckit


Dain Hansen This pic says it all....@soacommunity: @dschmied Installing #SOASuite12c http://inside-bpm-and-soa.blogspot.com #soacommunity pic.twitter.com/qMuCUfNXJw



clip_image028Scott Haaland @AMIS_Services excellent write up on Coherence adapter Lucas! @ramkumarmenon @VikasAatOracle

clip_image029Simon Haslam Two node #SOASuite12c OSB cluster provisioning was pretty quick & painless :) pic.twitter.com/HcQertZbBY


clip_image004[3]Robert van Mölken Next #12c Blog by @lucasjellema #SOASuite12c: Property window for inspecting and editing BPEL activ... http://ift.tt/1iFlcbo @soacommunity

clip_image032Vikas Anand Great Job EMEA Partners : showed rest of the world the way :) #SOASuite12c is momentous release!! rock on #soacommunity Cheers !! clip_image033

clip_image034Lucas Jellema Last blog post of today: #SOASuite12c: Neat feature in SB Pipelines: Disable/Enable Activity to ease development

clip_image035Rajesh Raheja Oracle SOA Suite 12c - with advanced cloud integration capabilities! http://finance.yahoo.com/news/oracle-unveils-oracle-soa-suite-153000107.html …

clip_image036Greg Opie That was easy...Just finished installing #SOASuite12c. QuickStart install takes just minutes.

clip_image028[1]Scott Haaland @soacommunity It's a throw down by Juergen!

clip_image028[2]Scott Haaland Are you awake Americas and APAC? EMEA partners are blogging up a storm on #SOASuite12c Are you up to the challenge? #SOA @soacommunity

clip_image034[1]Lucas Jellema #SOASuite12c : substantial changes in BAM 12c (Business Activity Monitoring) - live, dynamic dashboards -

clip_image014[1]prasanthjames #SOASuite12C Installed my #12c in ~6 mins; cpl more mins for a composite. Liking it! @OracleMiddle @soacommunity pic.twitter.com/NQYOyQPWTr

clip_image001[16]Ahmed Aboulnaga Yes, I'm late in sharing the exciting news (had to take care of the twins this week) but #Oracle #SOASuite12c is out! http://goo.gl/eCz5RG

clip_image002[6]Jang-Vijay Singh @soacommunity @OracleBPM Just installed #BPMSuite12c on my intel i7/8G machine. 9 minutes for the installation. configuring domain now...

clip_image002[7]Jang-Vijay Singh @soacommunity @MarcelvdGlind @heidibuelowBPM @OracleBPM 9 minutes. Started at 1:21AM & here's my screenshot at 1:30! pic.twitter.com/kJc7E5kAxU


clip_image005Leandro Pantoja @soacommunity Oracle Business Process Composer #BPMSuite12c #BusinessArchitecture #BAProject pic.twitter.com/Z7ATJfWTrL


clip_image008[10]Melvin van der Kuijl Done here in 20min #BPMSuite12c @soacommunity pic.twitter.com/ZuEloE7gNE


clip_image004[19]Jang-Vijay Singh Collaboration support bw composer & studio seems much better in #BPMSuite12c @soacommunity @OracleBPM #SOASuite12c pic.twitter.com/SvXhAyn74W


clip_image001[2]Jon petter hjulstad How can others now compete with Oracle SOA/BPM? This is a complete, mature and consolidated platform!

clip_image008[3]Dain Hansen What to pack: sleeping bag, sun block, sugary snacks, and mobile device. SOA Suite 12c summer camp is here:

clip_image037Jan van Zoggel Using the clone ability to duplicate a Service Bus 12c project #SOASuite12c #soacommunity http://wp.me/p1H430-xI

clip_image038OTNArchBeat Webcast: Introducing Oracle SOA Suite 12c. Wed July 30, 10am PDT, 1pm EDT. Register now! http://ora.cl/kaL

clip_image017[1]Simone Geib Curious about upgrade from #oraclesoa 11g to #soasuite12c? Check out the upgrade videos http://ow.ly/yvO90

clip_image002[1]Whitehorses Whiteblog: Getting started with Oracle Service Bus 12c: importing 11g sources (http://goo.gl/xjkt3t )

clip_image037[1]Jan van Zoggel Installing Oracle SOA Suite 12.1.3 for developers http://wp.me/p1H430-wA

clip_image002[2]Whitehorses Whiteblog: Oracle SOA Suite 12c is out! (http://goo.gl/8DFWlF )

clip_image015[1]Ronald Rood Wow, my tl completely exploded on the #SOA12c release. Lots of exitement going on after very long beta period.

