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  • February 15, 2015

Top tweets SOA Partner Community – February 2015

Juergen Kress
PaaS & Middleware Partner Adoption

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clip_image001Luis Augusto Weir Excellent #cloud #integration article http://www.oracle.com/us/corporate/fdex.html …

clip_image002Dain Hansen Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum - Cloud Integration Session http://ow.ly/2TUfqZ #ipaas

clip_image002[1]Dain Hansen Oracle recognizes customers & partners making digital disruption an opportunity for innovation: http://bit.ly/1ztIjdu via @OracleMagazine

clip_image003SOA Community Tame the Cloud Integration Beast http://wp.me/p10C8u-3Ip

clip_image004OTNArchBeat Building a Scalable, Highly Available #OAG11g Infrastructure in a #Cloud Environment, by @feitnomore http://ora.cl/K5f

clip_image005Oracle.IMC Partner Webcast – Extending Oracle Applications with Oracle Fusion Middleware Platform: http://youtu.be/9sUNcpoRP1U?a via @YouTube

clip_image006Red Expert Alliance Oracle BPM 12c Migration - A Deep Dive into a Simple 10g Process Migration | @AVIOConsulting http://ow.ly/HvL1A

clip_image007Robert van Mölken #Oracle #API #Catalog provides a layer of visibility to APIs! Simple Asset Model, Automated Population & Dashboard ++


clip_image006[1]Red Expert Alliance Protecting Sensitive Data in Oracle SOA Suite 12c by @avioconsulting http://ow.ly/HvKRu

clip_image010OPN Business Center OPN PartnerCasts - ISV Partner Program Update on Oracle Cloud Marketplace, PaaS, and Engineered Systems http://ora.cl/KaG

clip_image011Antonis Antoniou Read my article on #OracleBPM12c Gateways in #soaMagazine edition IV available at http://soacommunity.com/index.php/magazine …

clip_image012Danilo Schmiedel Excellent content in the 4th edition of the SOA Magazine. Get it from http://soacommunity.com/images/5.pdf … @soacommunity

clip_image011[1]Antonis Antoniou Excellent wealth of information in #soaMagazine IV - available at http://soacommunity.com/ … | @soacommunity

clip_image013Oracle Tech Network Register Now - OTN Virtual Technology Summit - February 11, 2015 http://ora.cl/x2x

clip_image007[1]Robert van Mölken Started working on my #ofmForum presentation & demo - #APIManagement – An Overview of API Catalog and API Manager - https://blogs.oracle.com/soacommunity/entry/api_management_an_overview_of …

clip_image007[2]Robert van Mölken Excellent read! "@soacommunity: Cloud Computing Definition & Architecture for Cloud Service Brokers http://wp.me/p10C8u-3H3

clip_image014Middleware Bot API Management – An Overview of API Catalog & API Manager by & at ofmForum http://bit.ly/1zhUiOv

clip_image015leonsmiers Nice!!! >“@soacommunity: Cloud Computing Definition & Architecture for Cloud Service Brokers http://wp.me/p10C8u-3H3

clip_image002[2]Dain Hansen Cloud Integration will dominate. Experts talk what they think will be the biggest SOA and IT trends in 2015: http://bit.ly/15f7EwE

clip_image016Stephan Vos Great Saturday afternoon read... #soaMagazine VI #soaCommunity


clip_image007[3]Robert van Mölken Want to receive the SOA Magazine when it comes out? Subscribe to it now - http://soacommunity.com/index.php/magazine …

clip_image019Rolando Carrasco Oracle API Catalog installation 014/11/instalacion-de-oracle-api-catalog-1213.html … How to edit and API r-una-apiservicio-en-oracle.html … @soacommunity #APIcatalog12c & #OER12c

clip_image007[4]Robert van Mölken Yesterday @soacommunity published their SOA Magazine edition IV - http://bit.ly/1Dr5gii - #BPEL vs. #OSB, #API #Catalog, #IndustrialSOA

clip_image003[1]SOA Community #soaMagazine IV is available at http://www.soacommunity.com thanks to all contributors! #soaCommunity


clip_image022Marcello Marinho New #SOAmagazine online: http://www.soacommunity.com/images/soamagazie_3_10_2014_min.pdf …

clip_image023Δhmed Δboulnaga Quite a detailed article discussing #BPEL versus #OSB by @borland_c and @gugalnikov in #SOAMagazine. http://soacommunity.com/images/pdf/SOA%20Magazine%20IV%2001.2015.pdf …

