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  • January 11, 2015

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – January 2015

Juergen Kress
PaaS Partner Adoption

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clip_image001SOA Community Want to speak at on Oracle conference? See our call for papers wiki https://so/call-for-papers/ … #soaCommunity please add your conference!clip_image002Melvin van der Kuijl SOA Suite #12c Beta exam 1Z1-434 available. Todo list for next year fills already! http://tinyurl.com/ppjy8rt @soacommunity

clip_image003Debra Lilley Why not submit to #oug_ire it's going to be a great event http://www.ukoug.org/2015-evee+-+Take+2 … #ukoug

clip_image004Alex Nemirovskis What is Oracle Developer Cloud Service? http://wp.me/p10C8u-3mJ via @soacommunity

clip_image005Rolando Carrasco Different alternatives for SOA and BPM 12c developers http://ora-el.html … @soacommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image005[1]Rolando Carrasco Errors while starting SOA Suite 11g cluster http://oracleradio.blogspot.mx/2014/12/oracle-soa-suite-11g.html … @soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image006Packt Publishing Every eBook very book, every topic – grab a range of eBooks and videos for $5 http://bit.ly/Packt5D #packt5dollar

clip_image007Antonis Antoniou #BPMSuite12c Gateways (Part 5 of 5): Event-based Gateway http://antonis-antoniou.blogs-part-5-of-5.html … | @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OTNArchBeat

clip_image008Siva #soa12c #edn mapping business event to custom topic http://wp.me/pEWnt-v3 @soacommunity

clip_image009Bruno Neves Alves New B2B 12c article - How to set up transport callout on generic HTTP Channels: http://goo.gl/J7hUq3 @soacommunity @eProseed @Oracle_B2B

clip_image001[1]SOA Community Happy Holiday & a great start in 2015 from the SOA & BPM Partner Community! #soaCommunity @OracleSOA @OracleBPM


clip_image001[2]SOA Community Updated #soaCommunity training calendar https://beehiveonline.oracle.com/teamcollab/er+Trainings … … (membership required http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa )

clip_image006[1]Packt Publishing Get to know the tech world a little better with our $5 eBook bonanza http://bit.ly/Packt5D #packt5dollar

clip_image012OTNArchBeat Top Tweets - December 16-22 #OBIEE #Hyperion #ODI #SOASuite, more http://ora.cl/7yQ

clip_image007[1]Antonis Antoniou #BPMSuite12c Gateways (Part 4 of 5): Complex Gateway http://antonis-antoniou.blogspot.comf-5.html … | @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OTNArchBeat

clip_image013Lonneke Dikmans @OTechMag published my article on mobile architecture in http://otechmag.com/magazine/2r%202014.pdf …

clip_image012[1]OTNArchBeat Getting Started with the #REST Adapter in #OEP12c | @jrferreir http://ora.cl/ahX

clip_image014Red Mavericks Our article http://goo.gl/9LfaJI on December's @soacommunity newsletter https:/ty_newsletter_december … #BPMN #BPM12c #baot


clip_image017Emiel Paasschens Uploaded my #ukoug slides about Advanced Message Validation in #oracle #SOA Suite with #Schematron: http://www.slideshare.net/emielpaasschens/schematron-42646262 … @soacommunity

clip_image017[1]Emiel Paasschens Uploaded #ukoug slides about #ACM Patterns & Best Practices of #Oracle Adaptive Case Management: http://www.slideshare.net/emielpal … @soacommunity #SOA

clip_image018orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Getting Started with the REST Adapter in OEP 12c http://ow.ly/2Sskt5

clip_image006[2]Packt Publishing What will you get?! Grab all out eBooks and videos for just $5 http://bit.ly/Packt5D #packt5dollar

clip_image019leonsmiers A must read!>“@soacommunity: Working on a #BPMSuite project? Read http://www.ateam-oracl-bpm-11g12c/ … by Mark Forster #soaCommunity #BPM12c @OracleBPM