clip_image001[3]Jon petter hjulstad I love the upgrade videos for SOA 12c!

clip_image017[2]Simone Geib Love it :) RT @AMIS_Services: Blog by Lucas Jellema: "SOA Suite 12c: The demise of the OSB and … the glorious birth of the SB"...

clip_image039demed Just landed in SFO and greeted by storm of tweets to announce our release of #oraclesoa 12c!

clip_image034[2]Lucas Jellema @AMIS_Services has published 7 blog-articles today. And counting... http://technology.amis.nl/ Provisioning, SOA Suite 12c, ADF 12.1.3, ...

clip_image034[3]Lucas Jellema #SOASuite12c Videos by Product Managers - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKCk3OyNwIzvwLnhrDH80kvZ-xwmJTkuC … 10 minute movies demonstrate cool new features

clip_image040Sylvain GROSJEAN OSB 12c is out http://sgrosjean.blogspot.fr/2014/06/osb-12c-is-coming-out-with-new-features.html … @OracleSOA @soacommunity

clip_image041Oracle Learning Libr Working with Oracle Managed File Transfer 12c: Released On: 2014-06-26 Working with Oracle Managed File Transfer 12c http://bit.ly/UMWvyF

clip_image017[3]Simone Geib Oracle SOA Suite 12c podcast series: http://ow.ly/yuoP7 #oraclesoa

clip_image042Rolando Carrasco Maybe not in fútbol,but what about Oracle SOA 12c #soasuite12c . My first OSB 12c approach http://oracleradio.blogspot.mx/2014/06/oracle-service-bus-12c-una-primera.html …

clip_image001[4]Jon petter hjulstad Cool! Error Hospital in Oracle SOA Suite 12c

clip_image017[4]Simone Geib So glad you like it! RT @jricardoferreir: SOA Suite 12c rocks! Just installed in and in 30 minutes I got all SOA Suite, up and running...

clip_image043Amit Zavery #oracle #SOA Suite 12c available now! Exciting new features for #cloud, #mobile, #IoT, on-prem #integration. http://lnkd.in/bK73KdC

clip_image034[4]Lucas Jellema The first article on SOA Suite 12c on the AMIS Blog - with the most striking new features: http://technology.amis.nl/2014/06/26/soa-suite-12c-new-features-summary/ … by

clip_image017[5]Simone Geib Want to know what's new in SOA Suite 12c? Read the white paper http://ow.ly/yu9Mz #oraclesoa

clip_image001Marcel van de Glind@soacommunity @heidibuelowBPM @OracleBPM After download install in about 15 to 20 minutes pic.twitter.com/GKXfpb9Dpr

clip_image003[6]clip_image004[24]Greg Opie #BPMSuite12c QuickStart install to load my social media feedback project in 20 minutes!@heidibuelowBPM @soacommunity pic.twitter.com/Dx6ftQ80L9

clip_image006clip_image007[10]Heidi Buelow My hero @AMIS_Services: Blog by Marcel van de Glind: "SOA/BPM Suite 12c: OBR – MS Excel Integration" http://ift.tt/1nPQmZB

clip_image008[12]Ralf Mueller Oracle BPM Suite 12c available for download.

clip_image007[11]Heidi Buelow Announcing #Oracle #BPMSuite12c - Intelligent adaptive processes driving digital transformations #bpm http://bit.ly/1qBENce

clip_image009AMIS, Oracle & Java Blog by Lucas Jellema: "BPM Suite 12c: Quick Start installation – 20 minutes and good to go" http://ift.tt/1mpFkZz

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