clip_image024AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Five Tools for Debugging Oracle SOA Suite http://bit.ly/FiveToolsDebugSOA … #oraclefmw

clip_image019[1]Rolando Carrasco Our article published in the SOA Magazine @soacommunity . Episode #1: BPEL vs OSB http://soacommunity.com/images/pdf/SOA%20Magazine%20IV%2001.2015.pdf …

clip_image007[5]Robert van Mölken Read all about #Oracle #API #Catalog in the new SOA Magazine edition IV from @soacommunity - http://www.soacommunity.com/images/pdf/SOA%20Magazine%20IV%2001.2015.pdf … - starting on page 44.

clip_image025Bruno Neves Alves SOA Magazine IV is out! Focused in Industrial SOA with interesting B2B article http://www.soacommunity.com/images/pdf/SOA%20Magazine%20IV%2001.2015.pdf … @soacommunity @Oracle_B2B @eProseed

clip_image026Arturo Viveros SOA Mythbusters Episode #1 in SOA Magazine!! http://soacommunity.Magazine%20IV%2001.2015.pdf … @soacommunity @SOAScott @borland_c @oracleace


clip_image002[3]Dain Hansen Aim for the Cloud. SOA Mythbusters Episode 1 http://soacommunity.com/images/pdf/SOA%20Magazine%20IV%2001.2015.pdf … @soacommunity @SOAScott @borland_c @oracleace


clip_image003[2]SOA Community Link Consulting SOA Suite 12c and BPM Suite 12c Launch in Portugal http://wp.me/p10C8u-3GJ

clip_image003[3]SOA Community SOA & BPM Community Newsletter January 2015 - read it! https://soacommunity.wordpress.com/2015/01/28/soa-bpm-community-newsletter-january-2015/ … #soaCommunity @OracleMiddle


clip_image004[1]OTNArchBeat Archive Podcast: Taking Charge: Meeting SOA Governance Challenges w/ @luisw19 @manelrosa et al http://ora.cl/Vuv

clip_image033Oracle Hardware The #IoT will be huge. Is your IT infrastructure ready to support it? http://ora.cl/T1M


clip_image036Internet of Things Smart Cities Leverage #IoT good article, #Smartcities Lead To Smarter Citizens http://www.forbes.com/sites/oracle/2015/01/16/smart-cities-lead-to-smarter-citizens/ …

clip_image037Oracle Learning Libr New course available for Developers and BA - Oracle BPM 12c: Essentials! The first teach is on 23rd February 2015 https://ora.cl/4an

clip_image004[2]OTNArchBeat Oracle January 2015 Critical Patch Update. 169 fixes for security issues. http://ora.cl/aqS

clip_image004[3]OTNArchBeat "WS-BPEL 2.0 Beginner’s Guide," new book by Matjaz B. Juric and Denis Weerasiri. #SOASuite12c http://ora.cl/sX2

clip_image038Tattva-iTechnologies @soacommunity: #soaMagazine III weekend reading http://www.soa-community.com/index.php/magazine … all about #SOA12c & #BPM12c & #ACM12c #soaCommunity

clip_image004[4]OTNArchBeat Real-World Testing for Scalable Applications, by @MikaelFries - OTN Tech Summit Middleware track Feb 11 http://ora.cl/Lcs

clip_image013[1]Oracle Tech Network Don't forget to check out the OnDemand - OTN Virtual Tech Summit - Register Now! http://vshow.on24.com/vshow/OracleVTS?l=en …

clip_image004[5]OTNArchBeat Oracle Mobile Suite Service Bus REST and ADF BC SOAP, by @AndrejusB http://ora.cl/edj

clip_image039Siva #soa12c EDN Durable Subscribers with AQ JMS http://wp.me/pEWnt-wa @soacommunity

clip_image039[1]Siva #soa12c list of articles on EDN http://wp.me/pEWnt-wd @soacommunity

clip_image040Andrejus Baranovskis Oracle Mobile Suite Service Bus REST and ADF BC SOAP http://fb.me/7bTTxBks3

clip_image041Maarten Smeets New blog post. SOA Suite 12c: Multithreaded instance purging using the Java API: http://bit.ly/1zi0Glx @soacommunity

clip_image042Nico van Benthem Testing migration of customer case management project from #BPM11g to #BPM12c. So far, so good! #ACM12c @soacommunity