clip_image012[2]OTNArchBeat Top Ten 2 Minute Tech Tip Videos for 2014. Leaders: @LucasJellema @RichNiemiec @LuisW19 #2MTT http://ora.cl/cjU

clip_image008[1]Siva EDN logging http://wp.me/pEWnt-uC #soa12c @soacommunity

clip_image001[3]SOA Community Submit your article for the IV #soaMagazine http://soacommunity.com/index.php/magazine … - specially looking for best practice of #SOA12c & #BPM12c #soaCommunity

clip_image020Oracle How can #Java help with your #IoT device strategy? http://bit.ly/12MYG8S

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clip_image009[1]Bruno Neves Alves Oracle SOA Suite/B2B as a Critical Mission Hub for a High Volume Message Use Case http://goo.gl/C622Ny #UKOUG @eProseed @soacommunity

clip_image012[3]OTNArchBeat #SOASuite12c: Topology Suggestions | Jay Kasi http://ora.cl/YhA

clip_image012[4]OTNArchBeat #BPM Workspace Login with libOVD and LDAP - Part 2: Login | Siming Mu http://ora.cl/nxe

clip_image012[5]OTNArchBeat Facebook Friday: Top 10 Posts for Dec 12-18 #BPM #Coherence #IoT #Mobile #OBIEE #Security #WebCenter http://ora.cl/ovJ

clip_image009[2]Bruno Neves Alves Another article from Oracle B2B 12c What's New series. How to activate my listening channels in bulk? http://goo.gl/Db3elj @soacommunity

clip_image001[4]SOA Community thanks for all the SOA Community articles in the top 10 of OTN SOA Articles in 2014 http://wp.me/p10C8u-3nC

clip_image005[2]Rolando Carrasco Recorded webinar of SOA Suite 12c - Industrial SOA and Developer Productivity https://www.yofeature=youtu.be … @soacommunity @gugalnikov @oracleace

clip_image021AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Protecting Sensitive Data in Oracle SOA Suite 12c http://bit.ly/AVIO_SOA12cSensitiveData … #oraclefmw

clip_image001[5]SOA Community December edition of the #soaCommunity newsletter read it http://tinycember2014 … @OracleSOA @OracleBPM @ORCLPartnerBiz @Oracle please RTclip_image012[6]OTNArchBeat Top 10 Things You Should Know About BPM 11g/12c >> from members of the Fusion Middleware A-Team http://ora.cl/3ZN

clip_image012[7]OTNArchBeat Oracle #BPM 12c Gateways (Part 3 of 5): Parallel Gateway, by @AntoniouAntonis http://ora.cl/avW

clip_image007[2]Antonis Antoniou #BPMSuite12c Gateways (Part 3 of 5): Parallel Gateway http://antonis-antoniou.brt-3-of-5.html … | @soacommunity @OracleBPM @OTNArchBeat

clip_image014[1]Red Mavericks New Article! Pilot #BPMN process with Process Composer:http://goo.gl/8N48lg @soacommunity @manelrosa #BPM12c #baot

clip_image023clip_image024Torsten Winterberg Did presentation today with Markus about our Cloud PoC: integrated Salesforce/Veeva with SAP. Went very well! #SOASuite12c

clip_image012[8]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit #middleware #mobile preos by @lonnekedimans @gschmutz @lucb_ now on demand http://ora.cl/K7W

clip_image025Oracle Mobile Oracle Mobile Update webcast is tomorrow 10AM PT! http://bit.ly/1wD3REr #Oracle #mobile

clip_image009[3]Bruno Neves Alves What's new on Oracle B2B? First of a series of blog posts about fantastic B2B features: http://goo.gl/d1wTmi

clip_image026OPN Business Center Oracle Fusion Middleware EMEA Partner Community Forum – March 3-4 https://blogs.oracle.com/emeavadnews/rtner …