clip_image043Volker Linz #OOP2015 @a_men_de demonstrates IoT business use case with #Oracle Technology #CEP #Java8ME #Java8Embedded playfully


clip_image046OPITZ CONSULTING #ACM on Mars? "Ontology-based ACM - The Need for Truly Adaptive Systems" http://ow.ly/I99Gp @t_winterberg & Co. in K. Swenson's new book

clip_image004[6]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit Feb 11. Middleware track sessions on Open Source and Integration http://ora.cl/K5x

clip_image004[7]OTNArchBeat Podcast: The Case for Adaptive Case Mgmt w/ @nicovanbenthem @lonnekedikmans @dschmied @t_winterberg http://ora.cl/zEB

clip_image024[1]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - BPM 11g - Using two dates to calculate and implement an SLA http://bit.ly/BPMCalcSLAInterval … #oraclebpm

clip_image015[1]leonsmiers Watching #oracle #cloud #bpm web conference https:/com/bpm/entry/cloud_online_forum_scoop_on …

clip_image047Oracle Middleware Tailor your #SaaS apps with Oracle #Pass. Go to the Middleware Track in the Oracle Cloud Online Forum http://bit.ly/PaaSForum

clip_image048Misha Vaughan Kurian: CX Cloud=transformative, elegant, easy to use @usableapps @megbear @jrwashley https://www.youtubaM …


clip_image003[4]SOA Community Read the #soaCommunity newsletter https://soacommunity.wordprewsletter-january-2015/ … only for @Oracle Partner @oraclepartners @ORCLPartnerBiz @OracleMiddle

clip_image004[8]OTNArchBeat Archive Podcast: Meeting #SOA Governance Challenges w/ @Luisw19 @manelrosa et al http://ora.cl/Sh6

clip_image003[5]SOA Community January edition of the #soaCommunity newsletter read it http://tinyurl.com/SOAnewsJanuary2015 … @OracleSOA @OracleBPM @ORCLPartnerBiz @Oracle @OracleMiddle

clip_image051Oracle Social VIDEO: @Oracle President Thomas Kurian on how #cloud is "empowering" the #CIO to lead. #CX http://ora.cl/vdP

clip_image047[1]Oracle Middleware Get caught up on 2015 tech trends, #Oracle #CloudWorld, #PaaS use cases with the latest edition of #FMW newsletter http://ora.cl/3oT

clip_image001[1]Luis Augusto Weir It's official, working with @borland_c on "Oracle #SOA and #API #Governance #12c Implementation" @soacommunity @oracleace @OTNArchBeat

clip_image052Oracle SOA Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum - Learn about upcoming Oracle cloud integration #Cloud #PaaS #Oracle #7Eleven http://ora.cl/74k

clip_image053WebLogic Community DevCamp Frankfurt April 29th – 30th 2015 by @DOAGeV http://weblogiccommunity.com/2015/01/27/devcamp-frankfurt-april-29th-30th-2015/ … #WebLogicCommunity @t_winterberg @rszilinski

clip_image003[6]SOA Community Applications Cloud Release 8 User Experience Rapid Development Kit http://wp.me/p10C8u-3Ah

clip_image054Oracle BPM What's the Scoop on Oracle Process Cloud Service? BPM on the Cloud? Join the Cloud Online Forum to find out #pcs #bpm http://ora.cl/Nde

clip_image024[2]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Why your Initiator Task is not Visible in the Oracle BPM Workspace http://bit.ly/BPMInitiatorNotVisibile … #oraclebpm

clip_image040[1]Andrejus Baranovskis How To Add New Operation in Oracle Mobile Suite Service Bus REST Service http://fb.me/7l6W2JjTj

clip_image052[1]Oracle SOA Oracle Cloud Platform Online Forum - Learn about upcoming Oracle cloud integration #Cloud #PaaS # Oracle #7Eleven http://ora.cl/Hp0

clip_image055Lucas Jellema Top 10 Things You Should Know About BPM 11g/12c by The A-Team - http://www.ateam-oracle.com/top-10-things-you-should-know-about-bpm-11g12c/ …

clip_image056Vikas Anand #cloud #paas #oracle #saas forum online: don't miss it - register now #soa12c #soacommunity @AyallaG clock ticking! https://event.on24.cregister …

clip_image057Sabine Leitner Die #IoT Fabrik ist schon live auf der #OOP2015 Oracle und Opitz Stand!