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clip_image001[6]SOA Community Distribute the #soaCommunity newsletter December edition read it! Didn’t receive it – register http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa @OracleSOA @OracleBPM

clip_image027Oracle UPK & Tutor What’s New in UPK 12.1? And beyond…: Join us at our December 18th webcast! Just upg... http://bit.ly/1IVwT7y

clip_image028Lucas Jellema Good article on EDN in SOA Suite 12c by Sivakumar - http://svgonugu.wordpress.com/2014-soa-suite-12c/ …

clip_image001[7]SOA Community SOA Suite 12c: The LDAP Adapter, a quick and easy tutorial by Maarten Smeets http://wp.me/p10C8u-3jR

clip_image029C2B2 Consulting

Take a look at our SOA implementation road map http://hubs.ly/y0mW5-0 anything we can help you with? #SOA #JavaEE


clip_image032A. Chatziantoniou just booked the hotel and flight for #ofmForum in #Budapest - will spend the weekend before that with my wife in the city - looking forward

clip_image012[9]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit 8 sessions on #middleware #mobiledev #mobilearch now available on demand http://ora.cl/5Wa

clip_image033Frank Munz . @soacommunity: SOA12c -Service Bus Resequencer by Vivek Garg http://wp.me/p10C8u-3jL < interesting new OSB 12c feature!

clip_image012[10]OTNArchBeat Top 10 Most Popular OTN #SOA Articles in 2014. >> Congrats to the authors. http://ora.cl/AzK

clip_image017[2]Emiel Paasschens Now @SOASimone is telling interesting thingy's about the roadmap of SOA Suite, which I am not allowed to tweet about @AMIS_Services

clip_image034Ronald Luttikhuizen Fault Handling and Prevention ... - Part 2 is listed, so really need to write part 3 and 4 with @gschmutz

clip_image035Oracle Middleware Thanks to all of the attendees at the Oracle booth and sessions at #Gartneraadi. Latest Oracle PaaS assets are here. http://ora.cl/VZV

clip_image036Simon Haslam .@soacommunity Wow - you must be nearly full! The OFM 12c releases must be very interesting to EMEA partners :)

clip_image037Robert van Mölken @SOASimone started the night with a few overview slides, but quickly changed to demoing #SOASuite12c


clip_image040Oracle BPM Gangadhar Konduri @gkonduri reveals Oracle's Cloud Strategy #GartnerBPM


clip_image018[1]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: BPM Workspace Login with libOVD and LDAP, Part 1: Configuration and Startup http://ow.ly/2RWjHV

clip_image040[1]Oracle BPM Cool UI, slick Demo Oracle Process Cloud Service #GartnerBPM @gkonduri Augustus Ballroom #209 12pm-2pm for live demos


clip_image040[2]Oracle BPM 60,000 customized business processes. Vertafore succeeds with Oracle BPM #GartnerBPM

clip_image037[1]Robert van Mölken Masterclass is one hour in the making. @lucasjellema is talking en demoing the #ServiceBus.


clip_image028[1]Lucas Jellema Very few seats left for the great Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Forum, March 3-6 Budapest; go to http://www.tinyurl.com/ofmForum2015 @soacommunity

clip_image040[3]Oracle BPM Vertafore iBPMS architecture built on red - Oracle BPM @gkonduri rocks #GartnerBPMclip_image048

clip_image040[4]Oracle BPM BPM on your #mobile Oracle BPM live demos Augustus Ballroom #209 12pm-2pm #GartnerBPM @gkonduri @MeeraOracleBPM


clip_image040[5]Oracle BPM Deep and rich process analytics Oracle BPM at #GartnerBPM stop by Oracle booth 209 @MeeraOracleBPM @gkonduri


clip_image053jeqo running @OracleBPM 12c Quickstart on AWS EC2 http://jeqo.github.io/blog/cloud/run-bpm-12c-aws/ … @soacommunity