clip_image006[2]Red Expert Alliance Decoupling Oracle BPM Process Instance Information | @avioconsulting http://ow.ly/HvJMj

clip_image006[3]Red Expert Alliance Blog @avioconsulting - Message Aggregation in Oracle SOA Suite 12c http://bit.ly/AVIO_egation …#oraclefmw #oraclesoa

clip_image060Red Mavericks New article introducing #process #optimization out now http://goo.gl/nvJs98 @soacommunity @manelrosa @baot #BPM12c


clip_image004[9]OTNArchBeat #SOASuite12c: In-depth look into Managed File Transfer (1/3), by @robertvanmolken http://ora.cl/rGe

clip_image003[7]SOA Community Partners can build #CloudAdapters using the #SOA12c cloud adapter sdk @Yogesh_Sontakke http://ora.cl/uWT


clip_image007[6]Robert van Mölken Just published the first part of my blog series about In-depth look into Managed File Transfer #MFT http://bit.ly/mftpart1 @soacommunity

clip_image002[4]Dain Hansen Big things come in small packages: Micro Services roundtable podcast w/ @sbernhardt @attermr @lonnekedikmans @ewolff http://ora.cl/HmG

clip_image041[1]Maarten Smeets New blog post on the Oracle SOA Suite 12c Coherence Adapter http://bit.ly/1xO1QlR @soacommunity @AMIS_Services

clip_image004[10]OTNArchBeat Clearing the ConFusion: Get the facts on Oracle Cloud Applications from @DebraLilley http://ora.cl/8gL

clip_image065luc bors @lucb_ & @lucasjellema live mobile hacking with #OFM12c redstack #ofmForum https://soacommunity @OracleMiddle @OracleMobile @soacommunity

clip_image053[1]WebLogic Community Developing for the Digital Enterprise: Extending your ADF Applications to Mobile by @fnimphiu at #ofmForum http://weblogiccommunity.com/2015/ … @oracle

clip_image066AMIS, Oracle & Java Simone Geib, Oracle Director of Product Mgmt, responsible for SOA Suite 12c, visited @AMIS_Services Enjoy the video! http://tinyurl.com/nsdjjam

clip_image067Mark Nelson Oracle Maven Repository - Index now available - more to come http://wp.me/pgVeO-P0

clip_image068Rohan #FusionMiddleware Updates is out! http://paper.li/rohanwalia17/1417074138 … Stories via @oraclewebcenter @soacommunity @wlscommunity

clip_image067[1]Mark Nelson SOA and BPM 12.1.3 BP1 Released http://wp.me/pgVeO-OY

clip_image004[11]OTNArchBeat Podcast: #Microservices roundtable w/ @sbernhardt @attermr @lonnekedikmans@ewolff #soa http://ora.cl/N19

clip_image053[2]WebLogic Community @Oracle #ODA also supports #WebLogic12c and #SOA12c by #oBOX details at http://www.weblogicCommunity.com #Oracle #datacenter

clip_image023[1]Δhmed Δboulnaga It was 4 steps "and literally only took 10-15 minutes" to get #JDeveloper and #SOASuite 12c running on my laptop. ~Mid-level SOA Developer

clip_image069orclateamsoa #orclateamsoa Blog: Inside Fusion Middleware 12c: Increasing Scalability with JMS Adapter 12c http://ow.ly/2TFYex

clip_image055[1]Lucas Jellema SOA Suite 12c Bundle Patch1 (BP1) has just been made available from http://my.oracle.support with patch name 19707784 (a 650 MB download)

clip_image070Jon petter hjulstad SOA 12.1.3 Bundle Patch 1 ( - Patch 19707784 is out!

clip_image071Jan van Zoggel Patching your #JDeveloper 12.1.3 with SOA Bundle Patch http://wp.me/p1H430-yY #soasuite12c #bpmsuite12c

clip_image003[8]SOA Community Critical Patch Update Advisory includes SOA Suite & BPM Suite – January 2015 http://wp.me/p10C8u-3DR

clip_image006[4]Red Expert Alliance The Red Expert Alliance partners will be visiting the Oracle FMW Partner Community Forum 2015 in Budapest. #ofmForum hope to see you there

clip_image007[7]Robert van Mölken @RiVoAtFuselogic @soacommunity KLM ma 2e heen (12 uur) en dan kan je donderdagochtend weer terug. Ga zelf van maan- tot zondag.

clip_image072Carlos Dominguez 2 Minute Tech Tip: BPM Process Patterns using BPMN http://wp.me/p10C8u-3zZ vía @soacommunity

clip_image019[2]Rolando Carrasco Oracle MFT compact domain installaton http://e-oracle-mft-en-modo.html … @soacommunity @OracleSOA

clip_image073C2B2 Consulting Check out our brand new #SOA blog post 'Purging data from Oracle SOA Suite 11g' http://hubs.ly/y0rSGy0 by Irfan Suleman #JavaEE

clip_image025[1]Bruno Neves Alves eProseed has accomplished it's first go-live with 12c technology :) http://goo.gl/NyNhu6 @soacommunity @OracleSOA @eProseed

clip_image074Richard Voorintholt Last minute decision to visit #ofmForum @soacommunity But need advice on flights to take. Any dutch participant having tips?

clip_image056[1]Vikas Anand SPEED:Time to market:agility enable #DigitalBusiness expose your ERP as #REST #json using #SOA12c

clip_image075Andreas Koop @Jphjulstad same here ;) looking forward #ofmForum 2015

clip_image076Sebastian Steiner Got my registration confirmed for the Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 in Budapest. Looking forward to it! #ofmForum

clip_image077Johan Louwers #Oracle Top tweets SOA Partner Community – January 2015 - Send your tweets @soacommunity #soacommunity and follow ... http://ow.ly/2TbYc6

clip_image077[1]Johan Louwers #Oracle Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 - Our Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum 2015 is alm... http://ow.ly/2TnOVo

clip_image004[12]OTNArchBeat Podcast: #Microservices roundtable w/ @sbernhardt @attermr @lonnekedikmans @ewolff #soa http://ora.cl/SO4

clip_image003[9]SOA Community Distribute the #soaCommunity newsletter January edition – read it! Didn’t receive it – register http://www.oracle.com/goto/emea/soa @OracleSOA @oracleBPM

clip_image005[1]Oracle.IMC Join us now live on our @oraclepartners webcast about Oracle AppAdvantage powered by Oracle @OracleMiddle https://blogs.oracle.com/imc/entry/oracle_appadvantage …

clip_image071[1]Jan van Zoggel Congratulations for the both of you :) @Jphjulstad: Congratulations to my colleague @jeqo89 for also getting ACE Associate title”

clip_image070[1]Jon petter hjulstad Confirmed Multichannel Bootcamp Fusion Middleware Partner Community Forum:-)

clip_image070[2]Jon petter hjulstad Sjekk ut relevante Middleware-sesjoner på OUGN vårseminar - dette blir knallbra! http://ougn.no/?p=361

clip_image078Oliver Hoess BPM & Integration Days 2015 in München – Praxisevent zu BPM, ACM und BRM https://inno-bpm-acm-und-brm/ … #AdaptiveCaseManagement #Camunda #CMMN

clip_image015[2]leonsmiers Had a good discussion around the #Oracle Process Cloud with @prasenp and @Ruben_Spekle. #Capgemini #bpm

clip_image002[5]Dain Hansen Oracle SaaS-OnPremise Integration with Fusion Middleware demo available #SaaS #PaaS #Cloud http://zite.to/1EGfvUB

clip_image079tyskjohan @soacommunity Any plans for pre-built developer VM's with SOA 12c? 11g is getting old... http://www.oracle.comsoa …

clip_image024[3]AVIO Consulting AVIO Consulting Blog - Decoupling Oracle BPM Process Instance Information http://bit.ly/AVIO_DecoupleBPMData … #oraclebpm

clip_image067[2]Mark Nelson Happy New Year – Happy New Oracle Maven Repository http://wp.me/pgVeO-OW

clip_image005[2]Oracle.IMC IoT Potential leveraging Oracle Technologies: http://youtu.be/TNyYOfu-Op0?a via @YouTube

clip_image004[13]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit Feb 11. Middleware track sessions on Open Source and Integration http://ora.cl/SVK

clip_image004[14]OTNArchBeat #WebLogic Server and the Oracle #Maven Repository, by @buttso http://ora.cl/Q1O

clip_image013[2]Oracle Tech Network (OTN) Virtual Technology Summit: 2/11/15 - Drive greater efficiency and innovation - Register Now! http://ora.cl/99Q

clip_image080SOA Proactive Check the SOA 12c Oracle Cloud Adapter for RightNow http://ora.cl/pwK

clip_image081sbernhardt Published a new blog post: Extracting the username from HTTP Basic Auth header #thecattlecrew http://wp.me/p2fG8x-mn @OC_WIRE @soacommunity