clip_image054Ronald Rood On Jan 13 there is a kick-off for the #OGh_nl Fusion Middleware SIG. #ofm register here: https://www.ogh.nl/page.aspx?event=247 …

clip_image055Oracle Learning Libr Oracle Unified Method - Level 1 -Navigating OUM Video: Released On: 12/10/2014 http://bit.ly/1x3zB75

clip_image056Jessica Ray New @avioconsulting Blog by @adolan_soa_bpm @OracleBPM 12c Migration A Deep Dive into a Simple 10g Process Migration http://bit.ly/1yA0hb3

clip_image012[11]OTNArchBeat #BPM Process Patterns using #BPMN >> Video Tech Tip by #OracleACE Dan Atwood: http://ora.cl/5Gh

clip_image001[8]SOA Community only 26% of the seats left for the Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 http://www.tinyurl.com/ofmForum2015 #soaCommunity #ofmForum

clip_image057O-box Final day at #ukoug_tech14 - drop by for a technical chat about deploying your SOA platform on ODA!

clip_image058Jon petter hjulstad A Chef Cookbook for Oracle Fusion Middleware 12c - http://sysco.no/blogg/a-chef-cookbook-fare-12c/ …

clip_image059Carsten Wiesbaum New @esentri: "@OracleBPM Suite 12c – Grundlagen: Activities, Events und Gateways" by @cweberruss - http://www.esentri.ceways/ … @soacommunity

clip_image001[9]SOA Community Add your events & trainings to our #soaCommunity send calendar invite to SOAEvent@gmail.com http://www.soa-community.com/index.php/events …#soaCommunity

clip_image012[12]OTNArchBeat Free @OracleOTN Summit - 8 #middleware #mobile #appdev #architecture presos now on demand http://ora.cl/0XY

clip_image060Vikas Anand Build Mobile but avoid #integration spaghetti : @mpezziniGartner #GartnerAADI #soa12c #soacommunity

clip_image061Yogesh Sontakke Great #ukoug_tech14 day talking on Enterprise Mobile and Tips & Tricks with @SOASimone. Gr8 catchup w/customers & partners! @soacommunity

clip_image053[1]jeqo A Cookbook to install/configure Oracle FMW on Chef Supermarket @chef @soacommunity http://jeqo.github.io/blog/devops/chef

clip_image036[1]Simon Haslam .@SOASimone talking about Business Insights - a new theme for upcoming SOA releases #ukoug_tech14

clip_image063clip_image064AMIS, Oracle & Java The ultimate overview of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 is available - a 90 page white paper by @AMIS_Services . Download from http://www.amis.nl/en/nieuws/amis-updates/inschrijven-oracle-openworld-whitepaper-2014 …

clip_image001[10]SOA Community Channel questions about SOA & BPM? Post them in the discussion forum http://tinyurl.com/qasoacommunity membership required http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa

clip_image036[2]Simon Haslam "SOA Administration" is anything that's not dev, like NoSQL is anything that's not SQL: @Jphjulstad at #ukoug_tech14


clip_image014[2]Red Mavericks New article here:http://goo.gl/8N48lg . @Yogesh_Sontakke @soacommunity #BPM12c #BPM #baot @OracleMiddle @OracleBPM


clip_image069Ayalla Goldschmidt #paas powers Digital business. Please join us in the New Year at the #Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum http://bit.ly/PaaSForum

clip_image018[2]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Top 10 Things You Should Know About BPM 11g/12c http://ow.ly/2SfrdN

clip_image070Marcel Mertin Registration done, Confirmation pending. Looking forward to attend the #ofmForum in Budapest

clip_image018[3]orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: BPM Workspace Login with libOVD and LDAP, Part 2: Login http://ow.ly/2SiUVH

clip_image021[1]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Deep Dive into a Simple 10g Process Migration http://bit.ly/AVIO_BPM12cMigrationExample … #oraclebpm

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