clip_image004[15]OTNArchBeat How To Start a Case in Oracle Adaptive Case Management 12c, by @AndrejusB http://ora.cl/6zT

clip_image077[2]Johan Louwers #Oracle Fit for Work: A Team Experience of Wearable Technology http://ow.ly/2SZVK9

clip_image082Irshad Buchh Excellent Middleware track #SOA12c #BPM12c #WebLogic12c at @OUGNorway conference http://ougn.no/?page_id=111 register now! #soaCommunity @Oracle"

clip_image083Yogesh Sontakke HBR on #APIManagement not just techie, rising strategic significance 4 #Digital business http://bit.ly/1ybiE8M #API


clip_image039[2]Siva #soa12c custom topic with AQJMS http://wp.me/pEWnt-wE @soacommunity

clip_image047[2]Oracle Middleware RightNow & JDEdwards Integration Demo by SOA Suite 12c Including Mobile App #rightnow #jdedwards #mobile http://ora.cl/A0s

clip_image086Steven Boon Nice article on ACM and timers from Léon Smiers en Marc Kuijpers http://bit.ly/1yQYwbH

clip_image039[3]Siva New SOA 12c Oracle Cloud Adapter for RightNow" https://blogs.oracle.com/soaproactive/entry/new_soa_12c_oracle_cloud …

clip_image087Maulik Shah @soacommunity How can we connect with SMB protocol (Windows Shared Folder) in SOA 11g ( ? Is it possible ?

clip_image023[2]Δhmed Δboulnaga Nowadays, there are 100s of blogs on many #SOASuite topics and solutions - great for us all. Follow @soacommunity or http://soacommunity.wordpress.com

clip_image040[2]Andrejus Baranovskis How To Start a Case in Oracle Adaptive Case Management 12c http://fb.me/1v67w7LMx

clip_image037[1]Oracle Learning Thank you for your supports in 2014! Happy 2015! Check out this video and learn more about us! http://ora.cl/2nh


clip_image090Tiago Teixeira Check out a new post on how to install Oracle B2B on #soa12c : http://fusionbpmsoa.12c.html … @soacommunity @Oracle_B2B @eProseed

clip_image004[16]OTNArchBeat Facebook Friday: Top 10 Posts for January 2-8, 2015. #ADF #FusionApps #IDM #Minecraft, and more http://ora.cl/Rnf

clip_image073[1]C2B2 Consulting Managing Oracle SOA Suite with Oracle enterprise manager - View the webinar here: http://hubs.ly/y0qN0r0 #SOA #JavaEE

clip_image004[17]OTNArchBeat Archive Podcast: Finding a Shorter Path to SOA w/ @lonnekedikmans @Simon_Haslam @RLuttikuhuizen http://ora.cl/9EP

clip_image004[18]OTNArchBeat Free OTN Virtual Tech Summit Feb 11. Middleware sessions by @markrittman @michaelrainey @stewartbryson http://ora.cl/Dud

clip_image091✈ Usable Apps How Oracle's @mishavaughan gave employees a personal experience of enterprise #wearabletech UX with @fitbit https://blogs.oracle.com/team …

clip_image092JDeveloper & ADF Oracle Mobile Suite Service Bus REST and ADF BC SOAP http://dlvr.it/821JWf

clip_image004[19]OTNArchBeat Test-driven development using Oracle SOA Suite, by Attila Németh http://ora.cl/ZqQ

clip_image004[20]OTNArchBeat AI is coming to IoT, and not all the brains will be in the cloud | Derrick Harris http://ora.cl/mHv

clip_image004[21]OTNArchBeat Twitter Tuesday: Top 10 Tweets - December 2014 #ADF #BI #HTML5 #Mbbile #ODI #SOA, and more. http://ora.cl/d5f

clip_image046[1]OPITZ CONSULTING Test-driven development using the Oracle SOA Suite - Neuer Blogbeitrag by Attila Németh: http://ow.ly/GRK8Y #TheCattleCrew

clip_image004[22]OTNArchBeat It's Spring for Oracle ACM APIs | Martien van den Akker http://ora.cl/Hb6

clip_image012[1]Danilo Schmiedel "ACM - Der Mensch im Mittelpunkt seiner Prozesse" nice whitepaper http://bit.ly/1BpqTAj in german by @Rolfbaer #OC_WIRE #soacommunity

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